Han Junfang suggested Park Geun hye not to salvage the world Yue number: money is not good enough.

Han Junfang suggested Park Geun hye not to salvage the world Yue number: money is not good enough.

Original title: the Korean military has suggested Pu Jinhui "do not salvage the world over": money is not yet appreciated.

Overseas network, July 13, 11, South Korea's Ruling Party congressman Li Zhexi announced an explosive file: after the 2014 "the Vietnam" ship ship difficult to occur, the Korean Defense Ministry of the National Army machine command (DSC) once recommended President Park Geun hye: do not salvage the wreck, let it sleep under the boat, so as to avoid the hull When the water comes out of the water, it suffers more accusations.

In the report, they explained in detail that the number of ships that the government is open to or not the actual number of salvage people will cause dissatisfaction of the families of the victims; after the salvage, it is possible to find evidence of the survival of the victims for a long time after falling water; the salvage should cost at least 200 billion won (about 1 billion 200 million yuan) and take 6 time. Over the month, it may be accused of labor and money and so on.

In April 16, 2014, the "world Vietnam" sank in the waters near Jeonnam's Jindo Prefecture, killing 304 people, most of whom were students. There was evidence that the sea police did not actively rescue the trapped people, and some government officials even forged the data to escape responsibility. The tragedy later became one of the reasons why Park was thrown off the stage. It was not until four years later in March 23, 2017 that "Shi Yue" was able to salvage the shore.

South Korea's "Central Daily" reported 12 days, the disclosure of the military files, written in June 3, 2014, the recipient is the president's office. The file questioned the effectiveness of salvage "Shi Yue" and suggested that the sunken ship should sleep under water.

In the June 7, 2014 file, DSC suggested that a reference to the construction of a memorial hall on sunken passenger ships should be considered in response to the US response plan after the Pearl Harbor incident. DSC also objected to the search for the remains of the missing passengers, suggesting that water burial should be used to "let the body flow or sink into the ocean," which is one of our traditional funerals.

In the May 14, 2014 file, DSC even suggested Park Geun Hui to show the "emotional" picture to the public, which would "help lift her support for criticism." As a result, 5 days later, Pu Jinhui read the names of the victims while weeping in the national televised speech, which sparked heated debate for a while.

The news came out and the public opinion was heated. South Korea's SBS television station believes that the main responsibility of DSC is anti espionage and intelligence management, but it is degenerate as a tool for the government to redeem the support rate and carry out the crisis public relations. It should be severed from the system. (overseas network / Liu Qiang)

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