China's second C919 completed the first long distance test flights to speed up the work.

China's second C919 completed the first long distance test flights to speed up the work.

C919 entered the intensive R & D test flight phase.

According to CCTV news 12 reports, the same day, the same day, second domestic C919 large passenger aircraft from Pudong in Shanghai to Dongying in Shandong, Shandong, China's first flight test center, for the next step to fully launch the evidence for test flight work laid the foundation. It is reported that there will be two C919 aircraft in Xi'an Yanliang and Shandong Dongying synchronous launch test flight, the overall test flight will speed up.

According to the science and technology daily, the successful completion of the first flight of the first air distance means that the C919 project has entered a new stage of intensive R & D test flight and officially opened the multi - synchronous flight test mode.

The C919 aircraft on the Dongying flight test site mainly undertakes the ground test verification and flight test subjects of power plant, power supply system and environmental control system.

In the future, we will accept the challenges of various complicated meteorological conditions and a series of high-risk flight test subjects.

On the morning of December 17, 2017, second C919 successfully flew first in Pudong, Shanghai.

According to the plan, 6 C919 aircraft will be put into trial flight. The 6 planes have their own priorities.

Previously, CCTV News quoted China commercial flying civil aircraft pilot center general engineer Wang Wei, said that the second C919 aircraft in the future will mainly test the important system performance of C919, especially the engine as the representative of the aircraft power system, the C919 forensics flight is a very important link.

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