Tianjin officialdom circle: from the Department to the provincial department are trying to find support.

Tianjin officialdom circle: from the Department to the provincial department are trying to find support.

Original title: Tianjin officialdom circle: from the Department to the provincial department, are trying to find a backing.

Source: China Newsweek

The root of the eradication of the circle culture

And good soil

Never a headache, a foot pain, a doctor's foot

In August 9, 2017, the first instance of the intermediate people's Court of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, first tried the case of Huang Xingguo, the former deputy secretary of the CPC Tianjin municipal Party committee and the former mayor of Tianjin Municipal People's government. Picture / Xinhua

The Tianjin officialdom in the "circle"

Journalist / Zhou Qunfeng

This article starts with the 860th issue of China Newsweek.

The judgment of two businessmen made the circle culture of Tianjin's political and business circles again become the focus of public opinion.

In July 2nd, the Chinese court of referee documents published the criminal verdict on the first instance of the first instance of Tianjin Yiqi construction and Development Co., Wang Da Confucianism, and the criminal verdict of first instance of Wang Gongwei. All two Wangs were the former party secretary of the water bureau of Jinnan District of Tianjin and the briber of the former director of the project. The main member of the whole "business circle".

The state supervision and commission of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of China has issued a document, "China's discipline inspection and supervision", that Wan Jiquan has followed a "business circle", and with his job promotion, small bags have also developed into a big boss with hundreds of millions of assets.

The Tianjin municipal discipline Commission has reported 3 typical cases of "making circles": the former chairman of Tianjin port group, Yu Rumin, planted the "circle of secretaries", and Li Ke, the former vice chairman of the Hongqiao District Political Consultative Conference, formed a "friendship circle", and Wan Jiquan operated the "business circle".

In addition, the hottest circle of the city is the "center circle" composed of high rank "Tianjin official", and some people rely on entering the circle.

As the eighteen most serious corruption area after the Communist Party of China, the "circle culture" prevalent in Tianjin is a major feature and stubborn disease of its officialdom. In October 2016, the central inspection team gave feedback on Tianjin's inspection of "looking back". It was right to say that Tianjin's "circle culture is endless, and the political ecology is destroyed."

"China News Weekly" found the eighteen major cases revealed after the eighteen major cases found that the circle of official culture has become the infiltration of the government, in the identified problem officials, down to the township cadres, district officials, the main leadership of the municipal Party committee, many are in the "circle".

The "business circle" of building money and rights

Wan Jiquan is considered to be the representative official of the "business circle".

Wan Jiquan was the director of Tianjin Jinnan District Bureau of culture, Secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Party committee of north gate town of Jinnan District of Tianjin City, Secretary of Water Bureau of Jinnan District of Tianjin, director of the Bureau of District Committee and so on.

His close relationship with businessmen began when he was the party secretary of the north gate town. Wang Daru and Wang Gongwei were the representative businessmen who bribed them. Wang Daru is the legal representative of Tianjin Yiqi construction and Development Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Aceh company"), and Wang Gongwei is the legal representative of the WDA storage and transportation company of Tianjin.

Wang Daru's verdict showed that from 2007 to 2008, Wang Daru wanted to enter the real estate field, but the company did not have a real estate development qualification. Then Wan Jiquan, the party secretary of the north gate town of Jinnan District, Tianjin, used his job convenience and violated the relevant regulations to help Wang Da Yu successfully undertake a residential building item in the town. Aim to develop the project.

Soon, Wan Jiquan also violates the legal representative of the real estate development center of Tianjin city's big building (the collective enterprise of the north gate town government) as the king, so that the company has the qualifications for the development of real estate projects.

In 2009, Wang Daru had a similar problem and wanted to develop a commodity house but had no qualifications. Wan Jiquan learned that family fortune building Limited (the Jinnan District Construction Management Committee) had the qualification to develop the affordable housing. In order to develop the residential building project of Anxi Li.

Wang Daru was underfunded in the development of the project, and Wan Jiquan helped Aceh to raise more than 1.3 billion yuan. This fund was paid by the government of the north gate town and its subordinates Xintai Ding Investment Development Co., Ltd.

After tens of thousands of attempts to help, Wang Daru knew the truth. During the Spring Festival of 2012, he sent a $1 million debit card from Tianjin agricultural and commercial bank to ten thousand.

Wang Daru's verdict revealed that he gave millions of yuan to the million yuan "thank you", of which more than 80 million yuan was lent to a merchant of song surname by Wan, in order to produce "greater economic value".

Wang Daru's "officialdom friend" in the north gate town of Jinnan district is more than 10000. In 2011, the residential building project of the Anzhali town in the north gate town, which was built by Aceh company, had disputes with residents due to maintenance and compensation. Wang Mou, a deputy mayor in charge of engineering construction, helped Wang Daru to coordinate with him, resulting in a lot of losses. During the Spring Festival in 2012, in Wang's office, Wang Daru sent a bank card with 200 thousand yuan in memory to Wang.

Wang Gongwei, the legal representative of Tianjin Weida storage and transportation company, is also a member of Wan Jiquan's "business circle".

Wang Gongwei's bribe trial decision shows that, since 2007, Wang Gongwei, in the name of Tianjin gold three-dimensional real estate investment Co., Ltd. and North Gate Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., developed the construction of the construction of the construction of the building of an Dong Li District project in the town of north gate mouth. After the completion of the first phase of the project, it was unsalable.

In 2008, Wan Jiquan, the Secretary of the Party committee of the northern gate town, made use of his post convenience to contribute to the first phase of the north gate town government to invest in the first phase of the Dong Li District, as a resettlement housing, helping Wang Gongwei to solve the problem of unselling.

In 2009, Wang Gongwei thanked him and prepared for the follow-up project to continue to get thousands of help, giving a 100 thousand yuan bank debit card to WAN.

