The commerce department's latest statement refutes the US accusation against China.

The commerce department's latest statement refutes the US accusation against China.

Original title: the Ministry of Commerce's latest statement, one by one, refutes the US accusation against China.

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At half past eight pm, the website of the Ministry of Commerce published a short title: "the Ministry of Commerce issued a statement."

All more than 1800 words, the amount of information is great. It can be said that this is the most complete and comprehensive official statement by the United States to the present, the most complete and comprehensive official statement of China. It is also a Chinese official authority to judge the American intention and the nature of the American behavior. It can be regarded as a shout not only to the United States but also to the world.

The statement is aimed at the statement issued by the United States on the 301 survey, which accuses China of "unfair trade" and "Disregard of the rational demands of the United States", accusing China of "stealing intellectual property rights" and "transferring compulsory technology to foreign enterprises in China".

The Ministry of Commerce's late statement is precisely a rebuttal against the US accusation. In fact, many of the contents of these refutation have been interpreted by chivalrous island before. Recently, a recent industry authority close to chivalrous island said that the accusations against the United States were quite large and had no evidence at all. The reason why we fight back is because we can not tolerate the US's contempt rules and engage in trade blackmail under various pretexts.

Looking at the statement from the Ministry of Commerce, we should read a lot from it.

According to the statement on the 301 investigation issued by the office of the trade representative of the United States in July 10th, the Ministry of Commerce of People's Republic of China declares as follows.

First, the US side slander China's unfair practices in economic and trade dealings, which are cheap, distorts the facts and doesn't hold water. The United States has formulated a set of policy logic to distort the truth of Sino US economic and trade relations for the purpose of domestic political needs and the purpose of suppressing China's development.

In fact, the deep-seated problems in the American social economy are entirely caused by the domestic structural problems in the United States. The success of China's economy has never been a success of the implementation of "mercantilism". It has never been a success of the so-called "state capitalism", but is a firm promotion of market reform and expansion to the outside world. The success of the release.

The issue of "trade imbalance between China and the United States". The US side says there is a large amount of trade deficit with China, which is overestimated and mainly not in China, but not in China, but in the low domestic savings rate and the function of the United States dollar as the main international reserve currency. It lies in the industrial competitiveness and international division of labor, but also in the cold war thinking. The export of high-tech products is artificially restricted (in April 20th, Trump launched a trade war and his intentions were not as simple as you think).

On the so-called "theft of intellectual property". The Chinese government has established a relatively complete legal protection system for intellectual property rights, and continues to play a leading role in the judicial protection of intellectual property rights, and promotes the establishment of intellectual property courts and special judicial institutions. In 2017, China's external use of IPR reached $28 billion 600 million, an increase of 15 times that of the WTO in 2001.

About the so-called "compulsory technology transfer". The Chinese government has not put forward such requirements to foreign-funded enterprises. The technical cooperation and other economic and trade cooperation between Chinese and foreign enterprises is a contractual act based on the principle of voluntariness. For many years, both enterprises have gained great benefits.

On "China made 2025" and other industrial policies. Under the market economy conditions, the Chinese government's implementation of these policies is mainly instructive and leading, and is open to all foreign-funded enterprises. Ironically, the United States itself has a lot of subsidies in both agriculture and manufacturing (April 24th, the board's White House report, exposing the us to press the inside of the Chinese chip industry).

Two, the US side accuses China of ignoring China US economic and trade differences and failing to respond positively. The US side claims that it has been patiently working on the Chinese side, while the Chinese side has ignored it. In fact, China has always attached great importance to the economic and trade differences between the two sides. Starting from maintaining the overall economic and trade cooperation between China and the United States, starting from meeting the growing needs of the Chinese people and promoting the high quality of China's economic development, China has been promoting both sides to resolve their differences through dialogue and consultation with the greatest sincerity and patience.

From February to June alone, China held four round of high - level economic and trade consultations with the United States and issued a joint statement on the United States and the United States in May 19th and reached an important consensus on strengthening economic and trade cooperation between the two sides and not fighting trade wars. Hold a trade war with the Chinese side. The Chinese side has done its best to avoid the escalation of trade and economic frictions, and the responsibility is entirely in the us today. (May 20th, heavy! Joint statement on economic and trade consultations between China and the United States

Three, the US side accuses China of counteracting action without international legal basis. In fact, the United States unilaterally launched a trade war without any international legal basis.

In August 2017, the United States unilaterally launched 301 investigations against China despite the opposition from the Chinese side and the international community. In March 2018, the United States made the so-called 301 investigation report, which, in spite of the 91% opposition from the solicitation, added a tariff of 25% to China's US $34 billion in US exports in July 6th. In July 11th, the US intensified and announced a list of tariffs to be added to China's $200 billion product.

The 301 United States Survey violates the president's administrative statement to the Congress under the domestic law, as well as the commitments made in the 1998 EU dispute over the world trade trade dispute under international law. The tax measures in the United States are in blatant violation of the basic principles of the most favored nation treatment of the WTO and the restriction of tariff obligations. It is a typical unilateralism, trade protectionism and trade hegemony, which is a flagrant trampling on the basic spirit and principles of international law.

Four, the Chinese side is forced to take counter action. It is an inevitable choice to safeguard national interests and global interests. It is completely legitimate, reasonable and lawful. The Chinese government has repeatedly stated the principled stand of "unwilling to fight, not afraid to fight, and to fight when necessary". The Chinese side insisted on not taking the first shot, but when the US side took the lead in starting a trade war, it was forced to take counteraction measures.

China has done so in order to defend the national dignity and the interests of the people, defend the principles of free trade and the multilateral trading system, and defend the common interests of all the countries of the world. The Chinese government has appealed the unilateralism of the United States to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. The Chinese government is forced to take corresponding bilateral and multilateral responses to the emergency caused by the unilateral approach of the United States, which is fully in line with the basic spirit and principles of international law.

Five, the US trade war not only against China, but also around the world, will bring the world economy into a dangerous situation. The US side, with the banner of "American priority", is not only a 301 investigation to China in the name of intellectual property, but also launched 232 investigations on the major global economies in the name of national security, and makes trade frictions against important industries such as steel, aluminum, automobiles and other important industries. At present, a number of WTO members have adopted counter measures against the United States and resorted to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.

It can be said that the largest trade war launched by the US side in the economic history is not a trade war between China and the United States, but a global trade war. The United States will bring the world economy into the "cold war trap", "recession trap", "anti contract trap" and "uncertainty trap", which will seriously deteriorate the global economic and trade environment, harm the global industrial chain and value chain, impede global economic recovery, cause global market movement, and cause many transnational corporations in the world. And the interests of the ordinary consumers. (March 24th, [Island reading] Zheng Yongnian: Sino US trade war, "geopolitics is back".

Six, China will continue to promote reform and opening up unswervingly and unswervingly maintain the principles of free trade and the multilateral trading system, in accordance with the established deployment and rhythm. This year is China's reform and opening up 40th anniversary, the past 40 years, China's rapid economic growth depends on the reform and opening up, and the future of the economic development of high quality still depends on reform and opening up. [April 10th] is China's opening up to the outside world under the pressure of trade war? Jokes)

No matter what changes in the external environment, the Chinese government will adhere to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, protect property rights and intellectual property, play an important role of entrepreneurs, encourage competition and oppose monopoly, continue to promote opening to the outside world, create an attractive investment environment and firmly support the whole economy. We must firmly uphold the international economic and trade system and develop and share prosperity with all the countries pursuing progress in the world.

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