British Foreign Ministry criticized the Taiwan authorities to revise the Taiwan authorities' attention.

British Foreign Ministry criticized the Taiwan authorities to revise the Taiwan authorities' attention.

Original title: British high officials have challenged the shipping companies to revise Taiwan's annotations, and the Taiwan authorities have been pushed up by the so-called "straws".

Chen Xin Li Hanzhang, a special correspondent of the global times in the British special correspondent, Shuangcheng global times, has made a revision of the international airlines in which the Civil Aviation Administration has received a letter to modify the international airlines. However, Mark Field, the Deputy British Minister of foreign affairs, jumped out to cry for the company. On the 11 day, he said in a statement that British enterprises should not be forced to make changes for political pressure. The British Foreign Office has expressed concern about the matter to the Chinese government. This news which has not aroused the concern of the British media has made Taiwan media excited. The Ministry of foreign affairs of Taiwan expressed its gratitude on the 12 day. The Global Times reporter sent a letter to the British Foreign Office on the 12 day and did not get a reply. Li Guanjie, an assistant researcher at the British research center at the Shanghai International Studies University, told the global times that the official position of the British government is to recognize the one China principle, but some politicians do regard Taiwan as a "separate entity". China should ask the British government to clarify its position.

This written statement is a reply to the previous question of British parliamentarians. Jenkins, vice president of the British meeting group, and President of the Committee for foreign affairs of the Committee of the General Congress of the Conservatives, Blackman, in written inquiry into the British Foreign Affairs Department in July 2nd, said that China pressed British airlines and several airlines to change the expression of Taiwan on the website, interfering with the freedom of operation of international enterprises, and whether it was a shadow. What should be the policy of the British government and what should be done? Jenkins also asked the British Foreign Ministry to take relevant measures and to counteract China together with countries with similar ideas in order to prevent China from adding its political ideology to international enterprises in other ways.

In April, China sent letters to 44 International Airlines, including British Airways, asking them to make changes to the erroneous statements concerning Taiwan. After that, British Airways listed Taipei and Kaohsiung as "Taiwan China" on the official website. In choosing the "country / territory" field, British Airways calls Taiwan "China Taiwan".

Field, 11, said in a statement that private airlines or organizations should have their own freedom to decide how to address tourist destinations, and British companies should not make changes for political pressure. He also claims that the British government's long-standing policy on Taiwan has not changed, and the British government has called the Taiwan area "Taiwan", and if there is a list, Taiwan is placed in the position of the state / territory or the world.

After most of the airlines have committed or made changes, Mr field's position is seen as a life-saving straw by the lost Taiwan authorities. On the 12 th of the "Ministry of foreign affairs" of Taiwan, besides expressing thanks, it also called on countries with similar ideas to "resist mainland bullying". Li Xianzhang, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs, said the mainland has recently pressed transnational enterprises and airlines to "dwarf Taiwan status" on their websites, and "Taiwan will not accept" the unjustifiable and overbearing practices of the mainland. Taiwan's "freedom times" also makes it difficult to say with excitement that the mainland is constantly putting pressure on Taiwan, and British Airways is also in line with it. Field's statement on the 11 day was "not to suppress China".

In addition to Field, there are still some people in the United Kingdom who want to be "uneasy" for Taiwan. Greg Hans, the former trade and investment Minister of the former British International Trade Department, said in twitter before he stepped down in late 4. The expression of "Taiwan - China" is doubtful. Steel and Evans, two co chairmen of the "British team", wrote to British Airways in May to express their dissatisfaction with British Airways.

In the international public opinion field, the US diplomatic scholar magazine for Taiwan platform shows its "God logic" on the 11 day. According to the magazine, despite the continuous compression of Taiwan's living space by the mainland, Taiwan athletes' recent performance in the competition has won international recognition. Success in sports events has been exaggerated by diplomat, and the success on the international stage will not be hijacked by the Chinese mainland.

Last month, for two Japanese airlines to change the "Taiwan" label on the official website to "China Taiwan", the Taiwan authorities protested to the two companies through the "representative office in Japan", accusing the mainland of pressing Taiwan in international space. In response, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs urged the Taiwan authorities to "stop trying to stop the pricks". At present, 18 foreign companies that have received letters from the CAAC have made changes, and another 26 applications have been postponed until July 25th.

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