Re reading schools set up the threshold for admission: those who play "pesticides" and "Eat Chickens" do not accept them.

Re reading schools set up the threshold for admission: those who play

Original title: Wuhan a re reading school set up enrollment threshold does not play "pesticide" "chicken eating" students.

According to the Changjiang Daily reported on July 12th, in 2018, the enrollment of colleges and universities in Hubei has already begun. Many students who are not satisfied with the college entrance examination intend to repeat their studies and prepare for the next war. However, it is not a refusing to read the school. A new school in Wuhan introduced a new regulation this year: all students need to sign a "Internet game agreement" to "reject King glory, eat chicken and so on", and even reject a 985 college application for reading.

On the 12 day, at the gate of Guohua school in Wuhan, striking posters were posted on the door. As the reporter saw, this is published in July 9th, "Wuhan national China school for the game addicted students strict notice" said that the school in 2018 high recovery enrolment will not record the game addicts and strictly enrol. During the period of school, cell phones are banned, and addicted and violent online games are addicted to students, such as king glory, chicken eating and so on.

Wuhan Guohua is a training school specifically for the repetition of the college entrance examination. Liu Shaoyang, the principal, said that in the past year, the school encounters students who are seriously addicted to online games every year. The school is accepted as much as possible by parents, but after entering the school, the management and education of this kind of students have brought great difficulties to the school and even the bad style of learning. Liu Shaoyang introduced that on the two days, a student at Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University found many schools and wanted to re read and take part in the college entrance examination again. This is a 985 University, the student is also very smart, but President Liu carefully understand that this child is addicted to online games seriously. President Liu asked him if he had thought about his parents in such a neglected study and answered "no". What are the objectives of the repetition? The answer is "no". Ask again, are there any plans to work in the future? The answer is "no". President Liu finally asked if he wanted to marry and have children later, and answered "no".

"The glory of the king is too great, the parents call it the king 'pesticide', and the" chicken eating "game, which is violent, and the prevention is not in time to destroy the child," said principal Liu, as a school, it is very important for the school's reputation to pay more attention to those children who are determined to read again in the year. Good learning habits, good living habits. Therefore, the school decided this year to sign a "refusal online game agreement" with every student enrolled in the school.

Reporters saw the agreement in two copies, schools, students and parents all signed, schools and parents hold one. Parents have more support for this new regulation.

(reporter Xiang Jie)

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