The gym suddenly shut down: after the expiration of the contract, the gym still takes part in activities.

The gym suddenly shut down: after the expiration of the contract, the gym still takes part in activities.

Original title: Chengdu gym closes suddenly, employees are kept in the dark, members have no refund.

On the first night, many members went to the gym to exercise. On the second day, the gym closed, and this happened to Miss Chang of Chengdu.

Jian cube is a large gymnasium in Chengdu. Without noticing its members, it suddenly closed down in July 10th, and the employees were kept in the dark.

In July 13th, the reporter learned that the rental contract of Jian cube and property expired in June, and did not repeatedly renew the contract. At present, according to the preliminary cancellation of five hundred members, no refund is available. They are prepared to use legal weapons to safeguard their rights.

Members did not receive notice

The gym was closed suddenly

On the 13 day, the reporter saw in the Tianfu international health cube scene, the store equipment is still placed in the place, the ground is everywhere is scattered documents and leaflets, has been forcibly power off by the property.

At the entrance of the elevator, there is a member of the letter of notification: since the store has been in a state of serious loss, it is now unable to continue to operate the store and now transfers all its members to the gym.

It was confirmed by several members and property management that after the expiration of the lease contract in June 1st this year, the company did not renew its contract with the property management company. After that, Jian cube also made a number of promotional activities to attract members.

Ms. Zhang, the citizen, spent 1288 yuan on the year card, and on the afternoon of No. 12, she also asked for the saying: "the June 1st lease expires, but in July it is still recruiting members, which obviously has the suspicion of running money."

The fitness instructor who came to collect personal belongings said, "suddenly, he was unemployed. The company still owes tens of thousands of wages." He said he was also very helpless, every day many members came to him for a refund.

Tianfu international property staff said that as early as in June 1st, the lease term was notified. Considering the number of its members, the property personnel were not cleared until July 10th.

According to the staff of the property, the total amount of arrears of rent, water and electricity of the health cube amounts to several hundred thousand yuan.

Boss forcibly transfer card

Many members are ready to go to the end

At present, more than one member asks the boss to refund, the plan of the head of the health cube: members can transfer to a gym in the opposite direction for free until July 22nd. "Before the coach sold the salesman, he said the opposite gym was not good. Now let's turn around, do we not fight our faces?" A member is very angry.

The staff responsible for the transfer card said, "there is no way to answer the cards. I am not the boss. If you have any questions, you can call 110."

At present, more than one member's request for refund is rejected. In the WeChat group, which refused to transfer the card to the boss cube TV, 79 members refused to transfer the card and said they would fight to the end.

Xu Maohui lawyer of Sichuan Chengdu law firm points out that, according to the present situation, it is not possible to judge whether the owner of the gym is running or not, which requires the public security organ to investigate the financial situation of the company and see if he has the subjective intention to circle the money.

He believed that the transfer of members to the other gym by the health cube would be subject to changes in the performance of the contract. If some members want to refund, and the gym can not take money, you can consider the prosecution, "the procedure may be longer, members need to be prepared."

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