After 5 million 500 thousand years of buying a car, the man bought 16 million 500 thousand.

After 5 million 500 thousand years of buying a car, the man bought 16 million 500 thousand.

Original title: 5 million 500 thousand buy a car, two years after actually even earn 16 million 500 thousand!

Car owner Yang a two years ago in Guizhou new expensive and imported a luxury car 4S shop spent 5 million 500 thousand yuan to buy a luxury car, but after a period of use, it found that the car seems to be different from the new car, in the use of frequent failures.

Although many dealers look for feedback, dealers always seek various reasons to prevaricate. Until 2016, the owner, Yang, went to the shop for normal maintenance, but was surprised to know that the car had had a major repair record before delivery, and Yang gave the dealer to the court.

After investigation, the court found that the car was shipped to Guizhou new expensive and imported 4S store on the same day, the company found that the left front door of the car had lacquer damage during the handover of the car, and the damage was cleared by polishing the wax. The handling operation was recorded in the maintenance records of the vehicle.

After that, there was a strange noise on the rear curtain of the car, and the sunshade 4S shop changed the sunshade curtain assembly, which is also recorded in the maintenance record.

In the subsequent trial process, the dealer can not give any evidence to prove that, before delivery, the maintenance records have been told to the owner Yang, so the court has been admitted to the consumer deliberately concealment of the car situation, violating the right to know the consumer and constitute a fraud.

In October 16, 2017, the high court of Guizhou made a trial decision. Car dealers constituted consumer fraud, revoked the sale contract, returned the car, and ordered three times the compensation according to the car's money. The car was 5 million 500 thousand yuan, and the three times the compensation was 16 million 500 thousand yuan.

Yang opened the car for two years, even after the trial decided to make 16 million 500 thousand, the operation is really stunned the partners, only to say, poverty limits our imagination, the world of luxury cars, we do not understand. However, as a result of the dealer's fraud, in accordance with the law on the protection of the rights and interests of the consumer, the court has sentenced three times the compensation to no loss, and the dealer can only pay the price.

In the same way, in the 4S store to buy the old car or the maintenance of the car, this kind of event in recent two years frequently appeared in the car version headlines, many consumers spent a lot of savings from the 4S store "new car", in the process of use but frequent failure, many consumers can only eat dumb loss.

In the final analysis, this is due to the lack of awareness of their own rights, let dealers drill holes, even part of the dealers in the consumer door to the rights, the failure to push the "vehicle disease", put forward to let consumers skip dealers, direct rights to the manufacturer, facing this kind of ball like rights process, consumers also have The heart is weak.

Therefore, in order to avoid the dealer's dark box operation, in order to avoid mentioning the "old car" from the dealer as much as possible, the consumers can only strengthen their own judgment, strengthen the inspection of the car condition in the process of lifting the car, avoid buying the test driving or turning the new car. So, what aspects should we pay attention to when we examine cars? Let's talk a little bit about it.

Some consumers, in the car check, only a simple check of a car, tires, electric appliances in the car, and so on, did not check the depth of the vehicle, and in these projects can not fundamentally eliminate the possibility of buying "old cars", so the inspection process also needs the right remedy.

1. It's not important to carry a new car, dirty and dirty

As you all know, in general, the 4S shop is parking in the open parking lot, so most of the new cars look at the first sight of some disastrous, dirty appearance, rust on the brake disc, and even the body dung on the body, and some consumers have decided that these new cars can't be bought. In fact, on the contrary, when it comes to new cars, it should be more inclined to mention these dirty cars, rather than those new cars.

The same batch of cars parked for a long time in the parking lot, without any cleaning, the degree of dirty should be the same, and the kind of car that looks silt and undyed, often needs special attention, may be a specially handled car by the dealer, because the dealer will not deal with the parking without any reason. The car in the field is usually decorated by the owner after the car is lifted.

2, do not feel trouble, oil scale will be checked

Some consumers are thin skinned and think that checking cars in front of sales people is a distrust of them. They do not respect their performance. In fact, the car belongs to a large commodity, often hundreds of thousands of, the inspection process should abandon these "conventional" quality, to carry out in-depth inspection of the vehicle, only to their own responsibility.

If it is a car that is driving or running for a long time, the oil will become no longer clean, so when checking the car, we should draw out the machine oil tape and wipe it with a clean paper towel to observe the oil situation. If the oil is brown and black, then the car should be eliminated, not the hard scalp.

3. Whether the inner wall of the exhaust pipe is carbon deposit

After a period of time, in general, the inner wall of the exhaust pipe will be slightly darkened, and it is the kind of black powder that will touch the finger with the hand. This is a situation that will not happen even if it travels forty or fifty kilometers. Therefore, when checking the car, it is not simply to judge the mileage of the new car simply through the figures shown on the dashboard, and the car that has a obviously darkening of the inner wall of the exhaust pipe should be eliminated.

4. Don't let any fine scratches

Since it is a new car, it should be clean and clean. After washing the car, we should carefully check whether there is scratch on the body, even small scratches can not be passed, including the interior decoration also should be checked in the car, such as the use marks, scratches and so on, such as the medium control surface or the medium control function area, as long as there is a little flaw. Defects should require distributors to replace vehicles. In such a case, loss is not a blessing, and even if it does not affect future use, it should not be forced to accept it.

5. It's not important to have a foetal hair.

A teacher recommends that when examining a car, it is necessary to see whether there is any kind of fetal hair on the tire. The so-called fetal hair is the rubber particle sense on the tire. In fact, whether there is any fetal hair is really not important at all, because changing tires is only a trivial matter for dealers, and it is not troublesome.

Compared with examination of fetal hair, checking the production date of the four tyres is more important when checking the car, generally speaking, the four new tire of the new car must be the same batch of new tire at the same time. If the individual tire production date is different and even is not the same brand at all, then the new car should also be the same. Be determined to be eliminated.

Through the inspection of the above points, we can basically eliminate some of the "new cars" that have been driven by others for a long time, and fundamentally eliminate the possibility of their purchase. Of course, the inspection process is far more than the simple. Whether the engine is running smoothly, the car paint, the sheet metal is even, the interior appearance is intact should be checked by one by one, the more careful the inspection is, the more able to ensure the normal use in the future.

Source: Jiangsu traffic broadcasting network

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