Kim Yi Nam: the US Secretary of state's visit to North Korea basically failed.

Kim Yi Nam: the US Secretary of state's visit to North Korea basically failed.

Original title: Jinyi South: Peng Pao Olympic visit to North Korea basically failed, do not rely on China

China's voice of national defense, Beijing July (reporter Zhou Yuting) 12 (reporter Zhou Yuting) recently, the situation in the peninsula has changed, the United States Secretary of state Pompeio visited North Korea from number 6 to 7, indicating that his visit was fruitful. The talks between the two sides made progress on almost all core issues and formulated a timetable for the denuclearization of the DPRK. But the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman that day showed the opposite of the attitude, the DPRK accused the United States of the so-called "robber sex" requirements, saying the attitude and position of the US side "regrettable". Why did the DPRK and the us make opposite judgments in the same talks? Why did Pompeio fail to reach agreement with the DPRK? How will the future relationship between the United States and the United States develop? These are the topics of today's "South military forum".

Host: in July 7th, American Secretary of state Pompeio was also very excited at the airport that he had a fruitful and well intentioned talk with the DPRK representatives for many hours. But Pompeio's cheerful voice did not fall, and he was hit by a paper statement from the other side. North Korea says the United States, you are a robber's request! Professor Nan, how do you analyze what Pompeio did and angered the DPRK?

Jin Yinan: from the fact that Kim Jeong-eun did not meet Pompeio, we could see that this visit to Korea was basically a failure. I think he would be hopeful for him to go to Pyongyang, because as secretary of state, he would not be easy to screw up one thing. I think his idea, Kim Jeong-eun, Kim Jeong-eun and him, and so on, but his ideas are very sentimental. Kim Jeong-eun has thrown out the gift bag, giving Trump a big package, including his nuclear facilities, the destruction of the nuclear test base, the disposal of the missile engine, and the gift package. Now that Pompeio has arrived in the United States, it is time for us to take out a gift bag, but Peng Pao has gone empty handed. In this case, does punk remorse? I think maybe puntseo is still a bit remorseful. His remorse is here. He's gone empty handed. This is a big trouble. You have to show it. He didn't say it, and I reckon Pompeio also sold Bolton's disposal plan in this process, for example, within a year, you have to do it. After completely abandoning the nuclear weapons, I will lift the sanction against you, not to say how much assistance I give you, nothing. So you can see that the statement from the DPRK can be full of anger.

The US side expects not to be too high, the US must make the right return. When the US side has no return, only the other side abandons the nuclear, the voice of the DPRK speaks. The US side now repeatedly stresses that the US will not stop the sanctions before the DPRK is completely denuclearization. You are now stopping the military exercise. Your military exercise can be recovered at any time. I have destroyed the nuclear test ground. I will also destroy the test base of the missile engine next. I am irreversible. I destroyed the irreversible, you stop a military exercise, can be restored at any time, so the return of the two sides is inconsistent.

Host: so though Pompeio is a hopeful trip to Korea, his commanding attitude is really unbearable to the DPRK.   

Jin Yinan: Yes. This is not only reflected in the Korean nuclear issue, but also reflected on all issues. You look at the problem of trade, the problem of making steel and aluminum with the European Union, the problem with Germany playing the car, the war with China, Canada, the scolding of the question of the president of Canada, Trudeau, and so on, and so on. From Trump himself to his team, these people are all in the world, and Laozi is the first and the only one. I think I can only screw things up, and I can't handle any event, whether it is a trade dispute or a nuclear safety, a denuclearization, a thorough nuclear check, and it is difficult to solve any problem in the United States.

Host: for the DPRK, in addition to ensuring its own security, Kim Jeong-eun now has to focus on the economic development of the DPRK, so the proposals put forward by Pompeio this time are not in line with the expectations and expectations of the DPRK, and are destined to be a failed trip.

Jin Yinan: Yes, the United States thinks it has been quite successful, but it has failed completely.

Host: so although some of the previous DPRK leaders met some positive results, it seemed as if the relationship between the north and the United States fell into the bottom of the Pompeio visit. Then a professor of South China, you think the next DPRK is likely to move forward as they said well in the Singapore Talks. Or is it possible to go back again?

