This UN report is extremely important for Sino US trade war.

This UN report is extremely important for Sino US trade war.

Original title: this United Nations report is extremely important for Sino US trade war.

On the two days, the United Nations "World Intellectual Property Organization" released the latest "global innovation index" ranking in 2018.

In the context of the Sino US trade war, the UN's annual report needs more attention from China and the US.

This is not only because in this ranking, China has entered the top 20 in the world for the first time, from twenty-second in last year to seventeenth, while the United States has fallen from fourth to sixth in the world.

More importantly, the rankings of the United Nations "World Intellectual Property Organization" on the front page of the United Nations "World Intellectual Property Organization", with the title of "China's first 20", also directly responded to one of the most important accusations by President Trump of the United States to launch a trade war on China: China is "stealing" the intellectual property of the United States.

Francis Gurry, director general of the world intellectual property organization, said: "China's rapid rise in this list is determined by the strategic orientation of the country's top leadership - the development of world-class innovation, the adjustment of the economic structure on the basis of knowledge intensive industries, and innovation to maintain National competitiveness. "

In fact, in the complete report of the "global innovation index 2018", the researchers described the significant progress of China's ranking as a link in the "key discovery" of the report and gave us a very high evaluation.

For example, the report reads: "China's excellent creativity has ample evidence in many fields. China has been the world's first or second in terms of absolute value, investment in research and development, R & D personnel, patents and scientific publications, and even more than most high-income countries.

The report also gives out the data and charts of how much China has exceeded the number of developed countries in scientific research, scientific research, patents and scientific publications.

The report even wrote that as the only country in the middle income countries that entered the first 20 countries, China's success in the past few years was not only surprising, but also a model for learning in other middle-income countries.

In addition, the report has made a systematic introduction and affirmation of China's innovation in the field of renewable energy.

Well, it's not hard to believe that it's not hard to understand that China has set a record seventeenth economies this year to be the world's most innovative economy, with our own clear development strategy, and our strong funds and personnel, not what the president of the United States Trump and his colleagues have accused. "Theft of American intellectual property".

So, as Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs, said: China's innovation achievement is not by stealing, two is not by robbery, but the more than 1 billion 300 million Chinese people struggle out of wisdom and sweat.

As Cui Tiankai, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, said: China and other developing countries are also fully capable of innovation, if only Americans will innovate, and others are stealing American intellectual property rights, which is discriminatory.

Moreover, Hua Chun Ying and Cui Tiankai also hope that the American people will have a clear understanding of this.

But it is impossible that such an important United Nations report, at present, has not attracted much attention in the public opinion field in the United States, and only the The Associated Press has issued a simple draft. Moreover, if the US did not rank in the 2 place, I am afraid the US media will report less enthusiasm for the report.

But he wants the American media to be responsible for telling the American people that they can think independently of the real cause of China's rapid advances in science and technology in recent years, rather than the "nationalism" that hates Chinese politicians and Trump's incitement to run.

He believes that only by facing the progress of Chinese innovation can the Americans encourage more efforts to strengthen their creative power and stabilize their world's top position. And if you choose to stick to it and continue to spit acid water and buckle the hat on China's progress, the impact of the United States on the global ranking of the United Nations in the future may not be more than "down 2" today...

On the other hand, although China has ranked seventeenth in the world in terms of innovation, we should also see that there are 16 economies ahead of us. For example, the population of Switzerland, Holland and Sweden, which is just a "zero" population, relies on innovative "gold content" to take up the third one in the world, while the United States, which is still strong in innovation, is 2 down in the rankings. It also reflects how fierce the global competition in the new force is.

Therefore, we can not relax or even be complacent by the "quantity" to achieve today's status. We must face up to the gap between the first 16 economies and strive to improve the "quality" of innovation. Our progress is not "stolen", but we still have a long way to go.

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