8 companies on the same day IPO why the new economy gets together to hit the Hong Kong stock market?

8 companies on the same day IPO why the new economy gets together to hit the Hong Kong stock market?

Li Jun

[8 companies also listed on the market, in fact, may not necessarily represent the new IPO market is very active, some companies want to take a ride on the market. It doesn't mean that the market is getting better now. Most of these companies only disclose a quarterly report, which are now listed in order to avoid replenish the half of the half of the year.

[it is expected that 220 companies will be listed in Hong Kong, including a number of heavy IPO, plus 90 first listed companies in the GEM market, with a total of 200 billion to 250 billion HK $250 billion in the year. ]

Although the Hang Seng Index has been hovering around 28000 points, the market is relatively low, but on July 12th, the 8 companies in Hong Kong exchange were listed at the same time. This is an unprecedented event in Hongkong. Why in the end are the companies suddenly listed on the market?

In the view of a number of senior market people interviewed by the first financial reporters, some companies are going on the market as soon as possible by the "Dongfeng" listed on the millet group -W (01810.HK), on the other hand, to avoid a re - listing of half a year performance report.

With the IPO listing, Hongkong is likely to create the peak of IPO this year and top the global capital, which consolidates the importance of Hongkong as a financial center. The HKEx will have more companies to try in the second half of the year after the HKEx has begun to approve the listed companies with different rights.

8 companies rob the car

In July 12th, all 8 companies were listed at the same time, including finger tip pleasure Holdings Limited, Ying Ke mutual Entertainment Limited, angheng science and Technology Holdings Limited, Qi Yi Technology (Kayman) Limited, Hongyang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., Tianli Education International Holdings Limited company, human and Technology Holding Limited public Company, Heng Wei Group Holding Co., Ltd.

The first day of the 08219.HK rose 98%, leading the first day of the new shares to rise sharply; of the 8 new shares, only the 01739.HK fell 6.39%, showing a different market attitude to different new shares.

The main business of the Heng Wei Group is to develop, manufacture and distribute watch products according to the ODM (entrusted design and manufacturing) benchmark. The headquarters is located in Hongkong, and the production facilities are located in the mainland. The issue price is HK $0.25 per share. The total net amount of proceeds from the stock sale will be estimated at HK $35 million 600 thousand, of which 63.9% are used for the acquisition of new production facilities, 7.7% for the expansion of e-commerce clients, 6.2% for the strengthening of the design capacity, and 20.8% for bank loans, and the remaining use of operating funds.

On the same day, the qiieyi technology landing port with the Internet home installed platform is the main body of the business. The number of shares in the Qiyi technology sale is about 242 million shares, and the final price is HK $4.85, lower than the previous HK $6.8~9 prospectus. Baidu is the second largest shareholder in Qijia network. As early as in 2010, Baidu spent 190 million yuan to participate in Qijia network A round of financing, currently holding 14.39% stake.

The chief executive of the capital, Wen Tian Na, told the first financial reporter that the general listing plan needs to be prepared for about a year. After the submission of information, it takes three or four months and 8 companies are listed at the same time. In fact, it is not necessarily a very active market for the new stock market. This does not mean that the market is now fully improved. Most of these companies have only disclosed a quarterly report, which are now listed in order to avoid a re - listing of the half - year newspaper.

On the other hand, 8 companies are listed at the same time. For the HKEx, the information to the outside world is relatively positive in the investment market in Hongkong at present, Wen Tian Na said.

Next, the US group review will take the next big Hong Kong stock IPO. According to this rule, according to the listing rules, if there is no semi annual report, then it is necessary to go public before the beginning of July. The group has recently submitted its application for the market and has not yet decided on the agenda for listing and offering shares, so it will be renewed to renew the prospectus, and it will be inevitable to supplement the 2018 half of the year.

Hongkong is expected to win the IPO fund-raising Championship all the year round

In April this year, the HKEx announced new regulations on the opening of the listing system, including three new chapters in the board listing rules, and revised the current rules to allow the listing of biotech companies that failed to pass the board's financial qualification test, allowing companies to have the same ownership structure. In Hongkong, the second listed big China and international companies set up new convenient second market channels. Since April 30th, the HKEx has accepted the application of the new system, and in July 9th it ushered in the listing of the first new economy stock after the reform of the market, and officially opened a new chapter of the new economy to the Hong Kong listing.

