Chinese enterprises build the first urban rail passenger in West Africa: like sitting in the mobile living room

Chinese enterprises build the first urban rail passenger in West Africa: like sitting in the mobile living room

Original title: the Chinese built the first Metro Line in West Africa, the local people: like sitting in the mobile living room.

Nigeria, the first populous country in Africa, has its own city railway. The first urban railway in West Africa built by Chinese enterprises was officially opened on the 12 day of the capital city of Abuja, Nigeria.

Buhari, President of Nigeria, said in the opening ceremony, "thanks to the Chinese government and the people for their investment in Nigeria, China earth company has built a high quality project for Nigeria on time, and it is worthy of praise."

Abuja City railway was built by the China Civil Engineering Group Nigeria Co., Ltd., with a total length of 45 km. A total of 13 stations were set up, and the maximum speed of 100 km was designed.

Abuja city iron starting point is located in the center of Abuja city iron center, the terminal is the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport terminal building, connecting the central area of Abuja, the aka railway and the terminal terminal of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, and the seamless docking of the city rail, railway and airport.

From the city railway to get off, only need to walk about 100 meters, passengers can directly arrive at the two floor of the terminal, and truly realize the seamless connection between Chengtie and airport. Another railway line to the Abuja Kaduna Railway (arkal railway), the station of the Iraqi station, has achieved seamless connection between the railway and the airport.

"It's as comfortable as sitting in a moving living room, from the airport to the city, half an hour's journey, fast and comfortable," said mandaftf, an education officer in Abuja.

Relevant personnel of the company said that in order to ensure the normal operation of the city railway, the Chinese side trained a large number of technicians for the Nigerian side.

Bauer, a 41 year old local employee, is a chauffeur driver who sits next to the Chinese teacher, Kuang Ju Rong. The father of the three children told Xinhua news agency that to him, the city iron was a historic change, which made him learn a skill and support a family.

The Secretary General of the Nigeria Transportation Bureau once said, "the city iron line connects the city center and the airport, along with the satellite city, and many people are starting to develop real estate in the vicinity. This railway line has contributed to the economy of the capital region and helped us open up the entire railway corridor. "

The construction of this railway has solved a large number of employment problems for Nigeria. At the same time, train local railway construction and operation talents to help Nigeria people gradually realize self construction and self development in the field of rail transit.

Abuja is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa, and now it has a beautiful business card.

Kong Tao, general manager of the Abuja metro operation Department of China National Earth Corporation, said that there were 3 carriages in the initial operation of Abuja City railway, which carried thousands of passengers per day. After the operation in the direction of the Nigerian operation, the city railway can carry 16 cars and carry tens of thousands of passengers per day.

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