The British government clamored to insist on calling Taiwan "Taiwan": if the list was listed as the state.

The British government clamored to insist on calling Taiwan

Original title: the British government has always called Taiwan to Taiwan to oppose the modification of the aviation enterprises.

The 44 foreign airlines, which have been named by the CAAC, have been modified by most companies, including British Airways.

In July 10th, however, Field (Mark Field), the British Minister of foreign affairs, replied in writing to a parliamentarians' inquiry that the British government had been calling Taiwan "Taiwan" and listed Taiwan under "state / territory" or "world position". He also said that British private enterprises should not be forced to make changes under political pressure. Officials of the British Foreign Office have expressed concern about the matter to the Chinese government.

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed "sincere thanks" to the position of the British government, and claimed to call on other countries with similar ideas to come forward. However, it is understood that after the request was made by the Chinese side, British Airways had revised the Taiwan related standards as early as the beginning of June.

According to the observer Web query, Taiwan has been labeled "China Taiwan" in the English or Chinese language status on the official website of the company.

The British Parliament's official website showed that in July 2nd, the British Council, the vice president of the British and the Taiwan congressional group Jenkins (Andrea Jenkyns) and the 2 Chairman of the 1922 Committee foreign affairs chairman Blackman (Bob Blackman), asked the British Foreign Ministry in writing. They claimed that the Chinese side was "pressing" British and other airlines to change the "Taiwan" standard on its official website and interfering with the free operation of international enterprises, and how the British side faced this approach.

British Foreign Minister Field made a written reply on the 10 day, saying that the British government has not changed its policy on Taiwan for a long time, and has always called Taiwan "Taiwan". "If there is a list, Taiwan is listed under" country/territory "or" World locations ".

He claims that British Private Companies and organizations should have their own freedom to decide how to address tourist destinations, and that British companies should not be changed under political pressure. In addition, Feld also pointed out that British Foreign Ministry officials have expressed concern about the matter to the Chinese government.

The Taiwan authorities are very grateful to the British government for this statement. "The Ministry of foreign affairs" expressed sincere thanks to the "Ministry of foreign affairs", and thanked the British government for the clear expression of "the stand of friends" and called for "all the countries with similar ideas to come forward" to show the determination and belief of the international community to uphold the universal value of the world.

However, it is understood that shortly after the request was made by the Chinese side, British Airways modified the Taiwan related standard for the first time. And through the observer network 12 enquiries found, on the British Airways web page, first in the choice of "country / area" column, Taiwan has been labeled as "Taiwan of China."

According to the observer's network previously reported that the US airlines has made a clear refusal to make amendments, the US also hoped to discuss the matter with the Chinese side, and finally rejected by the Chinese side.

In response to this, my Foreign Ministry responded that there is only one China in the world and that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China's territory. This is a fact recognized by the international community and is also a basic common sense.

"One China principle" is the prerequisite for China to develop relations and cooperate with other countries in the world. Respecting China's sovereignty and territorial integrity and observing Chinese laws are the basic principles for foreign companies to operate in China. On this issue, the position of the Chinese side is clear, firm and consistent.

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