Su Xiangmao's family complained about Zhai Xin Xin's meeting.

Su Xiangmao's family complained about Zhai Xin Xin's meeting.

News of the new Beijing News (reporter Liu Yangli Xiang Rong Lu Zhongsheng) today (12) morning (12) morning, Su henry family sued his ex-wife Zhai Xin Xin's contract disputes, tort liability and other cases called before the court meeting, the two sides for up to five hours of evidence exchange and part of the evidence. Beijing News reporter learned that the scene of the accident happened, after the trial ended, Zhai Xinxin and his father and daughter in the door of the court encountered Sue's family tearing, after being persuaded to open.

The two sides will continue to prove after the court.

The pre - court meeting this morning did not take place publicly, the new Beijing newspaper reporter learned that Su Henry's father and elder sister arrived at the scene of the trial, and the other, Zhai Xinxin and his father were also in court. According to the previous disclosure, the relatives of Suzhou Xinxin involved three civil cases, including two contract disputes, and a dispute that asked Zhai Xin Xin to return the property. Three cases required Zhai Xin Xin to return tens of millions of property.

The entire pre - court meeting lasted for 5 hours. Zhang Qihuai, a lawyer representing the Soviet Union, released the post of micro-blog, saying that Su's brother and sister and Zhai Xinxin's father participated in the hearing. Mr. Su's brother told the new Beijing News reporter that both sides provided the evidence cell phone, but some of the dialogues in Zhai Xinxin's WeChat were deleted and needed to check and make up, so it took some time.

Beijing News reporter learned that the pre court conference focused on the scope of the property, whether there was fraud, the death of the Soviet Union and the causal relationship between the defendants and so on. This is only the first pretrial meeting, and the two sides will continue to add evidence in the future. The court has not yet given a deadline.

The Su family was excited to beat Zhai's father and daughter

At the beginning of today's trial, Su family was somewhat excited. In the interview with the Beijing News, Su's brother threatened Zhai Xinxin many times. Su Sheng Mao's elder sister introduced that the father of Zhai Xinxin in the court said he was also very distressed about this, and the daughter's reputation was gone, and she lived in fear.

An insider at the trial site said that because of the emotional agitation of the plaintiff, he wanted to rush to fight Zhai Xin Xin before the trial, but was stopped by both agents. In the course of the trial, the family also played a banners outside the door. The court made a verbal warning and warning, and made a single lecture on the family of the plaintiffs to ensure that there was no violation of court discipline.

The accident happened after the court. The family members of the Soviet Union pursued Zhai Xin Xin and his father, and finally were persuaded by the bailiff.

In the evening, the Beijing News reporter learned that, because she was holding her fist in the car for her daughter, her father's chest was hit by fist. The electrocardiogram provided by Zhai Xinxin showed his father's "sinus rhythm, with significant arrhythmia, septal myocardial infarction, and uncertain timing."

Zhai's family said that the assaulting of the litigant's plot is a violation of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and contempt of the judicial authority. It will write an application to the court and ask the court to investigate the responsibilities of the family of the Soviet Union.

Editor: Liu Zhe

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