Korean media complain that Chinese enterprises are disguised as Han Enterprises: Korean music is everywhere.

Korean media complain that Chinese enterprises are disguised as Han Enterprises: Korean music is everywhere.

Original title: Korean media complained about Chinese companies "disguised as Korean enterprises". What can we say?

Some Chinese companies "camouflage Korean enterprises" in Southeast Asia, not only on product labels on Han Wenhe's Korean address, but even in the market, the signs are also tagged in Korean.

Chinese enterprises "Shanzhai Korean wave" in Southeast Asia? South Korea's "Korean Daily" 12 Daily said that in order to make use of the "Korean stream" in Asia, some Chinese enterprises will "camouflage Korean enterprises" when they operate in Southeast Asia, not only on product labels on Korean and Korean addresses, but also in the market. Reported that the Korean trade revitalization commune in Hu Zhiming city staff are coordinating with Viet Nam to discuss the response plan.

The Chosun Daily said that MUMUSO in downtown Hu Zhiming is such an enterprise. The sky blue sign says "MUMUSO" in English, but the following is written in Korean. South Korea's "girlhood" music is constantly playing, and Korean is everywhere. But the accident is that it is a Chinese company based in Shanghai. The newspaper said another MINIGOOD company is similar.

The newspaper said that over the past two years, stores like MUMUSO opened more than 100 stores in the south. These enterprises not only operate in areas such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East, but also successfully enter Australia, Russia, North America and other places.

Ring ID:huanqiu-com (12) call MUMUSO headquarters in Shanghai, the Chinese name of the enterprise is Hibiscus life. When asked whether the company was a Chinese enterprise or a Korean enterprise, the answering telephone staff did not answer and hang up the phone. After the ring was called back, the staff refused to make telephone interviews and send fax confirmation requests on the grounds of "unable to confirm the identity of reporters". MINIGOOD official network phone has never been connected.

The Chosun Ilbo said it is not clear whether the companies have legal problems. MUMUSO registered the trademark "MUMUSO" and "infinite life" in the Korean patent office. In the product detail book, it also used small words to mark "Chinese production" and the headquarters in China.

Cheng Yongfan, a law firm in Beijing (Nanjing), told the ring (ID:huanqiu-com) that the corporate behavior should not be identified as substantial fraud or infringement, because the country culture is the result of the collective development of human beings and does not belong to the object of the tort. However, Zhang Chi, an economic law scholar at the China University of Political Science and Law, cautioned that such behavior could lead to certain legal risks: the right to infringe on the legitimate right to know and the fair trading rights of consumers. The two is to use false propaganda means to carry out unfair competition, which may interfere with the normal operation of the market.

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