China's FTC2000G fighter enters the front fuselage assembly and works overtime every night.

China's FTC2000G fighter enters the front fuselage assembly and works overtime every night.

WeChat public No. "Gui Fei" 12 issued the article "the first FTC - 2000G of the aviation industry to enter the front fuselage assembly", recording the effort to promote the development of the aviation industry FTC-2000G aircraft, the vast number of cadres and workers for the silent dedication, passion and spirit.

The full text is as follows:

Wu Zhenqin, Cao Lingyun, Ren Xuemei, a female worker in the part of the factory, said, "it's ugly, don't take pictures". However, it is trying to promote the development of the aviation industry FTC-2000G aircraft. It is the most beautiful "most beautiful airline" and "the most beautiful flying man".

From 2 o'clock in the morning of July 10th, Wu Zhen, Cao Lingyun and Ren Xuemei buried their head "one breath" to produce 6-14 frames of a Mountain Eagle. It was about 7:40 in the morning. After a hurry home for about 5 hours of rest, at 13 noon, they hurried to the scene, and began to brush glue for the 0-14 frame section of the aviation industry FTC-2000G's first military trade plane, which is expected to be completed in a continuous period of 8 hours.

"Since the five major components of the aviation industry FTC-2000G aircraft have opened riveting, in FTC-2000G and the annual batch of production of mountain hawks and other tasks in parallel, a section of the comrades will be working overtime every night to grab the progress, to do 23 points is early, and people will often do about 1 o'clock in the morning!" At 20:20 on July 10th, on the interval of rest, Zhou Xiang, the director of the second 6-14 frame assembly task of the aviation industry FTC-2000G, was put down the riveter with his colleague David, Jiang Hui and Sun Zhiwei.

In order to ensure the FTC-2000G and the annual batch of production of mountain hawk and other tasks actively and parallel, Zhou Xiang, deputy head of the work section, the deputy director of the company led the colleagues to shift shifts in two shifts, the day, the night full relay task advance, and according to the task node demand, we also once the initiative to extend overtime...

Youth is shining by struggle and growing by number. Ren Shaopeng, a young worker in a section of a working section, took up the task with his new colleague's main force after his master's transfer to the job. The task was hard to complain in front of the task. The young staff and workers of the section were often busy with "good colleagues and good brothers". After completing their tasks, they volunteered to help. Ren Shaopeng and others completed the task. Yang Jingyan, a young female worker, also showed the beauty and dedication of youth in the struggle.

July 10th - this is the night when the first FTC 2000G aircraft of the aviation industry is about to enter the front fuselage.

This moment - at about 21 p.m. on July 10th, in order to enter the assembly process synchronously for the first FTC-2000G aircraft front plane in the second day of the first aircraft of the aviation industry, Yang Jun, the two section of the head of the aircraft under the 20-28 frame of the aircraft, was led by two new colleagues in the dark night. Into the front fuselage assembly, "full capacity", towards the node.

This moment - at about 2 a.m. on July 11th, Song Xin, the party secretary of the general assembly department, who had just returned home from the scene soon, was ready to rest and received the WeChat from the deputy director Lu Xingdongfa of the assembly branch of the General Assembly Department of Gui Fei: the three frame of the FTC-2000G plane's front fuselage has been fully completed. Enter the assembly process as scheduled.

This moment - at about 9 a.m. on July 11th, a number of members of the Party committee (Department installed branch) started to push the three frame of the FTC-2000G aircraft fuselage into the assembly frame in succession. At the same time, it opened a new sign of the development of the aviation industry FTC-2000G aircraft. Cheng!

The next moment, the next moment... For the first FTC-2000G aircraft development of the aviation industry, we have more and more anticipation. For the construction of "the first class base" of the aviation industry, we also have a more and more solid, more confident expectation...

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