These five kinds of thinking are indispensable for winning the counteroffensive against trade in the US.

These five kinds of thinking are indispensable for winning the counteroffensive against trade in the US.

Original title: winning the "counterattack against US trade self-defense" can not be separated from these five kinds of thinking.

In July 10th, the office of the United States trade representative announced a list of 10% additional tariffs to be added to China's US exports to the US $200 billion. Prior to this, the US side has begun to impose a 25% tariff on 50 billion US dollars in Chinese exports to the United States, and Trump has threatened to impose additional tariffs on China's exports of another $300 billion. In the opinion of international public opinion, the Trump government, which is determined to act arbitrarily, is really mad.

Trump launched a trade war, seemingly illogical, but it has its own logic: the United States has the biggest trade deficit, the world "the worst" country, the trade war is steady, the United States is losing the "deficit", the preservation will be "the only" status of the world. The idea of Trump himself and his side advisers is not empty. Their thought is the result of mixed and intertwined thoughts in American history and current social trends, reflecting American exceptionalism, isolationism, unilateralism, protectionism, economic nationalism even the supremacy of white, racism and so on. The Trump administration's "American priority" policy belongs to the "combination" of the above trend of thought.

For China, this struggle will come sooner or later. It is likely to be a protracted war, and China will certainly win. The meaning of "winning" is not simply who wins and who wins. The yardstick of China's "win" is to play a more prosperous and stable China. For this reason, the following five kinds of thinking can not be separated from the trade war initiated by the United States.

Strategic thinking. Observing the general trend and seeking the overall situation, we can "sit on the fishing boat in spite of the wind and waves." For a trade war, we must not be confused and unable to be affected by clouds. We must not be affected by temporary events, nor can we fall into other people's deliberate traps. The largest trade war in the history of the world economy was imposed by the Trump administration to China in many ways, and its core plot was to compress the development space of China and sluggish the development process of China. Facing the aggressive Trump administration and the complex and changeable international situation, China has made full use of the greatest advantage of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. The two overall situation of domestic and international affairs, the overall development of security and stability, and the focus of our efforts on doing their own things will have sufficient strength and strategic confidence.

Historical thinking. First of all, China is in the best period of development since modern times. The world is in a big situation that has not been changed in the past hundred years. The two are synchronized and stirred up, and there are many international conditions for doing the work of the current and the future. Secondly, in the course of the history of China from standing up, getting rich to strong, the American factors are in the form of the United States. If we say that our country used to react passively to the American factors, there are more and more means and ways to shape Sino US relations and meet the challenges of the United States. Thirdly, the Trump administration's powerful power, hegemony and blackmail are not remembered by some people in the World War II, the tyrant, the bossy and the hysterical. The Western proverb says, "God's desire to destroy it must first make it mad." The irrational behavior of the US side is very dangerous, hurting China, hurting the whole world and hurting itself. China is on the right side of history.

Dialectical thinking. Look at the problem in two parts. When the US side goes to extremes, extremes must be reversed. China can make the best use of its advantages and avoid disadvantages and turn the crisis into a machine. The pressure imposed by the US side will become a driving force for deepening reform and opening wider to the outside world, and turning bad things into good ones. The Trump administration's "American priority" has alienated many countries. China's commitment to win-win cooperation has won more and more partners. The US side destroys the multilateral rules, the global industrial chain and the value chain. With the help of the global partnership network, the Chinese side can rely on the initiative spirit of innovation, adjust the industrial chain and the value chain layout accordingly, form a new economic and trade ecology, and reduce the space of blackmail and blackmail by the United States.

The bottom line thinking. There are two layers of meaning. First, to deal with the US government, we must prepare for the worst and strive for the best. In their daily interactions with Americans, most of them are very easy-going. But once it goes up between countries, in the diplomatic negotiations of a major national interest, experience tells us that you think the Americans to the worst, and that the Americans must be worse than you think. With such psychological preparation, you will not be surprised or shocked by the overbearing and unreasonable price of the United States. Secondly, adhere to their own principles and the bottom line. The Trump administration, in an attempt to make his opponents unpredictable and unbalance, makes themselves predominant, and by virtue of the status of the superpower of the United States, they think they are powerful and can ignore international rules, and other countries will bow to the wind and give way to the national interests. In the face of such an opponent, we must not let the other side lead the nose. China will adhere to the established road map and rhythm of its own reform and opening up, and will not build its own development and economic lifeline to the goodwill of the Trump administration.

Systematic thinking. It is a complex systematic project to deal with the United States' trade war, which involves both Sino US bilateral relations and the major economies of the world; it is both an offensive and defensive war in the field of trade and not limited to this; it is also a dispute over economic and trade, as well as a world view, a view of rules, and a view of cooperation. From the recent series of measures introduced by China, China has strengthened the top level design, reflecting the cooperation and cooperation between the various departments, various industries and various fields. The Chinese side will systematically deal with the trade war, adhere to the reform and opening up, stick to free trade and multilateralism, and will promote the gradual formation of new industrial chain and value chain in the United States under the background of the general levy on Tariffs in the United States, thus reducing the impact and weight of the United States. "American priority" has become "American isolation". This may be unforeseen by the Trump administration.

This trade war will bring uncertainty to China's economy and the world economy, but one thing is certain: China's advance is unstoppage. Winning the "counterattack against trade with the United States" is regarded as "La Zi Kou" on the road of China's rise. (Jia Xiudong is a research fellow of China Institute of International Studies)

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