Jin Yinan: it's not likely to go backwards, or to stumble and stumble forward. Kim Jeong-eun wants to shift the focus of his work to economic construction. He also knows that nuclear development brings great uncertainty to the development prospects of the country. The US side sees neither the armed confrontation nor the nuclear war. Therefore, easing the peninsula relations is an inevitable choice for the US side. On these two points, the two sides can find a great agreement, the interests of both sides agree, so it is not because of the failure of a visit by Peng Pao, that the peninsula completely abandoned the nuclear terminated, not yet, not to this point.

From the DPRK's statement, we can see that the North Korean statement is also very skillful. What is this skill? Accusing Pompeio, but not accusing Trump, is a skill. That is to say that the people you underneath have messed up, we still trust you, you have a lot of American relations in Singapore, and the United States ensures the security of the DPRK, the two sides establish a very close relationship and so on, and even provide financial assistance, you have made a wish, you have to cash your promise. From these points of view, the DPRK is also very strategic in its struggle with the US side. He is not in a mess of the US side. He is not. The DPRK is also becoming more and more mature in the international political struggle, which has left great room for the two sides in the future. Therefore, the two sides are waging war on the issue of completely abandoning the peninsula, and finally achieving the maximum of their respective interests.

What the US wants is not to cost a single shot, but not to spend one dollar to complete the abandonment of nuclear weapons. Impossible. From this point of view, how the two sides are going to move forward is a major issue that must be coordinated between the two sides. Not for the interests of the whole world, but for the interests of both sides, for the sake of the interests of the DPRK and the United States, we must go on.

Compere: Recently, an American senator serving in the Senate Military Committee has thrown a point of view on the reasons for the failure of the talks between the United States and the United States to China, saying that China has let DPRK out of negotiations with the United States in order to gain more chips in the Sino US trade dispute. What do you think of this view?

Kim Yi Nam: the United States has always been full of conspiracy theories. For example, China has developed a developed economy, saying that China is going to smash the American rice bowl, and China has stolen American technology, and the conspiracy theory, how China burglary American technology, how to steal American intellectual property, is nonsense! China has always been a positive host for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and the absence of war on the Korean Peninsula.

This time, he could not find a reason why Pompeio was impasse. It is said that the Chinese must be in the middle of the middle. Why? Because of the start of Trump's trade war against China in July 6th, in this case, the United States was trying to ponder on China's anti system measures, and to the belly of a small man's heart to give China a small game. He speculated that China must rebound on the peninsula, China's denuclearization position on the peninsula, in order to retaliate the United States. There is also a possibility of loosening. Obviously, this play is Pompeio's own play of the play, he scapegoats, to whom? Chinese? It is not that I do not handle it, not my price is too high, I am not causing the fury of the DPRK. It is the Chinese people who urge the DPRK to fight against the United States, and the Chinese let the DPRK raise the price. I say this is a group of Americans who, in accordance with this policy, will only push us policy into such a dead end.

China has always been a force for peace on the peninsula, the power to abandon nuclear weapons on the peninsula, and the power of peaceful negotiations, rather than the strength of the peninsula confrontation. Those who really want to fight on the peninsula are playing such an ignominious role today to pour waste water on the Chinese people. We have to tell him who is most likely to have a conflict on the peninsula. Who do you think it is? Who has been doing everything possible to make conflicts on the peninsula? Who has been stopping the conflict on the peninsula? At a glance, no need to mention anything else. The last thing we want to see is a Korean War. It is related, and the lips and teeth are related. We are a strong peacekeeping force on the peninsula, and many are the destructive force of peninsula peace. You see, don't say anything else. The big mouth of Bolton, the destructive force of the peace of the peninsula, and the dispose of the United States Secretary of state, has brought a new impact on the peninsula and postponed the process of the denuclearization of the peninsula. Of course, we also include the president of the United States, Trump, that the peninsula is a bargain. It is a mistake of the people to bargain with the Chinese peninsula for bargaining chips. In fact, such erroneous judgments and even wrong ideas can only make the Peninsula issue more and more complicated.

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