Media talk about Thailand's Phuket shipwreck: is ship risk or official default?

Media talk about Thailand's Phuket shipwreck: is ship risk or official default?

Original title: Puji shipwreck: is ship risk or official default?

Source: China Newsweek

A few kilometers away from the Charon Wharf

Fine weather

There are still tourists going to sea

Phuket's shipwreck: is it a boat risk or official default?

A journalist / Hodgson / Bao Anqi

This article starts with the 860th issue of China Newsweek.

In the deep sea and the muddy sea, the side of the ship is turned over and slanted into the bottom of the sea.

The white hull is no longer shining brightly in the sunlight, it is covered with it, and it spreads to the surroundings. In this silence, many women and children are lying on the ground, some standing and gestures like fossils.

The blood was floating in the water, fine and dense.

This is the second day after the death. Some of the remains have not begun to swollen and look like before.

At 5:45 p.m. on July 5th, two boats carrying more than 100 people encountered a heavy storm near the Phuket Island. The ship capsized and sank.

Up to the morning of July 10th, according to statistics, 5 out of 127 people had not boarded the ship, and the number of people actually boarding was 122. 75 of them have been rescued, 44 have been killed, and 3 have been lost.

The two ships were "phoenix" and "Princess Elsa", and the passengers on board were mostly Chinese. All the 42 people (35 of them) were rescued on the same day. There are 89 tourists on Phoenix. There are 87 Chinese tourists. They are free travellers from Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and Henan. Among them, there are 37 employees from Zhejiang Haining Shanghai Furniture Co., Ltd., most of them are middle and high level companies.

As of July 10th, there were 37 lives on the Phoenix, 44 were killed and 3 lost.

In July 9th, Phuket hospital said that 41 bodies had been salvaged, including 8 boys, 5 girls, 10 adult men and 18 adult women.

Change the sky

At four p. m. on July 5th, it was cloudy. Ah Zheng was queuing up for the boat. He asked the guide: "the day has changed. Is everything okay?"

The guide said, "hurry up and get out of the sea."

Later, facts proved that the guide's judgement was wrong. Ten minutes after the ship, the sky changed dramatically. After 1.5 hours, the Phoenix 's five people, the Phoenix, leaned suddenly to the right. In a short 3-5 minute, the position of the boat's head down to the bottom of the boat, sinking into the depths of the Andaman Sea of 44 meters.

No one thought that the disaster would come.

At 9 a.m. on July 5th, 89 tourists from different platforms, such as flying pigs, lazy cats and Ctrip, bought 89 tourists from the "big and small emperor island one day tour" to the Charon wharf. 87 of them are from China and are all free.

During the summer vacation, many parents took their children to travel. The youngest was only five months old and could not speak. More six or seven year old children are looking forward to the huge slide on the ship. It is said that it is the largest slide on the Phuket Island.

"Phoenix" has a lot of "the most". According to its introduction on the project page, "phoenix" is huge, 8 meters wide and 38 meters long. The ship has three floors, one is a restaurant and a diving equipment area, which can accommodate nearly 90 people. The two floor is an indoor lounge, with luxurious KTV, and the three deck is a deck.

Phoenix, which was released in September 2017, has long been considered one of the best and most luxurious yachts on the island. Tae, a local senior captain, told China News Weekly that "phoenix" is better in stability and suitable for rainy season as a 110 tonnage hull.

Zhang Wenhao is a diving instructor of TC Diving, a phoenix company, and a husband of a wholly owned shareholder (Thailand). He pointed out to China News Weekly that there are few such ships in Puji, not for tourists, but for safety reasons. "The ship is safe, stable, and resistant to wind."

Now, the related pictures and texts have disappeared from the page of the then flying pig purchase. He told China News Weekly that it was only because of its security that he had ordered the meal for himself and his companions, and the ship was a deep submersible, and 898 yuan per person.

A Wei, ah Zheng, A Bin and Jie are from Duanzhou middle school in Zhaoqing, Guangdong. Their good friend Xiao Zhou is from another middle school. In the early morning of July 5th, five boys who had just taken part in the college entrance examination came to Phuket, the first time they went abroad, and also their graduation trip.

After several hours' sleep, they were picked up from the hotel at seven in the morning. At that time, the rain was floating in the air, but it was clear at the pier. The fine weather continues until four p.m.

In fact, at five a.m., all the boatmen on the same day received an early warning. Tae calls it an "ordinary warning". The content is: be careful when you travel on the same day. The waves may reach 3 meters, and the boat with a captain less than 10 meters is prohibited from going to sea.

The large yacht "phoenix" is not in it. 9, it went out of the sea.

In the morning, I went to the little emperor island to snorkel, and I boarded the great emperor island in the afternoon. Around four o'clock, the Phoenix changed suddenly from the great emperor as planned.

According to Norapa, Phuket, the accident waters are up to 5 meters.

The sky was obviously dark. There seemed to be dark clouds gathering in the distance. The wind was strong and the waves were bigger.

Originally, he could take the rope to the yacht, and the boatman had to take a small motorboat to carry the tourists back to the boat. Yao Shangjun, director of Zhejiang Haining Shanghai Furniture Co., Ltd. recalls the China News Weekly. At that time, the waves were very big and the boat was already very high.

