Milestone victory the Syria government troops recover the "cradle" of the rebellion.

Milestone victory the Syria government troops recover the

Original title: Milestone victory! Syria government army retracted the "birthplace" of the rebellion

Overseas network July 13 local time (22) Thursday (22) morning, the Syria government held the Syria flag over the post office in dela City, which indicates that the government has further expanded the control of the country, and is also a major victory made by President Bashar Assad in the eight year civil war. Previously, Della had been in the hands of the rebels.

According to Al - Jazeera, the post office in dela city has been the only government building in the hands of insurgents since the mass protest movement began in 2011. In June, the government troops launched an attack on dela Province in southern Syria, and then attacked the city of della, the capital of the province. After more than a month of hard fighting, the Syrian government troops finally seized della from the rebels.

It is reported that in the past three weeks, with the support of Russian air raid forces, the Syria government has resumed control of large areas in the province of dela. The rebels did not oppose the entry of government forces into strategic locations near Jordan and Israel.

According to statistics, the civil war has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and caused about 11 million people to flee their homes. It is a milestone victory for Assad to regain his control of Syria.

The fighting in the southwest will continue to target important areas controlled by rebels, located in the Israeli occupied Golan Heights border. Israel has said that Israel will not hinder the attack even if the War hits the Syria military post near the border.

Reported that at present, with the help of Russia and Iran, Assad has recovered most of Syria. But the anti government forces still control the northwest and northeast areas, while the eastern part is controlled by the Kurds.

Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports from Beirut that rebels in dela are willing to surrender and choose to lay down their arms overnight. "For the government of Syria, this is a strategic and symbolic victory, the government has recontrolled the border areas bordering Jordan, and the country can reopen its international trade." She said.

"But there are still some areas in dela province controlled by the" Islamic state ", and the government is planning to take action to regain the area. Khodr added.

At present, due to the serious shortage of troops, some rebels in dela province decided to hand over their occupied territories last week. In the city of dela, the rebels are still negotiating with Russia in the hope of safe passage.

"On Thursday, Russia's senior military delegation entered our control area to negotiate the transfer of state rule." A rebel official said. Meanwhile, two armored vehicles with senior Russian officers entered the old city of dela and began negotiations with the government forces. (overseas network Wei Xuewei)

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