Help 4 even kicking: this act of life and death saves a family.

Help 4 even kicking: this act of life and death saves a family.

Original title: save 4 to kick! At the moment of life and death, his action saved a family.

A regular trip,

A normal intersection,

As a result of avoidance,

A speeding tricycle fell over to the ground.

In a few seconds,

The tricycle suddenly blaze,

And the driver is still trapped in the cab!

This scene,

It happened in Xilinhaote, Inner Mongolia in July 9th.

The moment of life and death,

Luckily he appeared

In the video,

The fire grew rapidly.

At this time,

A man rushed forward quickly.

One foot, two feet, three feet...

The man tried his best to kick the windshield!

After four feet, the windshield was finally broken.

The driver climbed out of the car.

A man who looks "scared"

He also pulled out and ran to one side.

As short as ten seconds,

He rewrote the fate of a family.

Also triggered countless netizens' praise:

92: if it doesn't save, it will die.

@ to cool: I just want to say that a good man is safe in his life

I am a small warrior.

@ spicy chicken Mary: 4 feet saved at least one family.  

@ user 5703884463: running behind can see that the heart is still afraid, really great.  

@ micro inspirational: save a life, win the seven level of pagoda!

@ humming to me: This is the hero

Pay tribute

Golden rabbit rabbit: this moment of you, super handsome

I wish you peace and happiness.  

The savers called Bao Liguang, 35 years old this year.

Mongolian, Mongolian name Grzy Le Tu,

Xilinhaote rural cooperative bank

The staff of the ALSHAN Po Li Ge branch.

Bao Liguang said,

He was repairing a car at a nearby garage.

After a loud noise, he saw the tricycle fire.

The driver of the fifties was stuck in the cab.

Then he immediately came to the rescue.

The passer-by said,

"Thanks to that young man,

It's not for him to be brave,

That driver is really dangerous.

The fire was so big at that time.

The average person dared not go forward.

Later I saw his leg hurt in the process of breaking the window.

The young man is really good! "

Bao Liguang said:

"It's all right. What do you say?

When you see the words that are not saved,

I'm sure I can't get it in mind. "

After the rescue of the driver,

And he came with the fire extinguisher.

The others put out the fire together.

There is no obstacle to the driver's body.

Leave the scene quietly.

As the netizen said,

This lifesaving 4 kicks,

At least one family was saved.

Source: Inner Mongolia Morning Post (ID:nmgcbs), reporter: Hou Yunfeng, Zhang Guanhua, comprehensive: daily positive energy (ID:zhnlali), Xinhua News Agency (ID:xinhuashefabu1)

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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