These groups used to be the "powder of the Republic of China" and now hung the five-star red flag.

These groups used to be the

Original title: they used to be the "powder of the Republic of China", and now they have hung the five-star red flag.

New York Yuan Yuan Office will hold the five-star red flag in August 19th when the building is completed for the 90th anniversary celebration.

According to the 12 day of the China times, Taiwan, New York, which has been established for nearly a hundred years and has always supported Taiwan authorities, will change the five star red flag when the building falls into 90th anniversary celebrations in August 19th.

Founded in 1925, the Yuan Yuan office, composed of Lei, Fang and Kuang's three surnames, is one of the 60 overseas Chinese groups in New York's "China office". Lei Wenbo, the former president of the public house and the present Chinese language secretary, said that the flag was changed to be put forward by the incumbent vice president and was voted in the Membership Conference in April and May. "There are 94 members here, of which 78 have agreed to change the flag." This is another important office after the 2002 New York filial piety.

On the 12 day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) indirectly confirmed this matter. It said that the public house was flooded with a large number of new mainland immigrants in recent years, which made the members of the public house change from quantitative change, which also highlighted that the mainland not only "suppressed" the international space, but also strengthened the "United Front" for overseas Chinese society. Some local leaders claimed that the attitude of the DPP to the traditional overseas Chinese community and the handling of cross-strait relations were the main reasons for changing the flag.

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