Direct |51 credit card Sun Haitao: if it breaks, it will be hard to mix.

Direct |51 credit card Sun Haitao: if it breaks, it will be hard to mix.

Sina Technology News on the morning of July 13th news, 51 credit cards officially landed in Hong Kong today, the opening price is 3% higher than the issue price, after the increase was once expanded to 10%. However, 51 credit card founder, CEO Sun Haitao said that he had also considered the situation of breakage.

Listing in Hong Kong is becoming a trend. However, the overall stock market environment is not ideal at present. At the meeting of the listed media, faced with the question of whether "break" was considered, Sun Haitao laughed, "if it breaks," it will be difficult to mix up.

Sun Haitao talked about the issue of price pricing. 51 the price range of the credit card ranges from HK $8.5 to HK $11.5, after which the issuing price is set at HK $8.5. By this calculation, 51 credit card valuation is about $1 billion 300 million, which is close to the valuation before financing.

In September 2016, 51 credit cards completed $310 million C round of financing, valued at more than 1 billion dollars, entered the unicorn row. And a month later, 51 credit cards immediately completed the $84 million C+ round of financing.

As for the pricing of IPO, Sun Haitao said the whole market is not very good at the moment, and the performance of the listed companies in Hong Kong is discounted, and so is the performance of the US listed companies. This is a lot of pressure on 51 credit cards.

Sun Haitao said that the IPO issue price is only a year ago when the price of financing, from the side to reflect the prosperity of the previous first level market, and according to the trend of the two level market, the first level market to the two level market may be expected to have a relatively large adjustment.

Sun Haitao said he was grateful to investors for being able to accept such pricing. He also mentioned that even if there is a lot of dissatisfaction and reluctance, it must conform to the market trend and rules. (Li Nan)

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