3 players in England were fined 470 thousand by FIFA for wearing wrong socks.

3 players in England were fined 470 thousand by FIFA for wearing wrong socks.

Original title: England 3 players wearing wrong ball socks were fined by FIFA 470 thousand

Do you still remember the "big brother who drank 470 thousand" in Croatia?

Don't worry. The 3 England players who are wearing 470 thousand are on their way.

The 2018 Russian World Cup semi-final England team 1-2 Croatia reversed the final, while watching the ball singing 120 minutes song of the British fans are very sad.

But there's a more bad thing.

In July 12th, according to the sun, England received a ticket from FIFA in the first 4.5 hours of the semifinals. 3 players were fined 70 thousand Swiss francs by FIFA (about 470 thousand yuan) for wearing the wrong socks, which made the semifinals of England double hit.

According to FIFA's punishment notice, FIFA has asked the world cup association to prohibit such actions. In particular, there were 3 England players who wore the unauthorized brand equipment in the 1/4 finals with Sweden.

According to the survey, in the match with the Swedish team, England's three main forces, Ali, Stryn and Eric DELL were punished by 70 thousand Swiss francs (about 470 thousand RMB) because they wore England's domestic socks instead of a FIFA official designated brand stocking.

Furthermore, FIFA also released a penalty announcement 4.5 hours before the match between England and Croatia, and did not know whether it had caused interference to the England team.

Of course, "Happy football" England is not the only one who doesn't wear socks.

The sun also reported that Uruguay was fined for failing to wear the FIFA authorized brand socks. Uruguay was eliminated by France in the 1/4 finals.

In the announcement, FIFA said, "especially in the 1/4 final in Uruguay and France, one of the Uruguay players continued to demonstrate the use of a commercial brand that was not authorized by the FIFA."

In addition, Sweden, which was eliminated by England in the 1/4 finals, and Croatia, who eliminated England in the semi-finals, were also punished for violating trademarks.

The captain of the Swedish team - the man who had a blurry smile - was also wearing a pair of stockings without a FIFA licensed brand in the fight against England.

Croatia's main center guard, Luo Fu Lan, had a red bull (unofficially designated drink) in the 1/4 final with Russia, and was fined by the FIFA disciplinary committee with 70 thousand Swiss francs (about 470 thousand yuan).

But a slight difference is that Croatia's tickets have been announced after the 1/4 finals.

However, according to the independent report, the FA will appeal against the penalty imposed by FIFA.

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