Dissatisfaction with Pompeio's visit to the DPRK?

Dissatisfaction with Pompeio's visit to the DPRK?

Original title: dissatisfaction with Pompeio's third visit to the DPRK? North Korea's "Absence" of the remains of the U. S. Army

"The Global Times correspondent in South Korea Chen Shangwen world times special reporter Jin Huizhen heavy] many South Korean media 12 Daily said that the DPRK and the United States will hold talks on the morning of the remains of the U. S. military remains to be discussed, but it is surprising that the talks are due to the DPRK" fresh "bubble. According to sources, the DPRK has proposed to the military armistice Committee of the United Nations command on 12 day to hold the talks on 15 days and to the general level. South Korea's News1 News Network said that during the high-level talks between the US and the DPRK during its visit to the DPRK, they showed great differences and frictions on the issue of denuclearization. Therefore, the outside world is expected to be able to borrow the 12 US military remains to return to talk about reversing the situation, but the result is worrying again.

According to Yonhap's 12 report, the DPRK was scheduled to hold a working meeting at 10 a.m. on the same day in the joint police preparedness area of the Korean Panmunjom to discuss the way and the agenda of the return of the remains of US soldiers. It has been reported that most of the media believe that the talks have been held since American workers arrived in Panmunjom in the morning. But in fact, the DPRK staff did not show up that day, and the talks did not take place. The United Nations Military Command later confirmed that "the remains of the DPRK and the United States could not be held," and said that when he called the DPRK, the other side proposed to return the remains of the US Army to the general level. According to sources, the DPRK's move may be the hope that the US general will attend the talks to negotiate the return of the remains at an early date. It is said that the United Nations Command has conveyed the DPRK proposal to the US Department of defense and awaiting reply.

News1 News Network said, in accordance with the US statement, Secretary of State Secretary of state Pompeio visited the DPRK from 6 to 7 this month, and had agreed with the DPRK on the return of the remains of the U. S. Army on the 12 day of this month, but there was news that the DPRK seemed not to be ready and had not received a reply. Therefore, it is impossible to verify whether the United States and the DPRK have explicitly agreed to hold talks on the 12 day and whether North Korea's failure to attend the conference is a "break agreement". South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Gu de 12, at a regular press conference, said that the Han Fang is in contact with the United States on the situation, and said "the specific situation and whether or not please ask the US side." It is reported that the DPRK and the United States are now discussing when to consult face-to-face.

The fourth provision of the joint statement of the DPRK summit talks, "the north and the United States agreed to resett the remains of the prisoners of war and the missing persons of war, and immediately transfer the remains of the prisoners of war and the missing persons of the war of identification." In the month of the joint statement, whether the two sides can reach a specific agreement on this issue has attracted the attention of all parties. It is reported that the United Nations Command guard team has loaded up more than 100 wooden boxes for receiving the remains from the DPRK, and is waiting for the news in the common garrison area. If the DPRK returned to the remains, the vehicles would be transported back to the remains.

"The Korean national newspaper" 12 days of analysis that the third visit to the United States was heavily attacked by Peng Pao in the United States, was approved as "the worst of the results of the visit", "the worst of the talks", while President Trump of the United States recently expressed the confidence of the Korean nuclear abandonment. In this context, the DPRK did not attend the day of the talks. It is due to the fact that both sides have not agreed on good time or whether the DPRK's idea of "breaking the contract" is not conducive to the future relations between the United States and the DPRK, because this is the only specific agreement reached by the pppppun during his visit to the DPRK. South Korea's news news agency, citing a South Korean scholar Jin Dongye, said that North Korea's move on the day may be out of dissatisfaction with the third visit to the DPRK, and hopes to take a strategy to dominate the next second rounds of us DPRK dialogues. Hong Min, a researcher at the Korean Institute of unified research, also said that poupe auben's visit to the North was blurred about the signing of the final war agreement, so North Korea began to become less concerned about the return of the remains. Although the DPRK did not directly link the two, but the 12 days of the DPRK's move "meaning" is that the United States to sign the final war agreement before a clear statement, the DPRK will postpone the "goodwill". Shen Fanzhe, director of the security reunification center of the South Korean Institute for policy research, is worried that the DPRK will return the remains as a chip to use, leaving a negative impression on the United States. The Korean Daily said the return of the remains is a humanitarian category. If the DPRK does not cooperate, the DPRK will be asked to discarding the missile engine test field and submitting the nuclear catalogue to promote the process of the denuclearization.

No progress has been made in the negotiations between the US and the DPRK. South Korean presidential palace Chong Wa Dae spokesman Kim Yi Qian 12, said in the signing of the final declaration of the issue, Han Zhaomei three parties have a certain degree of consensus, the Korean side will continue to pay attention and efforts, the parties to the transposition thinking, a successful solution to the problem. The president of South Korea, who is visiting in Singapore, said in an interview with the Singaporean media on July 11 that the Korea and Korea were also discussing the signing of the final declaration. Wen said at the same time that the issue of the US troops in Korea is a matter of Korea US alliance and is not a topic for discussion on the denuclearization negotiations between the DPRK and the US. South Korea and the United States firmly believe that the US forces in South Korea play an important role in maintaining peace and stability in the peninsula and Northeast Asia.

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