PWC statistics showed that in the first half of 2018, there were 108 new shares listed in Hongkong, up 50% over the same period last year, the total amount of funds raised to 50 billion 400 million Hong Kong dollars, a slight drop of 8% over the same period last year, and a total of 58 newly listed companies in the same period, with an increase of 57% over the same period last year, and a total of 47 billion Hong Kong dollars. 10% yuan. The newly listed companies mainly come from industry and retail, consumer goods and services.

DDT data showed that new shares from the mainland accounted for 84% of the Hongkong new stock market, about HK $42 billion 100 million, a slight decrease over the 85% share in the same period last year, while the new share of new shares from the mainland reached HK $46 billion 800 million in the first half of last year. In the first half of this year, the number of new shares was dominated by Hongkong enterprises. Nearly 60% of the new shares came from Hongkong companies, but the proportion of 80% of the financing was still from mainland enterprises.

Huang Jinqian, a Hongkong capital market partner in Hongkong, said the IPO market in Hongkong increased substantially in the first half of 2018, although the rise in interest rates, geopolitical and economic changes may affect market sentiment, but he predicted that the strong demand for IPO will continue, with the new Hongkong IPO market in April 2018. The implementation of the regulation, the market reaction is encouraging. The IPO activity is very strong, and the HKSAR is currently dealing with about 200 IPO applications, including the motherboard and the gem. In the second half of the year, there will be a number of large-scale IPO, which will fund more than HK $10 billion, which will help to consolidate Hongkong's position in the world's leading IPO market.

Huang Weibang, a partner in charge of PWC's customers, said the IPO market in Hongkong was expected to be promising in the second half of the year. It is expected to have 220 companies listed in Hong Kong throughout the year, including a number of heavy IPO. Plus, there are 90 first listed companies in the gem market, with a total total of 200 billion to 250 billion Hong Kong dollars for the whole year. This will not only be refreshed. The new number of new listings in Hongkong is expected to enable Hongkong to win the first place in the global IPO market.

Li Xiaojia, the chief executive of the Hong Kong exchange group, has said that new companies with double digits will apply for the market after the new listing system, and the number of biotech companies will be much more, and the size of the same shares of different rights companies will be larger. There were market reports that ants, Lu Jin, and dot com were all close behind and ready to list in Hongkong.

Foreground geometry of Hong Kong shares

"If there are any adverse factors, the Hongkong market will bear the brunt." Huang Weihong, chief executive of Hang Seng China global market, told the first financial reporter.

At the beginning of February 2018, Hong Kong shares have fallen. At the end of January, the Hang Seng index was about 33000 points, but now it has fallen to more than 28000, and it has fallen by 15%. Has Hong Kong stocks entered the bear market?

Market participants also had more differences. Many new shares could not escape the fate of the final issue even if they could keep the price of the day. Huang Jinqian said that if this market atmosphere continues, it is bound to affect the Hongkong IPO, although many enterprises at the time of pricing, in addition to their own prices, but also to examine the market atmosphere, will not exclude the pricing will be conservative, but whether the Hongkong market will continue to wave, it depends on foreign factors.

Cen Zhiyong, a strategist at Nanhua financial group, told the first financial reporter that the current support for Hong Kong shares was at 28000 points, and the resistance was 29000, because there were too many external uncertainties. Once the market situation was not good, the IPO could be reduced or even suspended.

Hongkong's well-known stock commentator, Zeng Chang, believes that the devaluation of the RMB to the Hong Kong dollar in the recent period has also changed the assets of mainland enterprises into the devaluation of the Hong Kong dollar, which will naturally affect the corresponding share price.

Liang Huijun, director of Hongkong's distribution business in Fidelity International, said that Asian stock markets, though worried about Sino US trade frictions, and the volatility of the Fed or accelerated interest rate hike, have consolidated the prospects for economic and profit growth and have long-term structural support. It is dominated by negative emotions. After adjustment, the valuation of many high dividend shares is reasonable and the trend is relatively backward. In fact, it provides a good opportunity for investors.

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