Shanghai's "private cinema" Chaos: 300 yuan a night can be placed in Hongkong three films.


Original title: some parts of Shanghai "private cinema" chaos investigation of savagery and brutal growth

What is the "private cinema"? Many people may not know, but quietly, this has become a fashion for young people to become a new format in the Internet economy. It is either located in a commercial center on tall buildings or hidden in some residential areas.

In recent years, the chaotic and barbarous mess of "private cinema" has begun to enter the public view. Huangpu District, Shanghai, has taken the lead in introducing the implementation of the management of on-demand cinema, on demand and on demand, and starting this new format in accordance with the law. It is called "the Huangpu model" of "private cinema". "."

Then, where does the "private cinema" mess up, what hidden dangers and hazards will be brought to social governance, and how "the Huangpu model" is governed by the chaos of the "private cinema"? Recently, the "Legal Daily" reporter in Shanghai has not carried out the management of the area of the choice of 12 "private cinema" to carry out a dark visit, and the "Huangpu model" of the connotation of the extension of the investigation.

Playing films disregard copyright

On the evening of the last weekend, reporters opened the App in the vicinity of a commercial plaza in the city, entering the "private cinema" four words, quickly "jumping" a long list of 3 kilometers within the range of nearly 30 "private cinema" is operating.

Reporters randomly open a "happy time private shadow", you see here by time to distinguish between different prices, from a movie 20 to 3 hours to see a shadow of 200 yuan, and then to overnight overnight 300 yuan. The system showed that almost 1000 people bought it in only 3 hours in 3 hours.

Reporters also looked at the information of more than ten private cinema, no matter the price or the number of people buying.

According to the address on App, the reporter came to a residential building near a district. On the corner of the dim corridor, eight words of "happy hour, private shadow coffee" were flashed on a LED display screen.

"The American group or the public comment?" See a reporter to enter the door, to serve little brother.

"The American regiment, the 3 - hour dinner on the rest day." The reporter showed the package verification code.

"Go in, the first of your left hand, want to see what you want to do, and pay for the damage." The little brother said.

The reporter saw a business license hanging on the wall. The business scope was pre packaged food sales, drinks and cold drink services. There was no film license in it.

While serving the younger brother delivering tea, the reporter asked, "these movies are like" gun edition "many, no copyright?

"I don't know. It's the boss's way. You're at ease."

Open the VOD system, and a long list of movie appears on the big screen. After the search, we found that the films here are not only comprehensive, but also fast. Some movies that are being shown on the cinema can be directly broadcast.

Open up a hot science fiction blockbuster in the United States, which, as expected, is a "gun version" stolen through a video camera. "The quality of the" gun version "is too poor. Is there any rule that it is not allowed to be shown? The reporter called to serve little brother.

"If it's not clear, look at the others first. Anyway, there are many movies." The service little brother answered.

After the reporter inquired the studio, it was found that some domestic and foreign films filled with violence and pornography were flagrantly hung here, and some of the three grade films of Hongkong appeared in it.

Reporters also randomly selected several private cinema to make an unannounced visit. The result is very similar. Copyright restrictions in these places are like air. At the same time, in order to attract customers, these "private theaters" are making articles on film content, trying to choose new, odd and color films to attract eyeballs.

Many hidden dangers of public security fire

What is the nature of the "private cinema" hidden in the residential area? This is difficult for the regulatory authorities to determine.

Huangpu District cultural law enforcement brigade staff told reporters that these "private cinema", although the "private cinema" residence, but not fully in line with the definition of "public places", it is difficult to incorporate the "public place" jurisdiction system, especially the fire department, only the power of the proposed transmission, no examination, inspection, inspection. The power of checking and punishing.

Residential property management departments of these residential buildings "private cinema" also feel helpless. "We knew they were doing business, but when they checked it, they insisted on receiving friends and not collecting money. In addition, they did not encroach on public space and met their neighbors to complain, and they sincerely apologized and conciliate directly. Anyway, property management is also difficult. The person in charge of a residential property said.

A "private cinema" operator, Mr. Zhao told reporters that the choice of "private cinema" in the residential area, one is the rent is cheap, two can avoid most of the inspection.

However, all these bring huge hidden trouble to the security and fire protection of "private cinema".

In a suburb of a "student leisure movie bar", reporters did not register their ID cards, and successfully entered the box.

The reporter saw that the narrow passageway here can only accommodate two people side by side and 10 square meters of the room, the sofa bed, door curtain, projector squeezed into a pile, a variety of connection lines twisted together. Reporters did not find any fire extinguishers, and the exit at the end of the aisle was also filled with debris.

"The fire facilities here are not safe enough, do you know?" When reporters went out, they met Li, a student who had just finished watching the movie.

