3 patrol ships in Japan are strangely lurking outside Kaohsiung.

3 patrol ships in Japan are strangely lurking outside Kaohsiung.

Original title: three Japanese ships are strangely lurking outside Kaohsiung to deliberately turn off recognition system.

[Global Times] when typhoon "Maria" swept northern Taiwan, the Japanese maritime security hall 3 large patrol ships were far away from the Japanese sea, and gathered in the southern Taiwan sea from July 10th to 11, quietly "latent" for a day, and the whereabouts were strange. What surprised Taiwan was that when the three Japanese ships returned to Japan, they were also divided into two fleets, "leaving Taiwan."

Taiwan "United newspaper" 12, said the three Japanese maritime security office patrol boats were once the world's largest patrol boat "autumn island", and "with the country", "pool" number two large patrol boats. What is puzzling is that they turn off the automatic identification system (AIS) after the port of Taipei, but only when they are close to Kaohsiung port do they turn on the AIS to display their identity.

Taiwan's "coast guard department" 12 said that the 3 Japanese patrol boats were temporarily anchored off the coast of Kaohsiung to avoid typhoon. But the strange thing is that "with that country", "and the pool" to go back to the west along the Taiwan Strait north, "Qiu Jin island" is on the east line, from the east of Taiwan out of the sea. The report said that "Qiu Jin island" belonged to the third pipe area of the Japanese maritime security hall, and the "country" and "the" "pool" number belonged to the eleventh pipe areas, and 3 ships were far away from their own areas to navigate to the southern waters of Taiwan, and the whereabouts were doubtful. In addition, although the marine security department also has the task of Ocean Patrol, but usually by the "autumn island" of the same level ship, "with the country" and "pool" to stay in the Taiwan Strait, but the departure, the whereabouts of strange whereabouts. (Wei Yunfeng)

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