The statement issued by China's Ministry of Commerce conveys a core message.

The statement issued by China's Ministry of Commerce conveys a core message.

Original title: the sudden announcement by the Ministry of Commerce conveys a core message.

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In July 12th, China's Ministry of Commerce issued a statement with more than 2000 words in six directions. At the same time, the English version was also issued.

The launch of both Chinese and English is exactly the morning of Washington time, which is obviously a carefully prepared action. In the view of bullpiano, a core message is transmitted: we are not emotionally scolding, and we come to talk to the United States and let us see who is unreasonable.

This is obviously very pertinent.

At the international level, the United States is saying that there is a legal basis for the tax on Chinese goods, and the Chinese counterattack is unjustifiable; in the country, there are some people who are doubting that we scold the United States as a dog, but are we really in the right?

The departments concerned obviously saw this kind of public opinion, so they simply prepared a long article.

Some of the formulations are very specific, and some paragraphs are simply picked up:

1. Is the US side's policy logic correct?

It must be incorrect. In the words of the Ministry of Commerce:

The United States has formulated a set of policy logic to distort the truth of Sino US economic and trade relations for the purpose of domestic political needs and the purpose of suppressing China's development.

Please note that domestic politics need to suppress China's development and create a whole set of distorted logic.

2, the US side said the huge deficit is rooted in China.

Wrong! The reply of the Ministry of commerce is simple:

The US side has a huge trade deficit with China, not in China, but not in China, but in the low domestic savings rate and the function of the United States dollar as the main international reserve currency, and more importantly, the US side is restricted by the cold war thinking for the high-tech products that have their own comparative advantages.

It's very simple. It's your fault in the United States.

3, "China made 2025" and other industrial policies violate international practice.

Wrong! The Ministry of Commerce responded:

Under the market economy conditions, the Chinese government's implementation of these policies is mainly instructive and leading, and is open to all foreign-funded enterprises. Ironically, the United States has plenty of government subsidies in manufacturing and agriculture.

We are open to all foreign investment. On the contrary, look at your manufacturing and agriculture in the US. There are a lot of government subsidies. A state officer was allowed to set fire and accused others of ordering lights.

4, the US side claims that it has been patiently working on the Chinese side, while the Chinese side has ignored it. That is, the negotiations have broken down, and the main blame is China.

Wrong! The Ministry of Commerce has made a more detailed explanation:

In fact, China always attaches great importance to the economic and trade differences between the two sides. We have been pushing the two sides to resolve differences through dialogue and consultation with the utmost sincerity and patience. From February to June alone, China held four rounds of high - level economic and trade consultations with the United States and issued a joint statement on the United States and the United States in May 19th to reach an important consensus on strengthening economic and trade cooperation between the two sides and not fighting trade wars. China plays a trade war. The Chinese side has done its best to avoid the escalation of trade and economic frictions, and the responsibility is entirely in the us today.

Indeed, there were many rounds, and even the US Treasury Secretary, Moin, said that both sides agreed not to fight a trade war, but suddenly, Trump decided to start a fight. Now the United States also says "always patiently". Trump, your two brother's harrow work, is really learning from the blue.

5, the United States says it has a legal basis to launch its own trade war.

Wrong! The Ministry of Commerce stated that:

The 301 United States Survey violates the president's administrative statement to the Congress under the domestic law, as well as the commitments made in the 1988 EU dispute over the world trade trade dispute under international law. The tax measures in the United States are in blatant violation of the basic principles of the most favored nation treatment of the WTO and the restriction of tariff obligations. It is a typical unilateralism, trade protectionism and trade hegemony, which is a flagrant trampling on the basic spirit and principles of international law.

Don't say don't know, one say frighten. The United States not only violates domestic laws but also violates international commitments. No wonder Trump wants to retire and retire. The ten thousand step is to say that if China is not justified, the United States is justified. Then, China and the United States will see in the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. But the United States does not want to, and all kinds of ways to avoid it, or even let WTO have enough judges, is too much three.

There are many examples in this statement.

In the end, three points are simply said:

First, the United States launched a trade war. It is not really a simple solution to the trade deficit. China's Ministry of commerce also made it clear that the domestic political needs of the United States and the pressure on China's development. This is also a common practice of the world's eldest brother in dealing with the second child, which is not resolved by China's patient negotiation. In fact, even if China is willing to make significant concessions, it is estimated that the United States will not easily withdraw troops. To this point, we must be sober.

Second, the strategy of China's struggle is changing. In recent days, Chinese government media have published a series of articles to expose the United States, but American politicians are thick skinned. These words may not hurt them. Then China begins to reason. We give lessons in English and Chinese to the United States, and let the world listen to what the hegemony of Americans is. It is an international joke to spread all over the world and say that he is "very patient". Of course, how to make the voice of China spread all over the world?

Third, the struggle is getting more and more wonderful. This is really a big game. As the Sino US trade war escalated, we also saw that the United States suddenly agreed to lift the ban on ZTE. The Sino German joint statement opposed all forms of protectionism, and the US Tesla company suddenly opened a super factory in Shanghai... This is a great chess game that tests the wisdom, strategy and courage of decision makers.

The struggle is still going on. China is also changing its way to the United States that does not play its cards. This is a bitter battle, not a slightest intention!

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