Chengdu union police returned home for 14 hours in flood waters and rescued more than 20 people.

Chengdu union police returned home for 14 hours in flood waters and rescued more than 20 people.

Original title: Chengdu Police Association vacation to return to the countryside encounter flood water 14 hours to save more than 20 people

After seeing a bright yellow dress approaching, the trapped villagers finally breathed a sigh of relief, and the rescue and transfer operations started immediately. The scene appeared in Xinda Town, Xindu District, Chengdu, which appeared in CCTV news on the evening of July 11th.

After moving, many people noticed that in addition to the firemen, who was the "little yellow man" who flashed past? What did he do on the scene? At noon on July 12th, the cover news reporter of the Huaxi Metropolis Daily found the little brother in the picture - Li Ye, assistant police officer of the two branch of Chengdu traffic police.

On the same day, he happened to take a vacation back to his home. In the early morning, he found that after the flood in the village, he put on the "fluorescent green" to help the villagers transfer materials and participate in the rescue. In the turbulent flood, he had soaked for nearly 14 hours, and finally took part in the evacuation of more than 400 villagers, and saved more than 20 people, children and pregnant women.

Huaxi metropolis newspaper - cover news

Reporter Yang Li

Probationary reporter Han Yuji


The old man was sleepy on the two floor

11 on the morning of 7 o'clock, the new complex town longan community, heavy rain.

Li Ye, 24, took a vacation and went back to his hometown. After he heard the noise outside the house, he put on his clothes and went out to check. At this time, he saw that the village was slightly lower in the ground, almost completely in the water. Some neighbors are busy moving the rapeseed oil, electrical appliances and other objects upstairs.

Before he could wash, Li Ye strode past, without saying anything, to help his neighbors transfer things. After the transfer of 4 families, he heard someone shouting, "there are walls in the village to block the drains, and we must hurry to knock them out, otherwise the water will not flow out."

At 8 a.m. that day, he and 3 strong men in the village carried steel bars and hammers, and found the fence in the mouth of the villagers. "At that time, the rain was so heavy that the water rose to the waist." Recalling the scene at the time, the villagers who were also involved in the action of the knockout wall said that they took a few turns to smash the wall. It took about an hour to destroy the wall, which was 2 meters high and 4 meters long. "The water flow through the drains."

But not waiting for Lee to breathe slowly, a cry for help came through their ears through the storm. "There is an old man trapped in the house of two." More importantly, the family, because of the gas business, after the first floor of the water flooded, more than 20 gas tanks are all floating up, coupled with floating furniture, the water hides the nails, the situation is a bit critical. "We had to watch the water and move in, and after a safe road was found, we carried him out safely with the old man."


Villagers are trapped in "isolated island".

The storm is still under way, and the rescue is still in progress.

At 11 a.m., 300 meters away from the river, there was a 5 story residential building with a single building. At this time, the buildings are surrounded by water, and the water rushing ahead is very difficult to move forward, making it a "isolated island". Inside the building, there was a continuous cry for help, and all the rescuers arrived.

"I am familiar with this place. Go ahead and explore a road." When the fire fighters made a rescue plan, Li Ye volunteered to "ask" and took the lead in wading into the residential building. "The feeling was water cold, urgent, and easy to skid. The deepest position must be over." Soon, after a safe way of moving and swimming, he and the fire fighters began to pull up a safety rope connecting the building and the safe zone. "No safety rope rescue did not dare to carry out, and then next door to door statistics, found that more than 20 people were trapped here."

After securing safety, this life and death rescue started with the floods. From the more than 90 year old to the 6 year old, Li Ye and the firefighters were constantly repeating an action: one hand grabbed a stable back, the other grabbed the safety rope, walked slowly in the deep water, and sent the man on the back to the safety zone. "At least 5 trips back and forth in this place."

Rescuing stranded pregnant women with shoulder shaped "stretchers"

But in this rescue, the most impressive thing for Li Ye was to rescue a pregnant woman in "isolated island".

After ensuring that all the unit personnel had been sent away, they began to think of a way to escort them to the last pregnant woman. However, due to prolonged stranded, plus power cuts, rain and cooling conditions, pregnant women are not in good condition and need to be sent to safety immediately.

In conjunction with the conditions, Li Ye and three fire fighters decided to build a "human stretcher" in conjunction with the three firefighters: four people leaned back together to let the pregnant women lie on their shoulders. In order not to let the pregnant woman be caught in the rain, she also put her in a raincoat and fixed her with her hands to prevent it from falling. "It took about more than 20 minutes, and fortunately everything was safe."

Without a rest, the rescuers began to move again, so the scene in the CCTV lens appeared: someone was standing on the reinforcements excavator, and Li Ye and the fire fighters coordinated people to a safer location.


Fighting 14 hours to save more than 20 trapped people

In the afternoon, as soon as he received help, Li Ye immediately rushed to participate in the rescue. "Thanks a lot to this hot young man." In the afternoon of 12, Zhong Yingfang, deputy mayor of Xin Fan Town, said the joint rescue of firefighters, enthusiastic villagers and Party members, Li Ye, let a lot of trapped people get out of danger, "he did not continue from 8 points early to 10 o'clock, busy for 14 hours, almost all in the water. I had 2 corn for lunch, and I was very grateful to all the villagers who were rescued.

It is understood that in the same day rescue process, Li Ye participated in the evacuation of more than 400 people, successfully rescued more than 20 people.

"All my colleagues told me that they were in CCTV picture." Li Ye said, at that time wearing this "small yellow coat" is to facilitate the rescue, but also let the trapped people see the post - heart, "before the soldiers, also done professional rescue work, these rescue skills have not forgotten."

Why is it going to leave after the rescue? He said, "I don't think it's a big deal." next time we meet again, we will still be there.

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