India's disapproval of "fourth dangerous countries for women": serious mistakes

India's disapproval of

Original title: India is rated as the fourth most dangerous country for women. The result is a serious mistake.

Recently, an international assessment report listed India as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for women, triggering the discontent of the India government.

According to the U. S. media in July 12th, the latest assessment of the Thomson Reuters Foundation shows that India has become the world's fourth risk country for women after Afghanistan, Congo and Pakistan, which is similar to the foundation's 2011 assessment results. However, the government of India and some experts working in the field do not agree with this assessment result.

Of the six major projects involved in the survey, India scored the worst in three projects, including sexual violence, trafficking in persons, culture and religion. The assessment points out that millions of women may be at risk from the capital city of New Delhi to countless towns and villages in India. The assessment results were obtained through interviews with 548 experts worldwide, but the government of India considers that the results of the report are seriously wrong. Thomson Reuters foundation also admitted that the survey was based on the impression of social scientists and experts, not based on actual data.

In addition, the chairman of the National Committee for women affairs in India said that only 101 India women were asked by the assessors, and only 50 of them lived in India, and the rest were living abroad.

The recent series of rape has greatly damaged India's reputation. Among them, in January 28th, according to the New York Times and the India media, a family who lived in a poor neighborhood in northwestern New Delhi was out to work on the day of the incident, and asked her sister in law to look after the 8 month old baby girl and another 2 year old daughter, and the baby was born to her cousin's sex. Invade. This incident has attracted wide attention in India society and the whole world. However, some sociologists in India say rape and sexual assault are not only in India.

According to the New York Times, the number of rapes reported in India, with a population of 1 billion 300 million, is not higher than in many other countries such as the United States. But in recent years, several disturbing cases have aroused great concern in India and around the world.

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