The two municipal Party committee secretaries who were born in the same month in the same year and who had retired at the same time were planted at the same time.

The two municipal Party committee secretaries who were born in the same month in the same year and who had retired at the same time were planted at the same time.

Original title: the same year, the same month, at the same time ahead of the two party secretary back at the same time planted!

Source: the public number of Chang'an Avenue magistrate

Huo Ronggui, the former party secretary of Wuwei, Gansu, who was hoping to retire after the second line, still failed to escape the punishment of Party discipline and national law.

Chang'an Avenue ID:Capitalnews (WeChat) found that the local real right to wear a famous watch and grab a reporter was dismissal only half a month after Wang Sanyun's provincial Party committee secretary.

Moreover, Zhang Zhiquan, who resigned from office at the same time and was born in the same month of the same year, was sacked last month.

When he was in charge of Wuwei, he was a journalist.

The official resume showed that fire Rong, born in October 1962, was from Jingtai, Gansu, and worked at the provincial government office at the age of 31. It had been the chief of the Secretariat, the director, and the deputy secretary general. In early 2010, it was sent to Wuwei as party secretary until April 2017.

At the beginning of the dismissal, there was news that the fire was expensive. Subsequently, the official rumor revealed that he was serving the provincial CPPCC. 3 months later, the new identity of the man was announced by the deputy director of the agriculture and Rural Work Committee. Just because the time is not yet 55 years old, early retreat to the second line, or caused widespread concern.

The reason why Huo Rong GUI is concerned is that when he was appointed secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee, there was a "grasping journalist" incident.

Specifically, at the beginning of 2016, the Lanzhou morning newspaper reporter Zhang Yongsheng in Wuwei, and 3 journalists such as "Lanzhou Evening News" and "Western business newspaper" were lost in conjunction with each other. The local prosecutors said 3 people were suspected of extortion, and Zhang Yongsheng was arrested and another two were released on bail pending trial.

Subsequently, the Lanzhou Morning Post published an open letter, indicating that there were many suspicious points in the case. Wuwei Public Security Bureau was suspected of fishing law enforcement. A month later, the Gansu provincial procuratorate announced that Zhang Yongsheng had extorted 5000 yuan, but the fact that he was suspected of prostitution was unclear and insufficient evidence. In May of the same year, local prosecutors decided to make a decision not to prosecute Zhang Yongsheng because of minor criminal circumstances.

In addition, there are also netizens posting that the fire Rong watches are numerous, which can be called "cousin of Gansu".

After Wang Sanyun left office, he was dismissed from office

Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) noticed that in April 1, 2017, the official announcement said Wang Sanyun no longer served as secretary of the Gansu provincial Party committee. Only half a month later, the Wuwei municipal Party committee secretary of Huo Rong GUI was dismissed. 3 months later, Wang Sanyun lost his job, and he was transferred to the provincial CPPCC.

It needs to be reminded that Zhang Zhiquan, the party secretary of the Baiyin Municipal Committee of the municipal Party committee of the city of Baiyin, can be called the "God sync": two people of the same age, at the same time, at the same time, they retire to the second line, and the time of the fall is only 1 months. In June 1st of this year, Zhang Zhiquan was announced to undergo a censorship investigation.

Wang Sanyun fell 1 years ago, and Gansu has been clearing all kinds of poison. In addition to Zhang Zhiquan and Huo Rong GUI, the former mayor of Lanzhou is also typical of Luan Kejun.

Born in June 1960, Luan Ke Jun served as secretary of the Qingyang Municipal Committee, and was mayor of Lanzhou at the end of 2016. The reason why he transferred from Qingyang to Lanzhou was mainly pushed by Wang Sanyun. So Wang Sanyun checked and only 9 days later, Luan disappeared and fell.

In addition, Tao Junfeng, deputy secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee who had worked with Huo Rong and his partner, was announced on April 17, 2017 when he was released from office.

However, his main problem was not in Wuwei (only in October 2016), but by the vice mayor of Lanzhou and Secretary of the Gansu provincial Party committee. The man not only made money, but also bribed. He worked in groups, gangs and gangs to gain political capital.

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