Chen Jining meets Mask: Tesla builds factories in Shanghai to do this in Beijing

Chen Jining meets Mask: Tesla builds factories in Shanghai to do this in Beijing

Original title: Mayor Chen Jining meets with musk! Tesla built a factory in Shanghai and was going to do it in Beijing.

Source: Beijing daily

There was no new store opening ribbon cutting, nor did it have to deal with the media.

Elon Mask, chairman and chief executive of Tesla, made a low-key appearance in Beijing yesterday afternoon and went straight to the airport to set foot on his way back to the United States. His whereabouts in Beijing did not reveal a hint of wind. It was very mysterious.  

Beijing daily (WeChat ID:Beijing_Daily) reporter was informed that yesterday morning, Beijing mayor Chen Jining met with Mr. Mask.

Chen Jining welcomed the guests' visit. He said -

At present, Beijing is elaborately organizing and implementing the overall plan of the new edition of the city, focusing on the strategic positioning of the "four central" cities and promoting the development of reduced development, innovative development and open development.

In the new round of expansion and opening up, Beijing will further reform and optimize the business environment to provide better services for international enterprises in Beijing.

Tesla set up its headquarters in China and the first R & D center outside the United States, which fully reflects Tesla's attention to cooperation with Beijing.

We hope that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the field of new energy vehicle technology and urban green development, and we will fully support Tesla's development in Beijing.

Mask spoke highly of the achievements made by Beijing, and indicated that it would gradually expand the scale of Beijing R & D center and further deepen cooperation with Beijing.

Beijing's positioning as Tesla's China headquarters remains unchanged.

Yesterday evening, at the Tesla exhibition hall in China Trade Center, the Beijing daily (WeChat ID:Beijing_Daily) reporter interviewed Ren Yuxiang, a global vice president of Tesla and President of the Asia Pacific region, to understand the latest progress in the development strategy of Tesla in Beijing.

"Beijing has always been a very important market for Tesla in China." Ren Yuxiang said that in 2013, when Tesla entered China, its headquarters was in Beijing, and the first store in the country was also in Beijing's grassland. Last year, Tesla set up a technological innovation center in Beijing. With the growth of Tesla's business in China, the scale of the innovation center is expanding. It is estimated that by 2020, the center will have more than 100 R & D personnel.  

Figures show that Beijing has popularized more than 175 thousand pure electric vehicles. "Thank the Beijing municipal government for supporting and promoting the development of new energy vehicles. Beijing is the world leader in this regard, setting an example for other cities." Ren Yuxiang said.  

In the future, Beijing's position as Tesla's China headquarters will not change. It is a comprehensive positioning that integrates R & D, innovation, sales and service functions.

"Beijing, as a base of talent, has a lot of world-class institutions and research institutions. We will make full use of this advantage. We will have more cooperation with the government, research institutions and colleges and universities in the future. There will be more disclosure after the specific cooperation, from new energy vehicles to energy storage, cooperation in all aspects will be involved. He revealed.  

China is one of the most important markets in Tesla

In 2017, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China were 794 thousand and 777 thousand respectively, up 53.8% and 53.3% respectively over the same period.

Ren Yuxiang said China is one of the most important markets in Tesla, the largest market outside the United States, and China is the largest market for new energy vehicles worldwide, and Tesla hopes to participate in the market to promote new energy vehicles and promote global sustainable energy. Change one's strength.  

In the two days, the Shanghai factory in Tesla has brushed the screen, and the planned annual production of 500 thousand pure electric vehicles at the Tesla super factory formally settled in the Shanghai port area and will be the first super factory outside the US.  

China announced on Friday that it began to impose tariffs on imported cars and other goods originating in the United States in response to U.S. measures to impose tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods. Tesla became one of the first American car companies to raise prices.  

According to Model S and Model X released by Tesla official website, the latest guidance price adjustment information in car sales has increased from 139 thousand and 320 yuan to 256 thousand and 620 yuan. The lowest price Model S 75D price rose from 710 thousand and 600 yuan to 849 thousand and 900 yuan, or 139 thousand and 300 yuan; Model X's high - matched version rose from 1 million 315 thousand and 600 yuan to 1 million 572 thousand and 200 yuan, up to 256 thousand and 600 yuan.

After the Shanghai plant is put into operation, the cost of buying Tesla Motors by Chinese consumers will drop sharply.  

Maybe 300 thousand can buy Tesla

Under the influence of successive tariff adjustments, Tesla China seems to have taken the roller coaster price.

In May this year, when the import tariff rate of cars dropped from 25% to 15%, Tesla models took the lead in reducing prices, ranging from 40 thousand yuan to 90 thousand yuan.

There will be no tariff in Tesla in Shanghai, and the price will be almost 1/3 to 1/4.

Musk gave everyone an account.

At present, Tesla's price group becomes: China price = us price x exchange rate + transportation and handling charges + customs duties and other taxes + value added tax.

Now, if factories are built in China, if tariff and transport costs are removed, at least the price of Tesla electric cars in China will drop by 1/3.

Plus the purchase tax relief allowance for new energy vehicles in China, perhaps Tesla will be able to buy around 300 thousand.

Tesla has been plagued by insufficient capacity and will ease this problem greatly after the Shanghai plant is put into operation. In 2017, Tesla sold 103 thousand vehicles worldwide, an increase of 35.17% over the same period in 2016, and about 20 thousand electric cars sold in the Chinese market.

In the last week of June, the output of Model 3 barely reached the target of 5000 vehicles. By the end of 6 this year, Tesla's capacity has reached 7000 units, and capacity is climbing.  

Reporter: Wu Hong Li, Fan Junsheng, Dong Yu Han

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Yu

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