Pyramid schemes "precision poverty alleviation" fraud 60 thousand people recruit 53 group owners were arrested

Pyramid schemes

Original title: pyramid selling "precision poverty alleviation" hiding 60 thousand people in WeChat fraud, police arrested 53 "group owners"

At the end of September 2017, the local police station in Nanyang, Henan Province, was reported to be reported to the local residents in the end of September 2017. He has been drawn to a group of WeChat poverty alleviation projects by Xia since April 2017. It is alleged that the project can only be applied to the poverty alleviation account by paying 10 yuan and 90 yuan, and a national poverty relief fund.

Hui said that there was a lot of information in the group at that time, the time was long, the matter was true, but, "the project came out continuously, every time it was not long to come out a new project, and at last there was no one."

In June 2017, Hui, in accordance with the instructions of Xia, brought the 89 million yuan of the WeChat group to the account designated by Wang Xiannian, who called himself "the Commissioner of the National Poverty Alleviation Office". However, after the remittance ended, Hui and Wang Xiannian lost contact with Xia and he realized that he was being cheated. After the police intervention, according to the suspect QQ mailbox provided by Hui, the investigation and comparison were gradually carried out. Finally, Yang was successfully captured in Guilin, Guangxi, the main suspect, "Wang Xiannian". The police found a lot of cash from his room, which was in line with the swindled old phone and a lot of bank cards. The man was verified by Yang, who confessed his criminal facts.

Fabricate false items and pretend to be state workers

Since March 2017, Yang, in Lingyun County, Guangxi, has made up the "Wang Xiannian", "Li Na" "Li Jian" "Li Jian", "Li Jian", "Li Na", "Li Jian", "Li Jian", "Li Jian". "And so on, in order to pay 10 yuan admission fee will be available in the city to buy low price housing qualification, and receive 800 thousand to 1 million 200 thousand of the venture capital as bait, fund raising fraud. The main suspect in the fraud is Yang, he let Xia and Kong to be the head of the project, and then let them two people to set up a large group of WeChat, to the following development of the owners, he himself does not go down.

And the reason why Xia was going down the line was that Yang promised that he would enjoy double membership benefits and high reward if he developed 20 thousand members. In order to get high returns, Xia Mou also took part in the publicity and promotion of the project through WeChat platform and WeChat group. In their own WeChat group, Xia, Kong, and the so-called "National Poverty Alleviation Office Commissioner Wang Xiannian" false call recording and false project documents, and other information to obtain the trust of WeChat members, and gradually develop the WeChat group, so that members as a group of owners to set up their own WeChat to promote the group.

WeChat members participated in fission growth.

In the long term publicity, promotion and high reward, the members of WeChat participated in fission growth. Among them, Xia Mou develops offline, WeChat group of 18 main people, Kong Mou develops group Lord 35 people, by these 53 people form WeChat group to continue to develop member respectively. After analysis and judgement, the police found that the number of victims in the case was as high as more than 60 thousand. "The smallest group of people, dozens of people, can become a WeChat group," said Wang Hongzhan, the head of the major criminal squad of Nanyang County Public Security Bureau. Then you can develop enough people according to the number of people you can develop, and you can become a large group of people. Like the development of 2000 people, can be a large group of owners. Small group owners enjoy 1 million 200 thousand of the allowance, and the big group owners enjoy 1 million 800 thousand to 3 million grants.

53 "group owners" have all been caught and fallen

As the case is serious, the Ministry of public security attaches great importance to this and follow up the supervision. It calls for a chain strike by the Henan police and solve the case within a limited time. After more than 240 days of continuous fighting in the case group, the criminal fraud involving 17 provinces and cities was broken, and the 53 "group owners" involved in the case were all caught and dropped.

According to the police's situation, the so-called "poverty alleviation", which has hundreds of billions of yuan of funds, is a routine for fraudsters. At the same time, most of the people who were dragged into the micro trust group sent WeChat red packets to pay money online. The way in which the fee is paid is actually a means for the fraudsters to evade the punishment of the law.

(reporter: Zhao Fei, Henan station: Zhang Qing, Zhang Yao; Editor: Wang Chen)

Editor in responsibility: Huo Yuang

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