Is not a man-made disaster is a natural disaster? The burrow of the "wild boar" juvenile football team

Is not a man-made disaster is a natural disaster? The burrow of the

Original title: "wild boar" youth football team's cave survived

"Dongkou does not sign in from July to November, but this year's rainy season comes very early," Yang Haiping said. "It's not a man-made disaster. It's a natural disaster."

Wen Jing, Beijing News reporter Pang Wang Wang Qing, interns tris Ding Wenting, too.

In the official video, the children of the Thailand "wild boar" football team are living in a large, bright, large room in the hospital, with boys wearing masks and "V" gestures representing victory over the lens.

On Saturday, June 23rd, Ben is the birthday of Night, a boy from Chiang Rai house in Thailand. Night's family prepared birthday cake, roast pork and dessert for him. However, the boy did not appear on time.

After a football match, Night's "wild boar" team, with 12 teammates and 1 coaches, took a snack into the Forest Park cave cave in the north of Chiang Rai's mansion.

Goodbye to day has been more than half a month later. In July 10th, the 13 men, together with thousands of people from Thailand, Britain, Australia, China and other international rescue forces, were finally rescued.

At the moment, Night is in hospital for a week of quarantine observation.

"When he comes back, I'll make another cake he likes." The boy's sister said.


At the entrance of the cave, 11 bicycles and a motorcycle were parked, and backpacks, sneakers and other sports equipment remained in the basket, and the owner had disappeared.

One of the owners was a 11 year old boy, Chen Ning, a member of the boar football team. At 12 in the evening of June 23rd, Chen Ning's father received a call from another parent. The caller was worried: at 11 o'clock, the child informed the parents that they had finished their training.

Chen Ning is studying in the Chinese class of the primary school in the class of Yang Haiping. He is in grade six this year, and Yang Haiping is a Chinese teacher in the class. He has been with the boy for six years. Little boys are shy and shy. Whenever they take pictures, they always raise their hands to hide their faces and smile.

He always rode a big bicycle with wheels. "It seems that the wheels are higher than him," the teacher laughed, comparing his appearance on the tiptoe.

The boy is 130 centimeters tall, not tall, but he runs very fast and trains hard. The senior high school student took him to the boar football team. Looking out of the windows of the elementary school building in the Ali band, the football team often trains here when the weather is fine - which is the most impressive piece of Chen Ning.

This youth football team will be training every Saturday afternoon and school hours. There is a big football field next to the cave. This is the place where the children finally send out information. On the evening of 23, several parents hurriedly rushed into the cave with their bicycles. They were blocked by the swift current in the first hole and had to retreat.

On the morning of the second morning, Chen Ning's classmate girl, Ma Guixing, came to school from Burma by bike, and knocked the door of the teacher's bedroom. Yang Haiping heard a cry outside the door. The girl asked, "can you take me to the cave?" Yang Haiping and some other teachers rushed to the cave.

The hole is moist, the water drops from time to time, the white stalactites drop from the roof and glittering and translucent under the light of the light. "We can't touch it, otherwise it will turn yellow."

The cave is located in the Thaluang-Khun Nam Nang Non (Thaluang-Khun Nam Nang Non) National Forest Park, which is famous for the stalagmite and stalactite in the cave. The cave is rugged and tourists need to walk through a stream to get into it. The management will prohibit visitors from entering the city from July to November.

According to the Bangkok post, a witness told the police that the children and the coach came into the cave with the coach that night, so the rescue workers in the park entered about 3 kilometers from the hole, and the streams flowing into the cave kept rising, and the rescuers could only withdraw and seek help from the Chiang Rai government.

The Thailand Navy Seals (SEAL) arrived on the second day, and the electrician built 1 kilometer long wires in the cave. The water is muddy and muddy, and the darker the deeper, the power equipment will provide lighting and ventilation for rescue activities.

On the 25 day, rescuers entered the second caves. The children's shoes and knapsack were placed on the ground. The next day, the fingerprints were found on the rock wall. No news is good news. "We believe the children are in good condition." A member of the seals team said in an interview with The Associated Press. They had rescued the trapped tourists safely in the same cave.

4 days after the incident, cave experts discovered cracks in the stone wall, and rope experts set up the rope, hoping to dig deeper into the cave from the gap. Yang Haiping, who was at the mouth of the cave, also went into the cave to help, but the dawn of hope flashed over - two gaps could not lead to young men, and Yang Haiping could only return to the hole.

Relatives held a blessing ceremony for children, knocking Gong and drums, and two men holding a fishing net hoping to salvage the soul lost in the cave. The children's bicycles still docked outside the cave, and their families knelt aside and prayed. "I haven't slept for a few days, and I'm sure they'll all come out safe and sound," a 13 - year-old mother said in an interview with the The Associated Press.


