Thailand shipwreck survivor: I caught my coat promise to take her home, but I didn't do it.

Thailand shipwreck survivor: I caught my coat promise to take her home, but I didn't do it.

Original title: the first seven sacrifice, Thailand shipwreck survivor: I grabbed the coat promise to take her home, but I did not do it.

In July 11th, the victim of the wreck accident in Thailand's Phuket.

Prior to this, the "phoenix" cruise ship encountered heavy waves, the hull overturned rollover, now confirmed that 45 people were killed.

In the morning, the dragon boat wharf, which started off by the Phoenix ship, was full of Chinese volunteers sending white chrysanthemums. The family faces the sea, shouting the name of the family. According to Chinese tradition, the souls of the dead will return home on this day.

Xin Yan did not go to the memorial site. She was the survivor of the Phoenix cruise ship. Her friend Xiao Mei was killed in the accident.

While waiting for the rescue, she found a girl floating on the sea, "no talk", but it was the girl who waited for her to wait.

Xin Yan once promised to take the girl home, but Xin Yan was very sad that she could not fulfill her promise. Whether it is small beauty or girl, they can never go back.

A long planned trip

In July 5th, the new swallow came to Pug's second day.

In the morning, she sent a short video in a circle of WeChat friends. In spite of the cloudy weather, the sea was calm and the sea was calm.

Yan Yan, 25, has a pair of beautiful eyes and loves to travel. She spent a long time in Thailand's trip to Phuket. In April 7th, she sent a message to everyone in the WeChat circle who would like to go to Phuket in Thailand in the summer vacation.

Finally, she was accompanied by Xiaomei, who was a kindergarten teacher in two kindergartens. Before traveling, she saw the advertisement of Phoenix on micro-blog, so she arranged the trip to sea. "Phoenix" is expected to start from the dragon port, then ascend the emperor island and return to the dragon boat pier on that day.

In the afternoon, new Yan and Xiao Mei went to the "phoenix" to the island of emperor. The waves were not small along the way, and the boats were swinging in the waves. Many tourists were dizzy and vomit.

"The sea is roaring," a little boy said to his mother at the time.

The rain began to moderate during the return journey, and the hull was rocking violently. In order to escape the rain, the tourists all entered the cabin.

The surviving tourist recalls that one minute before the incident, the crew suddenly put all the passengers on the Phoenix to wear a life jacket, and the new swallow recalled that the ship was shaking, but no one was aware of the real seriousness of the situation.

Most of the passengers on the boat were "slowly" wearing life jackets, including new swallows, and she thought there was still a lot of time to carry on the shoulder bag, and then put on the life jacket.

In an instant, the hull turned over and the glass on the side of the ship was washed away by the waves. The seawater filled the cabin with strong irrigation and rushed the passengers in the cabin to the other side. There is only one side door in the cabin. When it is filled with seawater, there is no way to open it easily. The whole cabin is like a closed water tank.

The situation is very chaotic. Xin Yan's position is in the middle of the cabin of the Phoenix. She still does not know how she was washed away from the cabin by the current. A diving instructor and a friend, Xiaomei, are very close. She thinks that Xiaomei will also be able to leave the cabin with the help of the coach.

Xin Yan can't swim at all, but luckily, she has taken part in the deep diving activity. The coach has taught some breathing skills in the water.

She kept on looking up and balancing herself in the waves. The shoulder bag was still on the body, especially heavy, she tried to take off, but because the movements of the bag would shake, and she gave up the idea of taking off her shoulders in order to keep her balance.

She also tried to go upstream to the small island next to the naked eye, which could just be rowed two times and returned to the original place by the waves.

After she fell into the water, she heard the voices of the people around her breathing heavily, but slowly, these gasping voices could not be heard one after another.

A girl who can't talk

Xin Yan was very frightened and swung around in the waves. What she wanted to catch.

At this time, she grabbed a girl's life vest, and the girl was no more breathing than the drowning people on the Phoenix.

Although Xin Yan knew that the girl would not respond, she continued to chat with her. The girl became her only dependant in the sea.

The new swallow was very thirsty, and she knew that the sea could not drink, so she tried to look in the bag of the "no talk" girl, and finally she found a bottle of water.

