Taiwan self made submarine was invited to India and Japan to help build 8 ships in 8 years.

Taiwan self made submarine was invited to India and Japan to help build 8 ships in 8 years.

Data map: on the morning of August 14, 2013, India's kilo class submarine "Xin Dulake Shaq" exploded at the port.

"Global Times reporter Yao Dong], according to the United States" diplomatic scholar "website 12 reports, the world's 6 arms companies are for the Taiwan navy" self built submarine "project to provide a design. The report revealed that two companies came from the United States and two from Europe, and the other two came from Japan and India.

Taiwan's Ministry of defense and US arms contractors are evaluating the submarine design proposal submitted by various companies, the report said. The India team involved in the design is composed of engineers working in the naval Qaidam submarine force in India. They have the operation experience of the Russian "kilo", the German made type 209 and the French "fish" class submarines, and even provide some special experience in attacking the use of nuclear submarines. The Japanese team is made up of retired engineers from MITSUBISHI heavy industries and commissioned by an American arms company to provide professional knowledge on the design of diesel electric submarines. MITSUBISHI heavy industries is one of Japan's two largest submarine builders. Its Kobe shipyard has built Japan's main submarine "Pro tide" and "dragon".

According to the introduction, Taiwan "self built submarine" project is mainly divided into the "two steps" implementation: the first phase of the submarine project design phase, started in December 2014, the Taiwan authorities allocated a special fund of $65 million 660 thousand, is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The second stage is the actual construction phase of the submarine. It is planned to build 8 conventional submarines in 8 years and will be put into operation in 10 years.

It is reported that the "self built submarine" of Taiwan is made by itself, and will actually be completed by foreign arms dealer technology subcontracting and Taiwan side responsible for assembling. In April this year, the US State Department approved the US arms company's license to sell us submarine manufacturing technology to Taiwan. General Dynamic Corp is expected to provide AN/BYG-1 submarine combat management system for Taiwan's "self built submarine". In June last year, the State Department also approved the sale of 46 MK-48 Mod 6AT heavy torpedo to Taiwan, which could also be equipped with self made submarines of the Taiwan army. But the report acknowledges that Taiwan's "self built submarine" is too simple, because the Taiwan side has no experience in assembling conventional submarines, and it is likely to have a serious delay in progress.

Ma Yao, a researcher on sea power, Fudan University, 12, told the global times that submarines, as an important unsymmetrical weapon in naval warfare, designed and built a series of complex technologies involving underwater propulsion technology, precision machining technology, submarine air regeneration and purification technology. The safest construction methods should be design and construction. A package "project". Submarines like Taiwan, such as Taiwan, have to be subcontracted to many foreign companies such as the United States, Europe, Japan, and India, which will bring a lot of project risks and technical errors. At the same time, the Taiwan, which has a weak base of heavy industry and no experience in submarine construction, will integrate the different design concepts and techniques of the submersible in a short period of 10 years. Coming together is basically an impossible task. In addition, India submarine construction capacity is difficult to compliment, India Stan shipbuilding company upgraded the "kilo" submarines for 9 years, more than the Russian new submarine time. What is the use of such so-called experience?

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