"It's not going to happen." He told reporters that he had been here more than 10 times in more than a year, and there had never been a fire. Although we know that this shop has no fire fighting facilities, it is considered that the environment is quite comfortable, and the key is the price is cheap.

When the reporter walked out of the room, the boss handed a cigarette.

"It's not safe to smoke here, is it?" The reporter feels a little embarrassed.

"No, take one." The boss said.

In the more than ten "private cinema" of the journalists' secret visits, there are basically no registration cards for a few hours or overnight. No one has a fire safety inspection certificate, the safety exit is blocked or there is no safe export.

The "Huangpu model" is governed by chaos

The "screen theaters", located in Shanghai people's Square, is the first "private cinema" in Huangpu District, the first "private cinema" through the record. It has been given the record of the first movie theater in Huangpu District, and has become the "benchmarking" of the city.

In fact, in October of last year, the Huangpu District general Governance Office, the district administration of law and the District Culture Bureau jointly issued the "measures for the implementation of the implementation of the implementation of Huangpu District on the management of on-demand cinema and on demand on demand," and put forward seven normative management opinions.

Subsequently, the Huangpu District Cultural Bureau, the Huangpu District Market Supervision Bureau, the Huangpu District City Administration Bureau and the fire fighting and public security departments have launched a joint operation to divide the whole area into a number of grids and set up a timetable and road map for the "private cinema" inspection and regulation with the grid as the unit. On the basis of the full inspection, the implementation points are required. The system of recording and registering cinemas.

According to this "implementation method", "private cinema" needs to submit a business license, fire safety certificate, public place health license and other necessary materials related to the operation of the theater or on demand on demand. At the same time, the relevant departments said that the "private cinema", in addition to meeting the conditions of industry and commerce, fire protection, public health and other conditions, must also obtain the certificate of the local police station for the record, and play the positive film.

So far, 6 of the 15 "private cinema" in Huangpu District's first batch of "private cinema" are located in the residential area, which belong to the illegal business point of "non". 9 are located in the commercial area. In addition to the "screen screen micro theater", 4 are unable to reach the operating conditions and are actively requested to shut down and 1 unqualified conditions are still violated. The regulated businesses are sealed up according to law, and the rest are in the process of rectification, and are ready to apply for a record permit.

Huangpu District related department head said: "from the point of view of the maintenance of public safety, we require the decoration of" private cinema "must be equipped with fireproof materials, equipped with two safety exits, and arrange a person to check every day to keep smooth. In addition, alarm, fire extinguishing, smoke exhausting and emergency lighting equipment should be available. At the same time, there must be a system of identification with the public security organs.

Into the "screen screen micro theater", the reporter saw that each box here can only hold two to three people, but the decoration is exquisite, the atmosphere is elegant, deeply loved by the small bourgeoisie. When reporters visited, it was found that the hidden dangers of public security and fire protection had been eliminated, and the fire corridors were spacious and equipped with fire facilities.

"The fire safety of the decoration, we spent nearly 200 thousand yuan, and also spent a lot of cost to join the '100 view' digital cinema line, to obtain a positive sheet source. Although it will be in a state of loss for a while, the safe, comfortable and lawful business model will definitely start our brand, and I believe it will soon turn into a deficit. "Screen micro cinema," the person in charge said.

It is also understood that in March this year, the State Administration of news and radio and television issued the regulations on the management of on-demand cinemas and on demand on demand. The "private cinema" was called "on demand cinema", and it was clear that the movie theater must be joined to the sowing line, and it must be licensed to show the operation of the film. It is formally incorporated into the supervision.

Data show that as of the end of 2017, the number of private cinemas in the country has exceeded 8000. The pilot of the "Huangpu model" will provide other cities and regions with reference and replicable governance samples.

LV Nan, deputy leader of the Huangpu District Committee, the Secretary of the political and legal committee, and the deputy leader of the leadership group of the District Law District, said: "in recent years, we have carried out active exploration at the level of the rule of law. In the process of the renovation of new formats such as sharing the single car and Internet finance, we have accumulated rich work experience and work results, in the exploration of the super city. The grass-roots governance in the core area is more and more solid, and the rule of law is constantly improving, and the sense of achievement and satisfaction of the masses continue to improve.

He believes that Huangpu District, as the core area of Shanghai's central urban area, must take precautions against the rule of law in urban governance, leaving an advance amount. In particular, in view of the many new formats emerging in the Internet economy, we should not be thirsty and dig well. We should be good at using the rule of thinking, the rule of law to promote governance, and avoid "one put on a mess, one is dead", through the rule of law, to form a good situation of the survival of the fittest, to provide a good business environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. (reporter Yu Dongming intern Huang Shu Li Nannan)

Source: Legal Daily

Editor in responsibility: Zhang Shen

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