Is the spring of the functional game coming?

Is the spring of the functional game coming?

Duan Qianqian

You can learn calculus in another game through the story of rat, and you can learn to hit the keyboard blindly in the ground mouse.

At the end of 6 this year, Tencent announced the agent's adventures. Unlike the traditional game of Daguai upgrading, the only way to unlock the new level is to do calculus problems.

"The adventures of micro - Product" is a serious game or functional game, the Tencent has previously published four functional games, which are the Tencent's exploration of the C side in a serious game.

CEO Zhang to the first financial statement: "serious game growth space, distribution channels are more limited than entertainment games, the domestic existing games are almost all entertainment games. Game companies have been criticized, and serious games have ushered in the development opportunity.

Zhang Yi also pointed out that education is the most important application scenario of serious games. Compared with entertainment games, education has greater market space.

Maximum application market

Calculus is a nightmare for many liberal arts students, but some people can get happiness from solving problems.

Adventure is a RPG game (Role-playinggame, role-playing game). The player's role, in a planet that may be destroyed by a solar storm, has to deal with the upcoming threats by repairing bridges, transmitters, and other buildings. To repair these facilities, players need to deduce formulas and draw functional images through calculus knowledge. The game won the gold medal of the world's 2017 world serious game, and was nominated for the SIIACODiE best mathematics teaching solution award, and the developer was Triseum for the education game development company.

Serious games are defined as "applications for the purpose of the game", refers to the teaching of knowledge and skills, professional training and simulation as the main content of the game, mainly used in military, medical, industrial, education, scientific research and training and other fields.

Zhang Yi, President of AI media, pointed out that education is the most important design direction and application scenario of serious games at present.

According to a report by the Tencent Research Institute, the game of 130 functional games in the Tencent Research Institute accounted for 43% of the total number of games combined with education.

"The C end means to open up a market for a large number of individuals, now the cost is very high, and many companies do not have such strength, and the B end is the main business transformation model." Zhang Yi said.

Opportunities for development

Compared with entertainment games, serious games are not good enough, and the attractiveness of players is also limited, with fewer audiences. "Current mainstream games or recreational, most games with gambling, violence and erotic nature, after the integration of the three, the game manufacturers can attract more players, more faster." Zhang Yi pointed out.

Zhang Yi said at the same time, Tencent, NetEase two companies together to eat 70% share of the domestic game market, two game manufacturers have a guiding role in the game industry, but Tencent entertainment games are much less, the company has also been criticized for the game business.

From July 3, 2017 to July 12th, the people's daily, the people's network and the Xinhua News Agency eight commentary on the "King's glory", the Tencent fell into a public opinion, and the market value was over HK $100 billion in July 4th.

Zhang Yi pointed out that, from the market share and game content of the game companies, the game market is now deformed, the production and operation level needs to be improved, the industry turning point is coming, which also means the spring of serious games.

As the vested interests and leaders of entertainment games, Tencent is also the promoter of serious games. "The adventures of micro product" is not the first serious game launched by the Tencent. In February this year, the Tencent announced the full layout of the functional game (that is, serious game), and launched four functional games, "mortise mortise", "folding fan", "paper boundary" and "Euclidean geometry", and the functional games are divided into traditional culture, frontier exploration, physical forging and forging. There are five types of smelting, popularization of science and interaction between parents and children.

The NetEase is also playing a serious game. At the same time as Tencent announced the layout of the game, the NetEase announced an exclusive agency for the youth programming education game CodeCombat (the geek war), and NetEase also owns the agency of "my world" (Minecraft) at home. The game is a sandbox game, which covers learning education, knowledge popularization, art creation, engineering application, rehabilitation therapy and other functional applications. The registered users in China have exceeded 100 million.

The 2018 functional game report, released by Gamma data, shows that the 2015 functional game market is 2 billion 550 million yuan in 2015, and the global functional game has been preliminarily mature. It is expected that the global function game market will reach US $5 billion 450 million in 2020.

In Zhang Yi's view, the space and size of the education market will be far beyond the game industry, and it does not depend on the entry of the Tencent, and the market size of the functional game combined with education will be even greater.

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