NATO summit, Japan also wants to join in the bustle of the United States and Europe to hide many ambitions.

NATO summit, Japan also wants to join in the bustle of the United States and Europe to hide many ambitions.

CCTV news: Although the geographical location is far away, Japan's pace towards NATO has never stopped. These two days of NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, and the NATO summit in addition to the United States and its European allies in the interests of various interests outside the focus of attention, the eve of the Japanese government meeting, the news of the establishment of the NATO representative office has also aroused strong attention. Analysts believe that Japan is an attempt to use NATO as a military organization to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the major countries of the United States and Europe, and to promote its own policy with private goods.

Over the years, Japan has actively strengthened its cooperation with NATO in various ways. According to the information provided by NATO, Japan and NATO have held high level talks since 90s of last century. After Abe Shinzo became Prime Minister of Japan, Japan has significantly increased the frequency of contact with NATO, the NATO member states including the United States and major powers in Europe, and Japan's cooperation with this military organization can gain more information on some security issues. An additional channel of communication and coordination with the US and Europe can also find more excuses for the Japanese self defense forces to go to sea. What is more noteworthy is that Japan also regards NATO as an important platform for publicizing its policies to the western countries, which has taken many private goods to control international public opinion.

According to media reports, Andouble had planned to address the security challenges in Asia during a speech at the NATO summit, but it was forced to cancel the visit because of the domestic storm. From NATO, for its own purpose, it does not oppose the development of relations with Japan, and the Secretary General of NATO, Stoltenberg, welcomes the establishment of a representative office of Japan in NATO, which shows a strong cooperative relationship between NATO and Japan.

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What ambition does Japan hide behind NATO's summit? What kind of attitude will NATO take to Japan in the future? If Japan and NATO get closer and closer, what will be the impact on the regional situation?

The analysis points out that the Andouble administration has actively approached NATO, but still faces many obstacles if it wants to further develop its relations with NATO. NATO is led by the United States, and the current United States and its NATO allies have a crack, and even the United States and Europe leaders are separated from each other. It can be said that the future of NATO is overshadowed. But Japan is now holding a tree, in the establishment of a NATO representative office to seek their own military normalization, obviously a mess, dug a channel from NATO to the Asia Pacific region military force, so that the security environment in the Asia Pacific region is also unpeaceful.

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