In June 30th, when the rain stopped, a monk came to the scene to chant chanting prayer for the children. After the recitation of the chant, a wild boar ran near the entrance of the cave. At first, Yang Haiping did not believe it until he saw pictures in social media. "This is a good sign," he said.

Helicopters and other search and rescue personnel began to observe and search the mountain, trying to find other paths to the boys. Wirachai Songmetta, a Thailand police spokesman, said in an interview with the The Associated Press that he also joined a search team of more than 600 people. The professional geological department provided small cameras to look at these possible cracks more carefully.

According to the Reuters, 20 knapsack, with the hope of rescuers, was sent out of the cracks and floated to where the children might be. The backpack contains food, medicine, water, light, a map and a note that reads, "once received, reply immediately and mark the map on the map." Everyone will help as soon as possible. "

A variety of plans are carried out at the same time, but the progress is not obvious. The rain keeps the stream rising, and the underwater lights are still cloudy, and the rescue work has been interrupted many times. Rescuers inserted water pumps into the stream to pump out the water, and the staff tried to raise the wires above the water level to ensure the safety of underwater operation. The rain is too big, even if the pump power is not small, still useless, in the evening of June 27th, the water surface increased by 15 centimeters per hour, rescue workers stopped operation.

At the end of the rescue, Americans and Britons joined the Thailand rescue team. 30 rescue teams from the US Pacific Ocean command in India and 3 caves in the United Kingdom also came to Thailand to join the Thailand rescue team. Richard Stanton, a self-taught fireman and an amateur cave Rescue Diver, was awarded the British Empire Medal in 2013 for 23 years of fire and diving services. In the evening of June 29th, the Chinese folk rescue organization, the green boat rescue team, also went to Thailand to participate in the search and rescue, which was the second outbound rescue of the team since the Nepal earthquake.

In June 30th, Australian troops and civilian rescue workers joined. The rain finally became smaller and even stopped, and the rescue work continued. Workers in the groundwater Department continued to drill, try to find water sources, control the water directly from the source; a team found and entered a narrow cave, expecting the passage to bring them to the survival of the children, 50 meters ahead of them, and taken into the fork.

At this time Yang Haiping had signed up as a translation of the Chinese team, he saw a lot of vehicles cleared away, the ambulance stopped on the roadside of the hole, someone carried the stretcher into the ambulance, the roar sounded, and a helicopter left the head. This is the time needed for the medical rescue team to rehearse and calculate the children leaving the cave and going to the nearest hospital.

According to BBC, the UAV, which is equipped with a thermo - induction lens, is flying above the cave to find accessible locations; underwater robots are used to detect water depth and hydrology; search dogs have been sent to the depths of the cave after sniffing their children's clothes.

"On that day, there were dark clouds on the top of the mountain, but the rain did not stop." Yang Haiping said. By exploring the cave many times and referring to the data of the UAV and the underwater robot, the international rescue team locked the trapped place of the football team near a passage called Pattaya Beach.

At 9:38 pm on July 2nd, two British diving experts sneaked into the caverns deep in the cave. The two people heard a discontinuous strange sound, like a man hitting the wall with a stone, and then on a bump of rock surrounded by water, the lights of the flashlight shone on the young men in the Red Jersey.

"How many of you?"

"13 people."

"Great," British diving expert paused. "We are the first group. Many people are on their way."

"What's the week?"

"Monday - you have been here for 10 days, you are very strong."

Sitting in the first row, the boy in No. 20 Jersey lifted his arm and rubbed his collar to wipe his face. Yang Haiping later recognized the boy in the video. He was tall and thin. He was not the little boy with a round face in his mind, but he was very familiar with his movements. A few months ago, the boy had a misunderstanding with a teacher in class, put his textbook on the table and left the classroom without saying a word. Later, Yang Haiping talked to him: "is there any misunderstanding with the teacher?" Chen Ning, who had never said anything, suddenly turned red, but felt shy again. He raised his arm and clutching his collar.

Finally, the 13 men were found. "After this joyous moment, we asked, what should we do next?" The vice president of the British cave Rescue Association, who is in touch with the rescue team, said in an interview with BBC.


The medical team then went into the cave to make a physical examination for the children. Two of them had mild pneumonia and the others were in good condition. However, it was found that the child was the first step, and the rescue team was going to try to bring them home.

The guardian summed up three possible rescue plans that day, but each seemed to be difficult to achieve. First, let the rescuers dive with their children, but the children who want to be weak and not dive are learned in a short time; the second and third are draining the water in the cave or cutting holes in the mountains - both of them are very long and the rainy season is imminent. The staff filled the hole with food, medicine and other materials to prepare for future long-term rescue.

In July 6th, Saman Kunan, a diver and a member of the former seal, transported the oxygen tank into the cave at night, but lost his consciousness by the oxygen depletion during the diving return and died under the water - he was dead.

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