Trump responded to NATO's withdrawal: I think I can, but not necessarily.

Trump responded to NATO's withdrawal: I think I can, but not necessarily.

Original title: Trump responded to NATO's withdrawal: I think I can, but not necessarily.

Overseas network July 12, according to Bloomberg reported, 12, local time, at the last day of the NATO summit, the United States President Trump continued to attack allies on military spending issues, the leaders of NATO members held an unscheduled emergency meeting. After the conference, Trump held a conference that NATO countries agreed to increase military spending, and the United States would still maintain its commitment to NATO, but when asked whether it might "quit NATO without Congressional permission", Trump said, "I think I can", but this action is "unnecessary".

According to the Reuters, two sources said the United States President Trump launched a new attack on NATO members on defense budgets and European trade issues at a closed meeting of the NATO summit on Thursday (12). NATO member leaders then asked non member partners, Ukraine and Georgia, to leave the meeting for a time, and to take part in a meeting outside the plan, with only NATO allies.

According to Bloomberg news, after the emergency meeting, German Chancellor Merkel told reporters that "we can be stronger together and should remain so". Merkel said that Trump asked NATO allies to share more military expenses to meet his demands. Merkel said this is a "intense" summit.

After the meeting, Trump held a press conference, which first expressed "we had a very wonderful two days" and said, "everyone agreed to greatly improve their investment." Trump said he was very firm yesterday (11) to let allies know that he was "extremely dissatisfied" with the financial resources of all allies, but he said the US commitment to NATO was "still very firm".

Later, a reporter asked if Trump thought he could "declare the United States out of NATO without the permission of Congress," Trump said, "I think I can", but said he thought "unnecessary."

For Russia's related issues, Trump said, "I hope we can get along well with Russia." Trump said he did not "expect too much" for the upcoming "putt club". He said he would ask Putin about the media's concerns about whether Russia interfered with the 2016 US general election. Regarding whether he will recognize Crimea as Russia's territory, Trump said, "I am not satisfied with Crimea, but I can not tell you what will happen."

In addition, Trump responded to Trump's recent frequent attacks on Germany and even Germany as a "prisoner of Russia" because of energy issues. "This is a very effective way to deal with it." As to whether he could possibly say "yes" to what he agreed on at the NATO summit, Trump called himself a "very stable genius."

After leaving NATO summit, Trump will visit Britain for the first time. For the British people will mass protest Trump, Trump responded, "I think it doesn't matter, they like me very much." He also said that the British agree with him on immigration. "I think this is why there is a problem with Europe." (overseas network Jiang Shu translation)

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Trump will take part in the NATO summit to bombard his allies and will visit Britain for the first time.

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