Trump: I am a stable genius. Things always work in unanimous ways.

Trump: I am a stable genius. Things always work in unanimous ways.

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"Will you send a different thing on twitter after boarding the air force one?"

"No, that's what other people will do. I won't do it. I am a consistent person. I am a stable genius. "

A politician who boasts of genius is not to be asked. It must be president Trump of the United States. He has said so more than once. The scene just took place at the press conference of NATO summit in Brussels.

Because of Trump's series of criticisms, the atmosphere of NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium is very tense. In response to Trump's remarks on insufficient defense spending, NATO leaders held an emergency meeting.

Fawkes news (Fox News) of Pro Republican media (Fox News) reported on the 12 day of the emergency meeting, at noon on Thursday, Trump held a "random" press conference to introduce the results of the summit. He described the summit with four words "very successful".

"Yesterday, I told them that I was very unhappy with what had happened, and that they had greatly improved their commitment." Trump, who had threatened to "retire", said that after his own major member states, NATO allies made concessions and promised to raise national defense spending to more than 2%. In his view, "NATO is much stronger now than it was two days ago."

Trump said his pressure is expected to increase NATO's military spending by 40 billion US dollars. CNBC reported that after this statement, Trump went on to say that if the decision was not approved by Congress, he would let the United States withdraw from NATO. "But when everyone is willing to increase defense spending, this is not necessary."

However, the French President Trump did not agree on the "score" in Trump's mouth, saying that the agreement reached on Wednesday was only confirmed by 2024 to raise its defense to 2% of GDP.

At present, only 5 of NATO's 29 member countries account for 2% of the military expenditure, accounting for 2% of the total GDP, including the United States, Britain, Greece, Estonia and Poland.

He also denied reports that Trump threatened the us to withdraw from NATO alliance because of military spending.

When Trump once again boasts of genius, when the Washington Post mentioned Trump for the first time last year on Twitter as a "stable genius", only 1/4 of the Americans agreed. "Poll results show that most people disagree."

At that time, fire and anger had just been released, and the new book portrayed Trump as an image of a low energy, mentally ill president. In response, Trump responded, "in my life, my two biggest asset is mental stability, and very smart." "I think not only smart and talented, but also a very stable genius!"

At that time, only 27% of Americans agreed with this description, the report said. Over the past year, the percentage of people who held this view dropped by 12 percentage points.

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