Scientific and technological talents get together with Zhongguancun technical contracts, which account for 1/3 of the whole country.

Scientific and technological talents get together with Zhongguancun technical contracts, which account for 1/3 of the whole country.

Legal Evening News and opinion news (reporter Zhang Li) Zhongguancun gives full play to the advantages of resource intensive education of science and education, based on Beijing and the whole nation. It is reported that Zhongguancun's technology contract accounts for 1/3 of the whole country, and nearly 80% radiates to the area outside Beijing. Zhongguancun has gathered more than 300 MNCs regional headquarters or R & D centers, with a total of nearly 10 thousand foreign employees, more than 30 thousand returnees and 1343 experts in the "Millennium Project", accounting for 19% of the country.

According to the introduction, the Beijing great data Institute was announced in 2015. Under the guidance and support of the municipal government of Beijing municipal government, the Zhongguancun Management Committee, the Haidian District government, the Peking University, and the Beijing University of Technology were jointly supported by the four parties. It is the first big data in China to integrate the resources of the three aspects of the government, the University and the market. The aim of the research institution is to attract the first class large data talents, and to build up the international first-class large data talents training, scientific research innovation and industrial transformation platform with five to ten years' time, and become a banner leading the development of China's big data.

As the first comprehensive and integrated large data research institute in China, the big data Institute has made full use of the multidisciplinary advantage of Peking University, and established a research team including 3 academicians and nearly 50 tutors, and introduced a batch of domestic and foreign large data high-end talents through "double employment". . It has several innovative research platforms, including large data analysis and Application Technology National Engineering Laboratory, deep learning laboratory, artificial intelligence and machine learning laboratory, Natural Language Processing laboratory, biomedical imaging analysis laboratory, large data security laboratory, block chain laboratory, and industry leading enterprises Industry cooperation: Research Center for health data, such as health care, energy and environment, finance, transportation, insurance, Chinese medicine and education.

The center also works with the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to build a major public security data key laboratory in Beijing, together with the national information center to build a macro economic data research center, and a new generation of fingerprint identification system, monitoring video analysis technology, intelligent information processing, digital audio video codec and haze monitoring based on machine learning. And a number of landmark achievements have emerged.

The Institute is committed to promoting the transformation of large data scientific and technological achievements, setting up a joint stock system of scientific and technological achievements transformation center and Boya grand venture capital fund, and has incubated a number of outstanding large data enterprises. At present, big data enterprises such as prin science and technology, Mo Qi technology, Boya big data Institute and North Yun Ding have taken off the market. And out. It has also perfected the training model of the huge data training system and big data technology, established the Boya University of data, and launched a large data Education Alliance in the world.

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