Xin Yan may have to persist for a long time, so she only dares to drink a small saliva, the rest of the province after drinking.

But before she knew it, the bottle of water was gone. Afterwards, she regretted, "it's better to drink a little more".

Sometimes a wave came and the girl's face was pushed to her side by the waves. She was afraid, and pushed the girl's face back to her direction.

"I won't abandon you." New Yan said to the girl, bring the girl back to shore. Until the last bit of strength was exhausted, Xin Yan had to let go of the girl's lifejacket.

The waves dispersed the two men. She looked at the girl who was floating away from her, and repeatedly said, "I'm sorry," "I'm sorry."

Near the night, the search and rescue ship came!

The new Yan can not judge the distance between himself and ships in the sea. He can only use his strength to call for help in the direction of the search and rescue ship. But in the end, the first search and rescue ship did not hear the sound of new Yan and drove back.

Desperate, but Xin Yan said she had not shed a tear on the night of the sea. She thought she must live. She could only float on the sea and wait for the next rescue.

After going ashore, you must go to Bangkok to have a big meal with Xiaomei. In the hopeless waiting, she fantasized about how she and Xiao Mei celebrated the rebirth.

Finally, after 19 hours of drowning, she came to the rescue ship for the second time.

"Savoy Di card"! "Savoy Di card"! At noon on July 6th, when the rescue ship appeared second times, Xin Yan changed the way of shouting. She thought that "Savoy Di card" might even arouse the attention of rescuers.

Sure enough, the goddess of luck favors the new swallow.

After soaking a night of sea water to be rescued, the shallowly brown hair of the new swallow was turned gray white, and the face was sunburned and peeled. She was taken to the VACHIRA hospital in Pug for treatment. Because drinking a lot of sea water, the symptoms of dehydration are still continuing. After going ashore, new Yan often needs water to drink.

Lying in the hospital, she waited nervously for Xiaomei's news.

A person's return

Xin Yan comforted himself again and again. "The position of Xiaomei and diving coach is very close, so the coach can bring out Xiaomei."

In July 7th, she was called to the reception office of the first floor lobby of VACHIRA hospital to confirm whether Xiao Mei had been killed.

Police officers looked at the photo album of "phoenix" victims' bodies, and she confirmed that one of them was Xiaomei. Until now, Xin Yan can remember the number of photos of Xiaomei corpse.

In the whole process, Xin Yan put his hands in the middle of his legs, and only when he drank the water would he bring them out.

She said, in retrospect, she and Xiaomei boarded the "phoenix" is also bad luck.

Due to the early absence of their schools, they had a few days' advance in Thailand's Phuket trip.

When she arrived in Puji in July 4th, Xiao Mei lost her way. She sent a message to her friends circle. Xiao Mei was a little confused. This time, Xiao Mei really broke up with her.

When he went to the island of emperor, the Phoenix was bumpy, and the new swallow did not go to the emperor island because of the seasickness, but stayed on the ship after deep submergence.

"If I get on the island, I and Xiaomei get lost on the island." The new swallow thought that such a little beauty would not leave her.

On the way back to the ward, Xin Yan wore slippers and green sick clothes and walked very slowly. She did not want to talk about Xiaomei again.

School colleagues called, chatted about the situation of Xiao Mei, Xin Yan's vision became dim immediately.

In July 8th, the parents of Xin Yan rushed to the hospital. Their mother ran all the way, but they could hardly move at the door of the ward.

Xin Yan, lying on the bed, said to his mother standing at the door, "nobody is crying."

On the afternoon of the 11 day, Xin Yan left VACHIRA hospital. Xin Yan bought a ticket for two days and returned home.

At present, the accident investigation is still in progress. Most of the families of the victims have claimed the remains, waiting for the Thailand temple to incinerate their remains, or to carry the remains back to China.

Xin Yan said that after she returned home, she quit her job. In the school's working environment, she was sure that there was a little beauty in her every moment.

She didn't know how to face Xiaomei's parents. She obviously boarded the boat together, but only one of them came back alive. The new swallow dared not see them. She was afraid that she would cry.

Xin Yan liked the most exciting amusement park amusement park before, but now she only hopes to open a small shop and live a peaceful life.

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