The old man was forced to take a shopping guide in Hongkong.

The old man was forced to take a shopping guide in Hongkong.

Original title: the old man was forced to shop in Hongkong. Guide: come out to spend some money, do not buy, then roll.

Henan radio and Television Station City Channel News, low price group tourism is compulsory shopping happened, not long ago, some old people in Henan spent 380 yuan to sign up for Hongkong tourism, the result is not only forced shopping, but also by the tour guide scolded: Henan people come out to spend a bit of money, do not buy!

At that time, the old people signed up to join the delegation through a local Cycling Association. The tour group has more than 300 people, the price is only more than 300, and it is clear that it will not force the shopping. Seeing this kind of word promotion, the old people were all moved, so after paying 380 yuan, they started the tour.

But after Hongkong, a local female guide began to take them to a jewelry store and asked them to shop. "Henan people come out to spend some money and make some light for Henan people" and "do not buy them!"

The old people refused to pay, and they were kept in shopping hours for hours. And the tour guide's attitude is very bad, and now he often insults the elderly.

This time the old man can be considered "a long wit," and it was not easy to come back home. The old people came out to tell about their own experience. They claimed to have signed up because they felt cheap. And they said they did not compulsively shopping. If we let shopping, "we don't want to, we can not go."

Many old people also say that the jewellery they buy there is much more expensive than other places.

The old people's experience once again gave us a wake up call. Those so-called "low price groups" do not join in. There is no such thing as a free dinner. If you insist on being cheap, you may suffer a great deal.

Source: Henan radio and Television Station City Channel

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