From 2009 to 2011, Wan Jiquan made use of his post facilitation to further contribute to the capital contribution of the northern gate town government, and bought the two phase of Wang's development and construction, which helped Wang Gongwei solve the problem of capital return.

In June 19, 2016, Wang Daru was arrested on suspicion of committing bribery, and was arrested in July 1st of the same year. In June 12, 2016, Wang Gongwei was arrested on suspicion of committing bribery. He was bailed out in June 19th of the same year and was residing in September 18, 2017.

In December 27, 2017, Wang Daru was sentenced to two years in prison for three years in Tianjin south open court for committing a crime of bribery in the south open court. In November 28, 2017, Wang Gongwei was sentenced to ten months in prison for one year for the crime of bribery.

In June 29, 2016, Wan Jiquan was arrested for taking bribes and arrested in July 15th of the same year. In September 22, 2017, the Jinnan court of Tianjin made a first trial judgment on Wan Jiquan's bribery case, which was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment and a fine of RMB six hundred thousand yuan.

The verdict showed that from 2005 to 2012, Wan Jiquan was the director of the Jinnan District Culture Bureau of Tianjin and the Secretary of the Party committee of the north gate town of Jinnan district. It made use of the convenience of his duty to seek benefits for others and illegally received the property from a number of businessmen, such as AQI, and other businessmen, with a total value of RMB 3 million 561 thousand and 168 yuan.

In addition to Wang Daru and Wang Gongwei, from 2005 to 2012, there were 5 businessmen taking bribes from Wan Jiquan, respectively: Liu Mou, legal person of Tianjin Shun Jing Road Engineering Company, the legal person beam of the seventh branch of Tianjin Fu Kai construction group company, the law person sun of the Tianjin real estate management company, and the South Ocean architectural engineering of Tianjin City The company's foundation branch manager Meng Meng; Tianjin Huixin double surplus construction and installation company legal person li.

"China News Weekly" found that among the 7 bribe merchants in the WAN Cheng Quan's verdict, all of them had gained undue interests through the project of 10000 in the north gate town Party committee, among which Liang also bribed him during the period of the director of the Jinnan District Bureau of culture. All these businessmen use bribes to buy houses and lend money.

A hot "center circle"

In the eighteen major circles, the most hot is the "center circle" composed of high weight officials. The core character of the circle is the former deputy secretary of the Tianjin municipal Party committee and the former mayor of the city, Huang Xingguo.

"China's discipline inspection and supervision" reported that Zhang Quanfen, the former deputy director of the Tianjin construction management committee, was considered to be a person in the "circle" of Huang Xingguo, and therefore the government was able to carry it out.

One of Zhang Quanfen's distinctive characteristics is to be good at forming alliances. "On the top, she is Huang Xingguo's" circle "of the people, and therefore successfully sat in Hongqiao District of Tianjin District Secretary (hall level) of the throne. Zhang Yu was sacked in December 21, 2016 and was put on file for investigation in September 2017 on suspicion of bribery and corruption.

On the evening of June 27, 2018, a series of warning educational films, "Haiyan river for political ecology", was first broadcast in Tianjin satellite TV. The film analyzes 10 cases of discipline violations that have been severely investigated in Tianjin.

The commentary of the film said: "the endless circle culture is a stubborn malaria disease that affects the development of Tianjin and affects the construction of cadres." Three of the 60 officials who appeared in the film hall were especially concerned.

The three people are the former deputy party secretary and general manager of Tianjin city infrastructure construction investment group, Duan Baosen, the Deputy Secretary of the former Party committee of Tianjin geological and Mineral Exploration Bureau and Wei Yongjiu, the former party secretary and director Luo Fulai of the Tianjin municipal machinery and equipment Bureau.

In order to climb Huang Xingguo and enter his circle, 3 officers and officials used all their skills. The commentary said, "Duan Baosen is eager to catch up with top leaders for personal promotion. An accidental chance, Bao Bao met Huang Xingguo's younger brother, so he quickly posted it up.

Tianjin City Commission for Discipline Supervision and investigation of the survey of investigators, said that Duan Bao frequently with the younger brother of Huang Xingguo, often eating and drinking, many times to thousands of miles away from the old home of Huang Hsing country, visiting Huang Xing's parents, for 4 consecutive years to the old home of Huang Xingguo home to send gifts.

When Duan Baosen came out of the mirror, he said, "want to go into the circle, want to get close to people (Huang Xingguo), get close to family members, and get people's appreciation and reuse."

The commentary on the film said, "Duan Baosen is in the approval of the project of monarchy building in Cheng Ji center, and the benefits are received. The violation determines the floor area and the illegal determination of the land transfer gold standard, resulting in a huge loss of state-owned assets."

Jun Lin tower stands on the shore of the Haihe River. The total height is 239.6 meters. It is the second highest building in Tianjin, only 336.9 meters behind the Tianjin tower. The cost of the project is 450 million yuan.

"China News Weekly" has been learned from many people who know that the monarch building project is developed by the original standing committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the son of Zhao Shaolin, the former Secretary General of the secretary general, and is considered to be a critical building because of the quality problems. There are many officials behind the monarch building, including the former chairman of the Hebei District CPPCC, Cui Zhiyong, deputy director of the Hebei District Construction Commission, deputy director of the Hebei District Construction Commission, Du Nali, the former party secretary and director Wang Yue of the Dongli District Planning Bureau of the Tianjin Planning Bureau, and the former chief director of the sixth discipline inspection and Supervision Office of the central discipline Commission. Central Discipline Inspection Commission seventh discipline inspection room three original director Shen Ying and so on.

Wei Yongjiu also believed that the circle of Huang Xing Guo could solve big problems, so he was very close to it.

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