Is Nanjing going to build a statue of Qin Hui museum? Official response

Is Nanjing going to build a statue of Qin Hui museum? Official response

Original title: don't pass it! Nanjing's statue of Qin Ying was rumor that the rumor was demolished 7 years ago.

"Nanjing rebuilt the temple for Qin Hui." Recently, a self media message has been circulating in some forums and friends circles. The News quoted media reports that the "Qin Hui Museum" was established in the Jiangning District of Qin Hui in the home of Qin Hui, which has been officially opened to the public. The statue of Qin Hui was kneeling up and sitting up.

On the 12 day, a reporter in Jiangning District of Nanjing found that the news was a rumor that Qin Hui's seat on the Internet had been withdrawn as early as in 2011. "This is all about 7 years ago." The staff of the Jiangning museum said.

Kneeling for hundreds of years

Are you going to sit up now?

In recent days, a message of Qin Hui's sitting was circulating in the circle of friends. Reporters found that the news was first issued by a self media.

According to the media in the text, according to a media report recently, the most famous traitor and traitor Qin Hui in history, after nearly five centuries, under the care of the leaders, now reinventing the golden body for him and reconstructing the temple. In his hometown, Jiangning District, Nanjing, the "Qin Hui Museum" was established, which has been officially opened to the public.

The article also said that this is a sculpture made by an artist in Shanghai for Qin Hui, who changed his former kneeling position and sat up. For a time, many netizens questioned. Some netizens believe that this is against Qin Hui Ping, and a few netizens think that they should be tolerant of the "station" or "sitting" of art.

Reporters have learned that Nanjing is not the Qin Huijian Museum. After visiting, it was discovered that the statue of Wang Chuan appeared in the Museum of Jiangning District of Nanjing city many years ago and stood beside the frescoes of Yue Fei's battle against Niu Shoushan.

The museum refute the rumor:

The statue was dismantled 7 years ago

On the 12 day, the reporter came to the Jiangning Museum and found the frescoes of "Yue Fei's battle against Niu Shoushan" in the Song Dynasty unit on the exhibition hall of the Jiangning district. Compared with the pictures transmitted by the net, the statue of Qin Hui is sitting here, but now there are no statues and only one chair.

"There is no statue of Qin Hui in our museum. There was a place a few years ago, but there was a lot of controversy at that time. It didn't take long to withdraw." The museum's staff told reporters.

"We had a statue of Qin Hui in 2011," said Pu Ji Ye, the Exhibition Department of the Jiangning Museum. "But it was soon removed. Now we don't know where it is. It should not be in our museum."

Reporters learned that the Internet transmission of Qin Chin's portrait appeared last year and was later confirmed as rumor. Prior to this, Xu Changsheng, a Jiangning Museum, also introduced the reasons for Qin Qin's sitting in an interview with the media. He said that there were fewer exhibits in the museum and Song Dynasty, so the historical figures were selected to carry out a series of exhibitions. Yue Fei once broke the Golden Army in Ngau Tau Shan, Jiangning, and Qin Hui was a Jiangning people. The two were strongly antagonistic patterns of loyalty and adultery, so they chose them. As for sitting or kneeling, they did not think much about it at the time, but there was absolutely no praise for it. Let alone turn it around.

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