Former Secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee of Gansu was arrested on the job.

Former Secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee of Gansu was arrested on the job.

Original title: Huo Ronggui, former Secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee of Gansu, was found to have "journalist arrested" on his job.

In the morning of July 13th, the Gansu clean government announced that he was suspected of serious violation of the law from January 2011 to April 2017 as secretary of the Wuwei municipal Party committee of Gansu, and is currently receiving disciplinary review and supervision from the Wuwei Commission for Discipline Inspection.

In early 2016, a "journalist arrested incident" occurred in Wuwei, which once aroused the concern of journalists throughout the country.

On January 7th and 8, three journalists stationed in Wuwei, Lanzhou morning post, Lanzhou evening news and Western business daily, lost contact. In January 25th, the people's Procuratorate of Liangzhou district decided that three journalists from three newspapers were suspected of extortion. They were arrested, transferred and prosecuted.

At 11:30 on the morning of February 6th, the Gansu Provincial People's Procuratorate issued a briefing on the "Zhang Yongsheng suspected extortion case" in its Sina official micro-blog.

The report said that in January 7th, the police of the Liangzhou District Public Security Bureau found that Zhang Yongsheng was a reporter in the letter of the report of the Wuwei Municipal Public Security Bureau's approval of the Wuwei Municipal Public Security Bureau in January 4, 2016. In January 8th, the Liangzhou District Public Security Bureau investigated Zhang Yongsheng on suspicion of extortion, and approved the arrest in January 18th.

Notification shows that in January 25th, Liangzhou District procuratorate decided to approve the arrest of Zhang Yongsheng. It has been verified that since March 2009, Zhang Yongsheng has used his "Lanzhou Morning Post" as a journalist to report negative news on multiple units and individuals, of which the crime of extorting RMB 5000 yuan is clear, the evidence is full, Zhang Yongsheng confesses a taboo, and the testimony and the synchronous recording and video data are mutually exclusive. Proof.

About Zhang Yongsheng's suspected prostitution. Verified by verification, 16 o'clock in January 7th, Zhang Yongsheng entered Xijin bath Plaza alone and accepted the service provided by the opposite sex Lee in a 307 compartment. The working group held that the Liangzhou District Public Security Bureau had made administrative penalties against Zhang Yongsheng's illegal behavior of prostitution. The facts were not clear and the evidence was insufficient. It has been suggested that the Public Security Department of Gansu province should investigate and deal with it.

Previously, the news reported in the upstream, a net friend said that three journalists have dug Wuwei "chocolate girl" incident, and suspected journalists lost connection with the matter.

In response to this, Wuwei police responded that the three people did not involve a girl in Jinchang to steal the supermarket chocolate jump suicide, but because in the Wuwei interview, three people played together, "suspected of extorting the government and the individual, has been criminal detention."

At that time, the reason why Zhang Yongsheng was arrested by the public security was changeable several times: first, the police said to the Lanzhou morning post on 14 day, Zhang Yongsheng was arrested in the city of bathing City, two is the local propaganda department reported to the provincial departments concerned, Zhang Yongsheng was the police found its illegal clues in the process of handling the case; three is " In the 19 day report, the Wuwei Daily said that Zhang Yongsheng said that the local police were caught in the law of the public in the public order, and four were said to have seen Zhang Yongsheng's defense lawyer, and Zhang Yongsheng told his lawyer that he was caught in the local Xiguan Street...

On March 7, 2016, the twelve session of the four session of the National People's Congress opened in Gansu. Lu Zhiqiang, the deputy to the National People's Congress and the procurator general of the Gansu Provincial People's Procuratorate, was interviewed by the media on the incident of "Gansu Wuwei journalists being arrested".

He said that Zhang Yongsheng suspected of extortion, the current amount of 5000 yuan identified, involving a total of 4 facts. As the case is still in the process of handling, the 4 extortion is not open, but there must be a factual basis.

As for the question of Zhang Yongsheng's suspected prostitution, Lu Zhiqiang revealed that the public security organs had done a stop to the responsible people who had arrested him because of the fact that the facts were not clear and the evidence was insufficient. At the same time, the admonishing talk was carried out. Zhang Yongsheng himself received a compensation of 1098 yuan after bail pending trial. At present, the case is still under investigation, and the final result will be announced in due course.

On May 19, 2016, the official micro-blog of Wuwei Liangzhou District People's Procuratorate announced that Liangzhou District procuratorate had decided not to prosecute Zhang Yongsheng, a reporter.

According to sources, in May 19, 2016, the Liangzhou District People's Procuratorate concluded Zhang Yongsheng's case of extortion. Because of the minor offense of Zhang Yongsheng, he pleaded guilty to repentance and returned to the stolen goods actively. According to the provisions of the 173rd article of the two paragraph of the criminal procedure law of China, it has made a non prosecution decision and has publicly announced it. Zhang Yongsheng expressed his obedience to the decision of the procuratorial organ.

After that, in April 2017, the news that "Gansu Wuwei municipal Party committee secretary Huo Rong expensive to be removed by the provincial Commission of the Ministry of discipline was taken away" on the 16 day, one of the information about the fire Rong GUI was widely circulated in the circle of friends: in 2016, the Secretary of the Gansu Wuwei municipal Party committee of the Lanzhou morning newspaper, the Lanzhou evening news and the western commercial newspaper three journalists were arrested. Fire Rong was dismissal in the afternoon. It is said to have been taken away by the provincial Commission for discipline. His secretary had been caught more than a month ago.

The staff of the Wuwei municipal Party committee's duty room and Wuwei Foreign Affairs Office told the upstream reporters that the news of Huo Rong GUI's being taken away was rumoured. Wuwei Foreign Affairs Office revealed that Huo Rong GUI was actually transferred to the Gansu provincial CPPCC, but officials have not yet announced the news.

The official resume shows that Huo Rong GUI has no longer served as secretary of the Wuwei Municipal Committee since April 2017.

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