At the same time, as well as the Arab Israeli government, Bin Bin also asked the tour guide with some concern: "the waves are so big, are you afraid to walk?" The guide said, "the waves are big and go fast."

Yao Shangjun remembered that after the ship had gone out for some time, the guide said the wind was too strong, and the ship had deviated from its course. "It began to face the wind, and then it went down the wind."

When the boat was about to turn over, he looked out of the window. There was a small island in front of him. This is the Coral Island.

At 5:45 p.m. on July 5th, "phoenix" capsized about a few thousand meters away from Coral Island, and the journey had not yet passed 1/3.


Around 5:40, ah Zheng felt that the boat began tilting to the right.

He saw that the glass of the engine room at the bow was broken by the waves and the water came in. "But the guide closed the door, so that we could not see it."

It was not until one or two minutes before the ship sank that the tour guide began issuing lifejackets.

Prior to the embarkation from the grand emperor island by a motorboat, every tourist wore a life jacket. But ah Zheng told China News Weekly that the tour guide volunteered for 10 minutes after sailing, "you can take it off." Then start to recycle and focus on the stern.

Wuxing, from Shanghai, told China News Weekly that the guide should clean the life jacket, but if you take the water to the visitor's body, it will damage the wooden floor in the cabin. Another rescued traveler from Zhejiang also told China News Weekly that the tourist guide had put the life vest away, afraid that the life jacket would dirty the floor.

In the introduction of Phoenix, the travel company wrote that the teak floor was covered in the cabin.

Thailand Embassy in "Thailand tourist safety prompt" stipulates, "the tourist to participate in the snorkeling project must wear life jacket", but does not mention whether visitors to the ship to wear life jacket all the time.

In March 2018, Thailand's Panzhihua government investigated the cruise ship to the West Milan island. If passengers were found not wearing life jackets, they were immediately punished and prohibited from going to sea. Natchaphum, director of the regional Dock Office of the pantry department, said that the cruise industry must ensure that all tourists wear life jackets, because some tourists do not swim, and it is very dangerous if accidents happen.

However, referring to official documents in Thailand, China News Weekly did not find any legal requirements for wearing lifejackets on board.

The former captain Tae said that in Phuket Island, a tour guide or coach would ask tourists to wear lifejackets while snorkeling, but they would not be allowed to wear them after boarding.

He said that if the enclosed cabin was flooded, floating lifejackets would keep tourists trapped at the top of the cabin and could not move. The right thing to do is, when the ship is drastically bumped and there is a danger of overturning, let the tourists wear the life jacket as soon as possible, and immediately come to the deck to prepare for the sea.

In order to achieve an emergency response to the emergency, the tour guide should have a safety education for tourists, let them know the position of the life jacket, so that they can escape in time.

A number of surviving tourists confirmed to China News Weekly that "phoenix" guides did not carry out similar safety education.

Tae believes that the boat's tourists wear a life jacket too late, and many visitors will not be trapped in the cabin if they are able to wear well and leave the cabin quickly before the water is flooded. "Five minutes ahead of schedule may be quite different."

But he admitted that everything had happened so quickly that the captain and the tour guide could not foresee it.

Ah Zheng now clearly remembered that when the ship was shaking fiercely, the tour guide said to everyone, "I am not wearing a life jacket. Don't be afraid."

At the critical juncture, the tourists on the first floor, including the Arab government, were basically wearing lifejackets, and the two floor visitors almost had no time to wear them.

The ship is getting worse and worse. On the first floor, the glass of the toilet burst first, and the seawater burst in.


Ah Zheng heard the tour guide yelling, "come out!" Then he saw the first runner to the two floor, and he ran along. When I went upstairs, it was found that the staircase was already flooded.

His companion, A Bin, was hit by the sea at the moment. In his impression, one layer sank in a flash, and there was no time to jump. He later broke the glass and was brought out by the sea. The hands were cut and the muscles of the left leg were torn. After falling into the sea, it was blurred. Nothing could be seen. It was cold and biting. There seemed to be a red in front of him, and it was his blood.

He was afraid of water and had a psychological shadow when he was almost drowning when swimming. When he was in the sea, his brain was blank, and he just went upstream.

Not far away, he was his good friend, A Wei, who was sitting on the stern of a ship, and when he tilted the boat, he fell to the ground. The stern is a wooden board, very slippery and can't stand at all. Like a lot of people, he was thrown out. Before falling into the sea, he heard two sharp metal ruptures.

When the first layer was immersed in the sea, the two floor was not completely sunk. At this point, the sea had not passed his knee. "At that instant, I didn't know why. Suddenly I was very calm. I pulled out where I had caught up, continued to run, and then jumped into the sea."

He remembered that after he came out of the cabin, the ship sank completely, and did not arrive in ten seconds.

Wuxing's new marriage from Shanghai is also the first time to go abroad, and its wife, Long Yun to Phuket Island honeymoon. At the time of the accident, he was resting on the two floor because of seasickness, while his wife stayed on the first floor.

He told the Chinese Newsweek that there were only four life jackets on the two floor and placed at the door. He saw a man with a 40 head on his wife and several other people. "Not at that time

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