90 drivers in the flood train train bridge: when the incident is simply afraid of fear.

90 drivers in the flood train train bridge: when the incident is simply afraid of fear.

Original title: 90 drivers after train pressure bridge: rolling floods on both sides of the train, but I can not afford to fear.

In July 11th, Mianyang, Sichuan, was a continuous heavy rainfall, under the Fujiang bridge of Baocheng railway, muddy and turbulent flood, clutter with branches and sundries, impacting the piers of the railway bridge, and surging out of the waves.

At 10 a.m., the water level of Fujiang River exceeded that of the Fujiang bridge, and all the buses and trucks were closed.

At the critical moment, the two post - 90s driver of the Chengdu locomotive, Chengdu Bureau of China Railway Bureau, drove two four thousand tons of heavy haul freight train into the Fujiang bridge and pressed the bridge to resist the flood.

"When the Fujiang bridge on the head is on the head, both sides of the train are torrential flood, and the pressure is great, but it is too late to be afraid. I have to manipulate the locomotive and keep the bridge."

The two heavy haul lorries stayed on the Fujiang bridge for 6 hours and successfully resisted the flood peak.

Flood impact Fujiang Bridge

Starting from the early morning of 11, Chengdu, Mianyang, Guangyuan and other places in Sichuan are continuously heavy rainfall, while Sichuan north to the big Sichuan artery - Baocheng railway, the main way is a wide range of this area.

Under continuous heavy rainfall, the water level of Fujiang River in Mianyang is rising rapidly. It once jeopardize the safety of the Fujiang bridge of Baocheng railway. At 10 a.m., the water level has exceeded the closed water level of the bridge on the Fujiang bridge.

The reporter learned from the Mianyang Works section of the China Railway Chengdu bureau group company that the Fujiang bridge of the upper line, 393 meters long, was built in 1953, and the Fujiang bridge in the downline is 438 meters long and completed in 1995.

"There is a hydropower station in the upper reaches of the Fujiang bridge. Due to the flood, the hydropower station has been unable to play the role of regulating the water level." In case of emergency, the railway department decided to increase the bridge's self weight and improve the stability of the girder when the bridge was scoured.

To put it simply, it is to turn the heavy freight train onto the Fujiang bridge and use the weight of the truck to help the bridge against the surging floods. Just now, the Mianyang Public Works section is undergoing major overhaul in recent days, and the special railway ballast depot is parked near Mianyang.

Facing the surging floods, the two heavy goods trucks were heading for the Fujiang bridge on Baocheng railway.

This is the two column of more than 45 sections of the heavy haul freight train, the industry called the railway special ballast cars, each car ballaststone weight of about 70 tons, the train weight more than four thousand tons.

Bridge the bridge against the flood

Little imagine, driving two heavy goods vehicles, facing the flood bridge, is two after 90 train drivers, are 26 year old Zhang Qiang, 28 year old Chen Long.

In the torrential rain, the river is rolling, the beam body is unstable, and even the car is in danger of destruction. This is a severe test of the quality of business and psychological quality for the train drivers who carry out the task of "pressing the beam".

"When waiting for the train to go to the bridge, be sure to concentrate on it, do not panic, pay close attention to the bridge and line ahead, remind each other and ensure safety."

At 10 hours and 3 minutes, Chen Long, the train driver, received the dispatch order and opened the 57004 heavy haul freight train to carry out the task of "pressing beam".

"Look ahead and look at the back." "Control the speed."

At 11:13, the 57004 train moved slowly towards the upper deck without exceeding 10km/h. Facing the rolling flood under the bridge, the locomotive cab is very quiet, Chen Long's left hand tightly holds the big sluice, the right hand controls the speed of the train carefully, and is on guard against the line ahead.

In 3 minutes, the 390 meter railway bridge took 3 minutes. At 11:16, Chen Long stopped the train safely and safely at the designated place. They got off again, checked the equipment and equipment of the locomotive, and did a good job to prevent the train from running away.

At 16:47 p.m., when the Fujiang water level reached its standard, Chen Long drove 57004 trains back to Mianyang north station for more than 5 hours on the bridge.

"This year's torrential rain was so fierce that it was the first time a flood was encountered, and it was too late to be afraid, just to stop the train in a designated position." At 22:30 that night, Chen Longcai returned from work.

Not only drivers, but also technicians

Two drivers after 90, driving a truck to cope with the flood, also caused heated debate on the Internet. Many netizens are concerned about whether the driver is very dangerous. Are there any other people on the car?

The reporter learned from the Chengdu locomotive depot that every year for flood control, the staff will be trained in business knowledge, master the necessary business knowledge and go online after the examination.

Especially, when crossing the river bridge, the staff and workers must strictly carry out the safety measures such as speed reduction and parking. When the "press beam" task is carried out, the locomotive will not stop on the bridge and must be stopped in the designated safe position.

Of course, there are not only drivers, drivers, drivers, engineers and technicians, but also technical personnel under the bridge. At the same time, the bridge situation is closely observed. If abnormal situation is found, the locomotive driver will be informed of the safe place for the first time.

Many people worry that drivers are always on the bus and how to eat.

Don't worry, before each time, the railway department is equipped with instant noodles, bread, milk and other emergency food for the machine class. In the case of emergency, in the middle of the station, the station will send water and emergency food specially, and arrange to send emergency food.

Dialogue driver

"I feel like I'm afraid of running a train in a flood."

In the bridge task, driver Zhang Qiang drove the truck 57002 times. Afterwards, he recalled that the most important word was "too late to be afraid."

"As soon as we are ready to go to the bridge, as the train continues to run, it is getting closer and closer to the bridge and getting more and more nervous." He said that when the locomotive head just went up the bridge, it felt like driving in the flood, because the flood was almost flat with the bridge, and the trains were rolling on both sides of the train, and the pressure was great.

But he said he had to calm down, because he was a driver and a train steer, so it was really too late to be afraid, only a high concentration of energy, careful control of the locomotive, the strict control of speed, to ensure the completion of the task.

Chen Long, driver of another 57004 train, has been working for five years, but since he served as a train driver, this year's torrential rain is the most ferocious, "press the beam" task, and is also the most important task for him to take on duty.

"Facing the flood and severe situation under the bridge, there is no time to think about the others." He said the only thing he wanted to do was to work with his colleagues to stop the train smoothly on the bridge and to keep the bridge.

The two post-90 train drivers, though not very old, are well deserved "old drivers" for their courage and driving skills.

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