US media: 6 defense manufacturers in the US, Japan and India provide submarine design to Taiwan authorities.

US media: 6 defense manufacturers in the US, Japan and India provide submarine design to Taiwan authorities.

Reference News Network reported on July 13th, foreign media said, 6 companies have submitted to the future Taiwan Army local made firewood attack submarine fleet design. According to local media reports, including two European companies and two U.S. companies, as well as a India company and a Japanese defense contractor.

The India team, which was submitted for the design, was made up of naval engineers for the naval firewood fleet attacking the submarine fleet in India, according to the US diplomat website reported on July 12th. India Navy firewood attack submarine fleet includes "sihduke" class (Russian made "kilo") submarines, "sishar" class (that is, German 209) submarines and "tiger shark" submarines. The Japanese team is made up of retired engineers from two major Japanese submarine manufacturers, MITSUBISHI heavy industries and Kawasaki heavy industries.

The Japanese team submitted a design proposal at a special request from an American defense company. According to media reports, the design of the India team includes design elements for nuclear powered attack submarines. It is said that the officials of the defense authorities of the Taiwan authorities are evaluating the design plan with the US defense contractors.

The report said that the so-called "local defense submarine plan" (IDS), called by the Taiwan authorities, was launched in December 2014, and its preliminary design is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The construction of the first submarine is expected to commenced in 2020. The IDS plan is divided into two stages:

The first phase includes the completion of the design of the new attack submarine of the Taiwan army. The Taiwan authorities allocated about 2 billion NT dollars (about 440 million yuan) for this purpose. The second stage is the construction of a new submarine, with the goal of completing the construction task in 8 years and serving the submarine in 10 years. It is estimated that the cost of each submarine can be as high as 1 billion dollars.

The report points out that the goal of the IDS program is to build a fleet of 8 domestic designed firewood attack submarines, each of which is about 1500 tons of water. The first submarine will be conducted in 2024, and then the first battle deployment in 2026. This is a timetable and assumes that there are no major technical failures and delays in the progress of the project, but this assumption is unlikely to be established in view of the insufficient experience of the Taiwan authorities in assembling the firewood submarines.

The report also pointed out that the US State Department approved the permission of the US defense company to sell the submarine technology developed by the United States to the Taiwan authorities in April this year. (compiling / Wu Mei)

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