Relevant departments remind fans: you can catch stars but you can't chase them here.

Relevant departments remind fans: you can catch stars but you can't chase them here.

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Original title: relevant departments remind fans: you can catch stars, but you can't catch up here.

In recent years, it is not uncommon for fans to "catch up" stars at the airport, and the problems they bring about by their star tracing behavior have become the focus of public opinion. Even the netizens call it "fan machine", which makes airports, passengers and airline companies headache.

But this time,

Think of the fans on the fans

You really need to pay attention to it!

In July 11th, a civil aviation bureau's notice on "strengthening fan feeder and the management of the machine phenomenon" was exposed on the network. It mentioned that the recent "fans and the machine" and "flight delays caused by the fan feeder" have affected the normal work and order of public security, and the management should be strengthened.

The "notice" points out three specific management directions, including strict internal personnel management, prevention of disclosure of information, public security early warning to prevent the crowd and the strict elimination of "with the machine".

Although the notice does not specify the similar behavior of the fans, it is undoubtedly regarded as a strong signal that the civil aviation bureau is determined to regulate the "fan machine".

About the relevant provisions of the notice, netizens are repeatedly praised, including many fans.

There are other netizens in the commentary, describing the scene of fans' crazy airport chase, which is almost comparable to the movie blockbuster.

However, such similar scenes are staged almost every day at the airport.

Fans are frequent, and scenes are comparable to movies.

According to the relevant information, taking the T3 terminal of the capital airport for example, there are 20 vermicelli cases recorded on the terminal of the terminal in 2017, and the fans are all over 50. This year, the record of the vermicelli police has reached 7.

According to Beijing Capital International Airport staff, there is an average pick up of fans every two or three days at T3 terminal. When Korean stars are hot in China, they can get ten fans to pick up the fans a day.

In order to be able to get close to their idols, fans of the airport are also catching up with stars.

For example, buy full or first class full price tickets or return tickets, and leave the airport after close contact with stars, so you can see their idols near the VIP VIP room. Even blocking, occupying the check-in counters, security channels, boarding gates, in order to be able to close contact with their idols for a while. However, the consequences of such chasing stars are very serious.

Fan pursuit of flight delays

In May of this year, the flight delays of the fans were becoming a hot topic in micro-blog's hot search list.

It turned out that on a flight from Hongqiao, more than 20 fans had bought a whole flight to track the flight's idol for close contact with the idols of the flight. And in order to capture his idol's every move, he still plugging at the boarding gate. Finally, it forced the flight to take off more than two hours.

According to Ms. Liu, who was on the same flight, "after taking off, the fans of the economy class went to the first class; when the flight slid on the ground, the fans did not listen to the exportation of the cabin."

For the airport star, fans stay illegally in the restricted area

In 2015, for a glimpse of the Korean idol, 10 young fans bought a foreign ticket at the Pudong International Airport and went through the exit formalities. For close contact with idols, they were deliberately stranded at the port limit for 4 hours. If we wish to do so, we will request the cancellation of the exit formalities on the ground of "missed the plane". One of the girls learned that two idols had been illegally detained for seven hours after leaving Pudong airport.

Finally, the Shanghai border inspection station imposed administrative penalties on ten girls in order to disrupt the management order in the restricted port area.

The airport glass was crushed by fans and injured.

In October 2015, at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, fans waiting at the airport flocked to a glimpse of their idol, and the glass fence in front of the airport shuttle was crumped. According to the scene netizens broke the news, many people were tied to the glass, injured and bleeding. Fortunately, most of the injured fans were superficial injuries, and there was no stampede at the scene.

According to the relevant estimates, the economic loss caused by the incident is about 20 thousand yuan, but who should be responsible for it has become a difficult task.

What kind of responsibility should the fans play?

Fan chase star was originally a personal behavior, but some fans rushed into the gate and blocked the door to take pictures in order for the fans to check the boarding pass. The blockage, the impact of the check-in counter, the security check channel, and the sale of Star flight information have seriously affected the airport order, interfering the operation of the flight class, all belong to "the machine". Behavior.

According to the circular issued by the Public Security Bureau of the Civil Aviation Administration of China on maintaining the order of civil aviation and ensuring the safety of air transport:

In the airport, 11 kinds of acts such as blocking, occupying, impacting on duty counter, security inspection channel and boarding gate (channel) are violated. In violation of the relevant provisions, the public security organs will be in accordance with the law on the punishment of People's Republic of China's public security management, "the People's Republic of China resident identity card law", "People's Republic of China civil aviation security protection" The regulations give the punishment of warning, fines and detentions; the criminal liability that constitutes a crime shall be investigated in accordance with the criminal law of the People's Republic of China; and the property losses of the units or individuals shall be liable for compensation in accordance with the law.

In May 1st this year, the "opinions on proper restrictions on the use of civil aircraft for certain serious dishonest persons and the construction of the social credit system during a certain period of time" are also stipulated.

Passengers will implement "..." in the airport or aircraft. Blocking, occupying, impacting the check-in counters, security inspection channels, boarding gates (passageways); forcibly occupying and intercepting aircraft. " When the 9 acts are punished by the public security organs or be investigated for criminal responsibility, they will be included in the blacklist.

There has been no precedent for fans because of the "black list" of chasing stars. However, the "notifications" and regulations have shown that fans who make "out of grid" behavior may not only take the corresponding responsibility in the future, but also do not exclude the possibility of being included in the "blacklist" limit.

Fans should be rational in pursuit of stars and illegal locations outside the airport.

In order to play call for their favorite idols, fans are welcome to wait at the airport without affecting other passengers. However, some fans are not satisfied with waiting silently for export, but the behavior of turning a blind eye to the order of the airport will be condemned. In public areas, the behavior of fans should be restrained rationally so as to avoid adverse effects on others and public order.

At the same time, individual star brokerage companies should also have their own "selfish" behavior behind their fans behind their own interests. According to the police, many fans' airport pick up is actually encouraged and funded by the brokerage company, hoping to help their stars to brush the "sense of existence" to enhance their popularity and encourage the crazy way of "close - up" star pursuit.

There is nothing trivial about public safety. The airport is neither a fan pursuit nor a celebrity show. No individual rights can be above public interests.

As a vermicelli, it should be rational to pursue stars, "pay more attention to work, less disturb life", so that it can give his idol a "bonus", which will not only affect public order, but also pay its own price.

Zero tolerance of "machine noise"

Chasing the star should be rational

Fans, they are all dessert!

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