The US Army will develop a new X band antimissile radar to track Sino Russian hypersonic weapons.

The US Army will develop a new X band antimissile radar to track Sino Russian hypersonic weapons.

Data: the US Army X band radar is being assembled.

[Global Times reporter Zhang Yichi] although US President Trump recently claimed "the North Korean missile threat is over", a recent US defense contract shows that the United States still intends to stare at North Korean missiles. The three major defense giants in the United States recently received a huge contract from The Pentagon to bid for a new X - band anti missile radar to continue to increase the missile defense capability, according to the 11 U. S. "investor and Commercial Daily" website.

The United States Department of defense recently said that the three major defense giants - Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Co and Northrop Grumman Corporation were invited to bid for a contract with a bid of $4 billion 100 million to "provide autonomous acquisition, continuous accurate tracking and identification, and optimize the defense of anti missile systems."

The report says that although it is not specified, the contract is a giant sea based X band radar developed for the Raytheon Co. The radar is installed on the 9 storey oil drilling platform designed by Boeing. The report quoted the missile defense analyst Tom Caraco as saying that the X band radar currently used by the US Army is becoming increasingly old and running costs higher and higher. So they are turning to the ground solution. " The new radar will be deployed in Hawaii, heading North Korea. In addition, the US military may install second similar radars somewhere in the Pacific. According to the introduction, the sea based X band radar cost 2 billion 200 million US dollars. It is an important part of the anti missile system of the United States missile defense Bureau. It is also the largest and most complex type of radar in the same type.

Not long ago, after a meeting with Trump, the leader of the North Korean leader, Kim Jeong-eun said, "no longer have the nuclear threat from the DPRK," but since then, the contract for the replacement of the anti missile radar has come out. It is reported that Lockheed Martin is currently building a "remote Recognition Radar" in Alaska, but the radar is unable to detect missiles from North Korea to Hawaii.

Despite the high price, the replacement of X - band radar, Caraco said, could not be used to defend against other emerging threats, such as hypersonic boost glider or cruise missile attack. In response to emerging threats from rivals such as China and Russia, it also needs sensors based on space, because ground radar is restricted by the curvature of the earth, the report said. Of course, remote ground radar deployed in Hawaii is still necessary, because they extend the coverage of space radar.

A Chinese military expert told the global times 12 days that X - band radar is mainly used for precise tracking and target recognition, more complex and more threatening than P - band missile early-warning radar. In addition, because of the high atmospheric loss of X band radar, in order to detect the similar distance, the power is larger than the P band warning radar, and the use of the transceiver unit is more and more expensive. However, this kind of radar does not need to start 24 hours a day. Therefore, the sea based X band radar will usually be dispatched only when there are tasks. Experts say that the new X - band radar developed by the US Army is obviously not only aimed at North Korea, but the missile launched in the Asia Pacific region is also an important monitoring object, including the propelled hypersonic weapon. If the United States deploys this radar in Hawaii, it will be able to cooperate with the X band radar equipped with the Saad anti missile system in the future, to detect the relay from the Asian continent, the ballistic missile and the hypersonic vehicle flying over the Pacific Ocean over the Pacific Ocean, and provide accurate parameters for the antimissile system. It

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