After the woman receives the yellowish short message, the heroine is herself.

After the woman receives the yellowish short message, the heroine is herself.

Original title: who moved my picture? Women receive yellowing information, their photos can not bear to look straight ahead.

Sending and receiving text messages every day is almost normal, and recently, Ms. Huang, who lives in Hu Jia temple, Xi'an, has received a message. The content of this message has made Ms. Huang stand up! The picture in this message is not only involved in yellow, but also the protagonist in the picture is himself! What's the matter?

This message of yellow text message really lets the home live in Xi'an Hu Jia Miao's Huang scared a jump, the map is not only obscene, the text content is more difficult to inspire. From the text content, this is a reminder of money, probably the content is Ms. Huang is willing to pass pornography to help Zhao repay money.

Call and text messages are the meaning, that is, Ms. Fu Huang helps a unable to repay the debt of Zhao's repayment, constantly being harassed to Miss Huang's physical and mental fatigue, so she is more afraid of his personal information, such as photos, telephone, and other personal information has been leaked. Through harassing information, Ms Wong has found some useful clues.

MS WONG: look at the man in the picture. I remember it. This man is my husband's friend. I asked my husband to contact him.

After Ms. Huang confirmed to Zhao, Zhao did borrow 1200 yuan through the APP, but the loan information from Zhao Moufa can see that the emergency contact left by Zhao is not Ms. Huang.

What makes Huang feel puzzled is that she has nothing to do with Zhao before, and how did the loan company's debt collectors find themselves?

MS WONG: Recently I was very angry. I didn't have a loan. Why bother me?

MS Wong also tried to contact the debt collector, but the phone remained unanswered.

At present, Zhao has paid the loan to the loan company, and Ms. Huang also reports to the police station of Hu Jia Miao, Xi'an public security new town branch, and is ready to protect his rights through the law.

Source: Shaanxi Urban Express

Editor in responsibility: Yu Pengfei

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