Black green goats in the green zone of the men's District: everyone will eat the big pot in the square.

Black green goats in the green zone of the men's District: everyone will eat the big pot in the square.

Original title: picture and text: there is a black goat in the green belt of the community.

Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Zhang Hao Photography: Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter Huang Shifeng

In a green belt of a residential area in Hankou, a black goat is tied up, and occasionally breaks away from the rope to run around in the District, and some residents find it difficult to understand. One of the owners of the goat said they were feeding temporarily and prepared to kill the stew for the residents.

"Other communities pick up cats and pick up dogs. Our security master picked up a sheep! A black goat! " 10 o'clock last night, Mr. Gao, who lived in F District of Donghu garden five road, Hankou, reflected that he went out to buy medicine at night and saw a black goat at the gate of the community. The security master controlled it and sent it back to his master.

"The owner of the goat lives in our neighborhood. This is a residential district. How can we feed the goat? No matter how good it is to run around in the District, it's amazing. Mr. Gao said.

Yesterday morning, Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter came to the district and found the black goat under 9 buildings. Its height is about 60 centimeters, and its body length is about 1 meters. It is tied to a fence on the first floor of the residents' backyard by a wire, and the surrounding greening is damaged.

District security Huang master, the goat also ran out last week. 9 o'clock last night, when he was on duty, he heard the residents reflect that there was a black goat at the gate of the community. He hurried over to catch the broken rope on the goat and found the owner of the goat and sent it to him as soon as possible. The goat owner said it was because the rope broke and the goat ran around.

The black goat, some people feel strange, and most people think that it is not appropriate to feed the sheep in the District, damaged the green belt, the feces are very unsanitary, it is everywhere and there are safety risks.

District Manager yuan told reporters that the black goat fed in the district for about a week, when they first came, they noticed. The goats have several owners, and the property is sent to them to communicate with each other, asking for disposal as soon as possible. At present, the other side must wait for an out goats owner to come back and take the disposal plan again.

The reporter found one of the owners of the 9 buildings on the first floor. He said that the goat was bought from Huangshi by a friend from Huangpi and had three lambs before, but unfortunately all of them died. As a result, the Huangpi friend gave the sheep to them 6 people, 6 people all live in the same district. At present, one of them went out to travel and waited for him to discuss how to deal with it. At present, they initially plan to kill the food after feeding, and use big pot to stew in the square.

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