Are parents the old people who influence their children to go to college? There are no regulations in many colleges and Universities

Are parents the old people who influence their children to go to college? There are no regulations in many colleges and Universities

Original title: parents are "old Lai" to affect their children to go to university? There are no regulations in many colleges and Universities

These days, one of the topics is "son's admitted to a famous university in Beijing this year, but almost because of his father's behavior can not be accepted" reported by friends circle. But is it really the case? The reporter of the Changjiang Daily has carried out a survey. The investigation found that the report on the Internet is suspicious. Many university admissions officers said that there was no such provision in the admissions system, but no parents refused to record their children because they were "old Lai".

In July 10th, Zhejiang's "youth times" website published a title, "son this year, a famous university in Beijing, but only because of a father's action can not be accepted!" It's a report. Through Baidu search and search, enter the title of the article, showing up to 330 thousand news pages.

The reports on the Youth Times Web site mention that little real name information is Wang Zuozhou, the executive judge of the Cangnan court, and Mr. Rao, Mr. Rao's son, and a well-known university in Beijing are more obscure.

"Is there any legal basis for parents to become" old Lai "to influence their children to go to university? In response to the doubts raised by netizens, the Changjiang Daily reporter dialed Wang Zuozhou's office phone number of Zhejiang Cangnan County People's court judge. Cangnan court staff refused to provide judge Wang's other contact methods, suggested that the reporter dialed the national judicial information public service number "12368" to understand the situation.

The reporter answered some well-known universities in Beijing, and the answer was that there had been no "old Lai" children who were hindered from university. Guo Zhaohui, the Hubei admissions division of Tsinghua University, told the Changjiang Daily reporter that if the child himself did not violate the law and discipline, it would not affect the Tsinghua University.

Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), Zhongnan University of Economics and Law recruitment and management per capita, there are no provisions in the enrollment method, the enrollment system can not see whether parents are "old Lai" information, nor because the parents are "old Lai" and refused to record their children The situation of a woman.

The response of the youth times to the reporter of the Changjiang Daily is that "the famous University of Beijing" is a military industry school, and the political trial is strict. It is the school that has checked the list of dishonest people, called the parents of the students, said it might not be accepted, and the parents subsequently contacted the court to contact the repayment voluntarily.

A staff member of Wuhan, who has been responsible for recruiting students for years, said that the political assessment of the enrollment of the military academy is linked to the "old Lai" with their parents and has not seen the relevant provisions. In recent years, there has not been a situation in which the parents are "old men" which affect their children's admission.

"Lao Lai" children can not read high fee private schools.

The information of the Chinese executive information public on the top of the Supreme People's court showed that as of July 11th, 11354426 people were lost in the country, including 12439394 passengers and 4655455 passengers.

According to the provisions of the Supreme People's Court on restricting the high consumption of the executors, "Lao Lai" children should not "study high fee private schools". Chen Wenfeng, a lawyer of Hubei Hongfeng law firm, said that the children of the "old Lai" here can't attend the high charge private schools, which mainly refers to the high fees of the aristocratic schools, and the public universities are not in this category.

The director of the recruitment office of many private universities in Wuhan told the Changjiang Daily reporter that he had not yet refused to record his children's schooling because his parents were "old Lai".

Zhu Yi, the director of the Wuhan industrial and Commercial College, said that there were no provisions in the enrolment statute, such as the real rejection of the "old Lai" children, which violated the principles of enrollment and did not meet the requirements of the provincial education department. He said, "if you enroll a child in a" Lai Lai "school, you will not be able to return the file because you have not set the reason for the withdrawal.

The official website of Wuhan intermediate people's court shows that since September 2014, 35 batches of dishonest executors have been released. Among them, in 2018, 3 batches of dishonest executors were released, involving a total of 393 million 975 thousand and 200 yuan, involving 125 natural persons and 30 legal persons.

A judge from the Wuhan intermediate people's court said that Wuhan has not yet had a case where parents are "old Lai", which affects their children going to university. However, more and more units and departments are using credit break information to punish the dishonest executors.

Source: the Changjiang Daily

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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